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RTF - Narosia Character Summary - LS 1.3

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About This File

This Export Formats should be used to create output similar to the Summary Format from Legendsmiths's Narosia: Sea of Tears game. The export places Sensory Powers, Attack Powers, and Defense Powers in the appropriate categories, but then repeats them in the Additional Powers and Addtional Equipment section — you will need to edit/delete the duplicates. The format does recognized "CARRIED" items and will only list carried items in the Sensory, Offense, or Defense sections.


I've uploaded 2 sample files. The first is the raw output. There are always some things that you will want to clean up, or rearrange. This can be accomplished quickly, and you can see that even 30 seconds of rearranging can get you to the layout you want. Especially with multipowers, VPPs, equipment, etc, there just is no right way to automatically arrange all the things.


HD's handling of images limits support of images to JPEGs. Additionally, image size definition from HD is in pixels while RTF requires twips and there is no way that I have discovered to perform the necessary x15 conversion to get the dimensions right. However, the image is output onto a single page for various reasons and as part of the post output touch-up can simply be resized.


Pages 1-2 actually work well as a vertical "tent" of sorts. If printed double-sided, fold it in half and place the image side towards the other players. That leaves pages 3-4 as the character reference sheet and puts the character's Complications front and center.


Shields, and multipowers in general, are impossible to put into the proper categories. I probably spent way too much time fiddling with REGEX to try and get the Shield to fall under Defenses on its own and I just can't do it reliably.


Only those Powers not listed elsewhere (PERCEPTION, MOVEMENT, DEFENSE, OFFENSE) are listed here. For Narosia, this works out pretty well and keeps the sheet clean.


Equipment is listed in a summary and a complete format. Delete the one you don't want. Weapons and Armor should show up under Offense and Defense, as well as magic items related to Senses and Movement. The complete Shield output in MP style is included as well so you can just copy/past it under Defense (the only solution I could come up with).


Skill levels are another tricky beast that I decided it wasn't worth the potential errors in logic to try and solve. Combat-related levels show up under offense but then get duplicated under Skills. Delete as you like.


This format does work in LibreOffice (pretty well)with the exception of font specification. MS Word and LO handle font tags slightly differently and do not agree that Lithos Pro Bold and Lithos Pro (Bold) are the same font. If you don't have Lithos Pro, it should use Arial instead.

What's New in Version 1.3


  • Version 1.3 (10/4/2015)

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