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HTML - 6E Old Style Default Character Sheet Superheroic games Simon v1.6

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About This File

6E HTML Old Style Default Character Sheet Superheroic games Simon

HERO System Sixth Edition

Type: Single Character

File Extensions: HTML, HTM


The Export format is based on the 5th edition "DefaultPrintTemplate.hde". I added the new 6E Characteristics, placed the characteristics in the new order. Fixed some formatting issues. Loosened up the cell spacing. Added the new combat maneuvers.. Worked on keeping the formatting readable and consistant while still maintaining the feel of the 5e character sheet. Fixed wordwrap issue for background/appearance fields


If printed, this sheet will now properly break in both IE 6.0 and in Firefox 3.5x, Safari will not properly page break. For Mac and Windows users, I recommend printing using Firefox 3.5 or later for best appearance.


If you have a ton of powers, Talents and Equipment this Sheet will like almost all of the export formats break mid page.


The file "HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg" needs to be included in same directory as the character's export file.


If the character has an image associated with it and you want to have that image included in the HTML output, you will need to save that image into the same directory as the HTML file when you export (the export wizard will prompt you to save the image). Keep image sizes to less than 246pt x 400pt or the image will be resized by the browser (which makes for ugly pictures)


Original template by Dan Simon, Converted for 6e and tons of stuff changed by Tasha :D


Version 1.6 (12/21/2009)

Other Files:HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg

Downloads: 1001

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's New in Version v1.6


  • • This file was manually transferred from the old Hero website to the new website on 12/29/2013 by Spence Sanders (Spence). The name/board name of the author was added to the file name to improve file differentiation.
  • • The file was originally written by Dan Simon
  • • Graphic file located HERO Games > Downloads > Graphics

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