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Gunsmoke is one of the main characters in my current campaign "Something Wicked This Way Will Come"

Gunsmoke was a budding Bushranger in 19th century in the Brisbane area, while escaping from the police he and his companions rode straight through an aboriginal cemetery, through some sort of portal and into the Dreamtime. Gunsmoke and his companions had many adventures together within the dreamtime, unfortunately one of his companions was a Vampyri, who slowly and secretly killed off the group. Gunsmoke, by now out of ammunition, fled when he discovered the Vampyri. Wandering into an Aboriginal Encampment half starved and dehydrated, he was nursed back to health and taught how to survive in the wild. Later, his tale of the Vampyri, (known as a Talamaur to the Aboriginals) encouraged the Elders to conduct a special ritual to empower Gunsmoke with the means to hunt and defeat the Talamaur. Afterwards Gunsmoke was somewhat resistant to injury, he even healed faster, he didn't need to sleep as long, nor did he need to eat as often, could see (detect) magic, mystical objects and creatures and his gun now fired bullets without having to be loaded.

He recently leaped through another portal pursued by a giant snake, ending up in New Brisbane in the year 2015.


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