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This is the first of the NPC characters of the hero team "The Vanguard," from my super-hero world, "Improbable Comics." The Vanguard is based in Miami and is the world's second super-hero team, in a world where meta-humans have only been in existence for around 6 years. The team consists of the heroes (players) The Black Hand, Iron Knight, Speed Metal, Voltage, (NPCs) Surefire, Primeforce, Dr. Ego and, occasionally, (player) Corona. They are all based on 400 points, but have earned around 25 exp. The Vanguard is sponsored by enigmatic billionaire "Roark" (secretly a meta-human calling himself "The Night Shade," but not yet a public figure) and operate off of a 25 acre estate north of Miami on Biscayne Bay.


Primeforce is an FBI Special Agent who gained her powers from a mysterious orb in an Everglades shack during a gunfight. She has the ability to control the fundamental forces of nature: the Strong Interaction, the Weak Interaction, Electromagnatism and Gravitation allowing her to manifest a great range of powers even and including the creation of matter.


If you have any critiques or suggestions I am completely open to them, hoping to refine my character design skills. Feel free to use her in your campaign if you like. I recommend using the TashaUltimateCharaterSheet when printing out this character.


Kyle Stoddard


P.S. A shout out to Fotosearch for the picture used for Primeforce. If only I could draw.....

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