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Mind Hunter HD6

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Adelle Drum is from a well to do family and was a brilliant medical student when her little sister was abducted. After two years during which she finished her medical degree and began her internship to be a pediatrician, her sister's body was discovered when a serial killer was caught and revealed the body's location along with those of 30 other children.


Adelle applied to the FBI and got assigned to the division which profiles and hunts serial killers, though she also frequently helped out with 'stranger abductions' in child kidnapping situations. Truth to tell, she'd always known about her mental powers but had kept them to herself until her sister's fate was discovered.


In the FBI, she continued to hide her mental powers, but used them surreptitiously to solve crimes as quickly as possible. Even with her powers, she could not single handedly stop all the predators or save all the innocents. And then there were the ones she couldn't prove were guilty. Knowing for a fact that they were going to commit further crimes, that they were in fact already planning their next crimes with the benefit of learning from the errors that had drawn suspicion on them this time, she began stalking the ones that 'got away' and using mental, psychic surgery to change their personalities and memories so that they would never commit a crime again.


But this came with a cost. For each memory she removed became hers as if she'd committed the crimes, for a time. And each twisted belief or need she undid became a craving within her for a time. Though she could resist acting on these perversions within her mind, and they all faded away gradually as her mind 'healed' from each experience, they each took a toll and as she pushed herself to do more and more and allowed herself less and less time to recover between 'surgeries', she finally cracked.


'Mental breakdown' was the diagnosis, and the end of her career in the FBI. For a time, while still bedridden, she wrote books, dictating them in an effort to create a greater public awareness of the dangers among them. The predators who blended in, just waiting to single out a vulnerable innocent as their prey. Ironically, she became very successful and respected as an author, and her books added to her inherited wealth.


Eventually, though she practiced as a physician and psychiatrist and helped people in other ways, she could not stay on the sidelines no longer and she sought out a position, any position, which would allow her to hunt criminals again. By finally revealing her super powers, though not admitting that she'd had them all along, she was able to become a '"Sanctioned Superhero".




Adelle feels tremendously guilty about having hidden her mental powers, irrationally (she knows) feeling that if she had revealed them sooner, she could have saved her sister or at least some few more of all the victims that she failed. She never revels in success, only berating herself for each perceived failure. And driving herself harder.


Her decision to finally 'come out of the closet' as a telepath is a kind of pennance and self punishment as much as it is a strategy to continue the fight. No law enforcement agency would take her after the mental breakdown which ended her FBI career. Fortunately, "Super Heroes" are not held to quite as high a mental standard.




Adelle is physically capable of surviving an encounter with most normal humans, but knows she is very vulnerable to others with super powers. She knows she needs to be with a group, a solid group that can work together and trust one another in order to survive an encounter with superhuman villians.


Her most effective strategy is to stay out of direct encounters and pick out useful information from a villian's brain or locate a villian's hiding place in preparation for a group assault.


Her most effective combat power is her ability to create a 'mental fugue' in a person's mind. Their thoughts repeat over and over in a cycle rendering them unable to move until they can muster the mental strength to break out. She can do this either to a single target, or more instictively, in a wide radius around her which affects all human adult minds around whether in her line of sight or not.




Primarily a support character in combat, capable of temporarily immobilizing opponents or crowds of minions or innocents for crowd control and providing immediate, battle field medical care. Out of combat she's an investigator and may be able to open investigative doors due to her background and skills and perks.


The GM can limit her ability to make long lasting if not permanent changes to other characters' memories or Pschological Disadvantages to any degree, even making them only an interesting part of her background. In practice, to do either "Psionic" or "Psychic" surgery, she would have to spend hours with the unconscious subject, first using her Telepathy to plumb the depths or the subjects memories and or psyche and then applying one or both Transformation powers as many times as necessariy to overcome the subject's EGO (x2 EGO from cumulative transformation effects are required).


As an unintended consequence, Mind Hunter can never use her Telepathy to memory or subconcious level on a subject after a successful mental surgery or else she will undo the effects of the surgery!


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