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About This File

​The Sentinels Team is the main superhero team of the UK. It has been constructed at 450 pts (75 pts complications) for 6th Edition, using Hero Designer 6.

​The files included are:

Silver Paladin - power armour with variable configurations (multiform) and a computer follower

Mighty Girl - brick with living hair

Valkyrie - immortal sword weapon specialist

British Lion - super soldier patriot with SF skills and special weapons

Storm Front - weather controller mutant

Mercury - speedster

Nebula - alien energy blaster

Hornet - mutant growing and shrinking metamorph

Persinette - mystic

Knight Tower - their base

Phoenix - their plane

ATHINA - base AI

Sentinel team package deal

Images of team members.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • V1.0 - initial version based on comments etc from Forum. File contains images and character sheets
  • V1.1 - Hero Designer 6 files added.

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