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Warhammer 40K Hero - Space Marine Power Armour (Mark VII) 3

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About This File

In the grimdark future of the Warhammer 40K universe space marines wear incredibly advanced power armour (the developers are British, so I have retained their proper spelling). These are precious, specially-fitted devices that are practically an extension of the marine himself -- the Black Carapace organ, when implanted, provides a neural link with the "machine spirit" of the armour, making it an extension of the wearer.


The Deathwatch rulebook contains additional options which have been converted as well.


This package contains the prefab, and an armor card.

What's New in Version 3


  • 3: Added Only For Small Arms to Recoil Suppression.
  • 2: Scrapped previous 5E version; rebuilt in 6E with reference to the latest Codex and Deathwatch core book.
  • 1: Uploaded file.

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