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About This File

This spreadsheet was made to speed up gameplay during damage calculations on combats and to keep track of NPC resources (END, BODY, STUN). Here is a quick set of instructions to use the file:

  1. Sheet "NPC Resources":
    • Type names and/or numbers for each NPC on the battlefeld.
    • Insert their numbers as required (STUN, BODY, END, REC). Copy/paste is OK!
    • As the fight goes on, type the expenses in any column and order in the respective line.
    • Whenever the character takes a recovery, either type anything in the black "REC" line or type "r" in the STUN or END lines.
    • Aid/Drain is also allowed; type them in the last three columns.

[*]Damage sheets (Normal/Killing)

  • When a NPC is hit, type in their respective defenses in any of the six tables available.
  • Then, ask the player if he/she wants to roll for hit locations:
    • If so, just select "N" in the dropdown "Auto?" menu and then select the local hit in the respective menu;
    • If not, just select "Y" in the dropdown "Auto?" menu.

    [*]Ask the player if she/he wants to roll the damage dice.

    • If so, just type the number of dice and select the right modifier in the respective Damage Roll table.
    • If needed, copy and paste (values only) BODY or STUN damages in the correspondent table (the one in which you put the NPC defenses).

[*]NPC Resources (again):

  • Type in any line/column the damage taken by the NPC. You may paste something copied from the other sheets; however, if so, paste as "values only"!


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