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Here's my beginning version of the Barry Allen Flash for the Justice League.


For a 6e template preview see



Export previews no longer working due to HeroCentral being down for the count:



For this and other 400 point 6e JLA members see my forum thread:



edited 3/10/15

Updated to v1.4 of export which corrected XP block.

Updated Dispell and added another Aid to VPP.


edited 4/11/15

Updated Superspeed Spin (Drain)


edited 9/23/15

Added Superspeed Clothes-Line (AOE Trail, from APG1 pg135)


edited 4/30/16

Updated Superspeed Invisible Punch (confirmed in Rules Forum that both IPE and Reduced END Advantages on HA do NOT apply to STR)

Added Molecular Control Strength (Affects Physical World) using Naked Advantage on STR to replace HA version with Advantage.

Updated Faster Than a Speeding Bullet v2.1 (No Gravity Penalty) for Running up Walls.

Saved using most recent version of export format (v1.5.4a - cleaner font and includes ALL Background options from Hero Designer).


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