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I just resize the image to maintain aspect ratio and avoid forcing large image dowloads, personally. 400-450px height and no more than 350px width works. You're free to modify your copy of the export format however you like, of course.

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FYI, if you edit your Campaign Rules, on the Settings tab, to enable Notes 5, you can include various js variables which will be included in the export and drive some dynamic behavior. The most significant use of this is to include rDEF values to output in the hit location chart. It can also be used to put range levels and hit location notes on the combat page. For instance, the following text included on the Note 5 tab:


var loc3 = '0/9';
var loc4 = '0/9';
var loc5 = '0/9';
var loc6 = '0/9';
var loc7 = '0/9';
var loc8 = '0/9';
var loc9 = '0/9';
var loc10 = '0/9';
var loc11 = '4/13';
var loc12 = '4/13';
var loc13 = '4/13';
var loc14 = '0/9';
var loc15 = '0/9';
var loc16 = '0/9';
var loc17 = '0/9';
var loc18 = '0/9';

var tdHitLocationNotes= '+6 to offset Called Shot Penalties to hit location 4 with Guns<br />+2 to offset Called Shot Penalties with Glock 20';
var tdRangeModifiersNotes= '+2 PSLs vs Range Mod with Glock 20';



produces this output:



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You can also override many of the headers with more flavorful values. For instance, the following text block:


var tdQuote='SOUND BITES';
var tdPersonality='WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET';
var tdBiography='ONE OF A KIND';
var tdNonPowers='TRADECRAFT';
var tdCampaignUse='BEING JOHN WRATH';

personalizes this character's sheet: 


http://www.killershrike.com/SybylyneConspiracy/Timelines/Charlie/John Wrath the Solo Avenger.html




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You can also override colors...and font families...

var colorMain='blue';
var colorAlt='silver';
var colorLink='silver';
var fontFamilyHeaders = 'Quantico, sans-serif;';
var fontFamilyMain = 'Helvetica, sans-serif;';



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