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This export format is used to translate a Hero Designer character into a plain text file, which may be imported into a Roll20 HeroSystem6eHeroic character sheet using the API script HeroSystem6eHeroic_HDImporter.


One of the challenges of running a Hero game in Roll20 is the time required to prepare pre-gen characters, NPCs, and monsters within Roll20. The importer was tested with more than a hundred characters and monsters from Dead Orc Pass, Kazei 5, and Monster Hunter International. Many more should work, although the HeroSystem6eHeroic sheet is currently limited to ten powers.


Basic steps:

1) Export a character from Hero Designer using HeroSystem6eHeroic.hde.

2) Open the text file in a text editor.

3) Copy all of the text (use cmd-A or ctrl-A).

4) Paste the text into the Roll20 chat window of a HeroSystem6eHeroic campaign, which has been configured to use HeroSystem6eHeroic_HDImporter.

5) Hit enter. The script should provide notification of success and the character will appear along with other characters. 

6) Optionally, if the Hero Designer file included an avatar image this will be exported separately. You may import the image via the 'Edit' button at the top of the character window in the usual way. The avatar will appear on the character sheet. For best results use images with dimensions of 250x250 pixels.


Note that use of the Roll20 API requires a Pro-level subscription.


For more information please see the HeroSystem6eHeroic_HDImporter documentation, script, and sample files located at its GitHub site.


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I have been trying to get this to work. I have tried it with several characters. I can't seem to get it to work. Also, there is another import API that is easy to get confused with this one. THIS API is not in the one-click repository. You have to go get the code from here:


And paste it into your own script holder on the API page for your game.


All that said, it is a fantastic idea that does not seem to be working properly.

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Hi, I was made aware of a problem a few days ago that I was able to track to an issue where exported characters from HD have instances of two single quotes where double quotes should be. This seems to be a new issue. I haven’t had time to fix it due to RL interference, but I hope to get to it ASAP. Not sure if this is the same problem you are encountering, but I expect it is. If you have a chance, would you send me one of your exported characters via private message to https://app.roll20.net/users/633423/villain-in-glasses ?

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It turns out that the pairs of single quotes issue was related to the text editor (Notepad++) used to open the character files. I was not able to repeat the issue, but the user who reported it found that switching text editors solved that particular problem.

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We traced the trouble drophammer was having to an issue unrelated to the script. There are two character sheets for Hero on Roll20: one for supers and one for heroic games. An understandable error to make since navigating Github to find API's is not easy as it could be. And I'm still struggling with Support to get HeroSystem6eHeroic_HDImporter to show up in the 1-click install menu. *sigh*

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