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Burlap Sack 6th edition hdc vehicle

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Ok this was a challange from someone in my gaming group to make an ordnary bag into something neigh industrictable to normals..

THIS was the result. I had to use VEHICLES template because there is no item template (maybe future)? Now its a little bit stretching the rules... i mean it can stop a bullet from a normal gun! even resist most flame and magical attacks...(from a normal level.. not superheroic though).


I added BAG BU ( kung fu with the bag) and some other neat ideas... I gottta say IM a mad genuis!


any comments post here OR if you want something funky created... contact me at ... dabigdawg145@gmail.com

make sure you put in the description what you want please....


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LOL I love it...  I can see Bag as being a sentient creature that is side kick to some superhero.  Bag is willing to go along with the superhero for now but is waiting to start his nefarious schemes of world domination..

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