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About This Club

The concept here is to make an open living city which GMs can use as a setting for their games. All information here should be freely available to players and GM. Please read the rules and regulation post.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. The Babylon Crier The Babylon Crier is one of two competitive newspapers in Babylon City. The Crier is a conservative newspaper with a large number of reporters dealing with crime and corruption in the city. Because of it focus on crime and corruption, the locals have called the newspaper the Babylon Cry for a while. While the newspaper is a bitter pessimistic in its outlook, most of the articles on crime and corruption usually get ferreted out by supers. Several investigative reporters have won Pulitizer Prizes based on articles they have uncovered.
  3. All Woks of Life Located in the heart of Babylon City's Little Asia, All Woks of Life is a family owned and operated business specializing in hard to find Asian cooking tools. The unique stock of merchandise covers nearly every aspect of Asian cooking! For over 35 years, the store has enjoyed an excellent reputation for having a knowledgeable and friendly staff prepared to answer the toughest of customer inquiries. The owners say that several martial arts superheroes frequent the store for their needs, though they only have one picture with Iron Dragon posted in the shop. Editor's Note: Based on the real life The Wok Shop, a shop in chinatown in San Francisco. If you like to cook asian, it's the place to get your equipment.
  4. Great Buy Great Buy is a large retail marketing chain mostly dealing in electronics. The sales floor attendants wear bright red shirts and their motto is "When you buy from us, its a Great Buy!". They have a consulting and repair business called "The Computer Repairmen!" featuring a caped computer repairman as their logo. Their rates are so reasonable that large corporations will sometimes outsource to the Computer Repairmen. They have a huge rivalry with BuyNBulk a large warehouse store.
  5. Habanero This restaurant has two locations in the Barrios, though the original one is considered the best. While one might think the food is solely about spice, that would be incorrect. The restaurant actually has two menus. One for gringos which consists mostly of traditional Mexican American dishes with a more authentic flavor and a special South of the Border menu. The South of the Border menu has more unusual meats such as lengua (beef tongue), mondongo(tripe), and cabeza(head - cow head). They have recently updated their Salsa Muerte to use Carolina Reapers as well as Habaneros and Jalapenos. A certain regenerating superhero is known to eat at the establishment frequently using the Salsa Muerte liberally on food. It seems the spicyness lasts long enough to be tasted by the superhero before the regeneration kicks in to bland out the taste. Another super heroine also like to eat here but they just consider her insane.
  6. Wallrock Manufacturing Plant One of the largest polluters in Babylon City, Wallrock Manufacturing produces a variety of goods for mostly industrial uses. Base aluminum smelting was 90% of the original production but lately more exotic metals and materials have taken up to 40% of the manufacturing processes. Each year the EPA lists Wallrock manufacturing in the top 100 worst polluters in the nation and each year the lawyers for Wallrock get the company off with a slap on the wrist. Several supervillain origins are blamed on the effluent that the manufacturing plant produces but no direct causal evidence has ever made it to court.
  7. The Smoke Shack This hole in the wall has been gaining popularity lately. It offers Texas style BBQ at reasonable prices and while not award winning cuisine, the food is tasty. Beer selection tends to stay in common bottle brews (Coors, Budweiser, Sam Adams) with nothing on tap. The place has been shutdown twice before due to health violations, mostly due to the owner, a man who used to go by the Nom De Guerre Firenado, not completely understanding the health codes in the city. Since then, there has not been any other closures except during holidays. Firenado was a supervillain out of the Dallas Fort Worth area but has since retired from a life of crime to Babylon City. He has never explained where he got the seed money to start his own restaurant as no bank would lend him cash. In reality, his Aunt Bonnie died and left him a small sum of money having him promise to try and go straight with it. So far, he has been doing a good job at it with some help from an unknown superhero who has been acting like a guardian angel.
  8. St. Francis University of Babylon City St. Francis University is a small privately run university in Babylon City. Named after St. Francis of Assisi, the university originally produced successful graduates in the health care related fields of biology, biochemistry and the like. Today, the university is suffering an internal personality civil war. The economic department has produced its own successful graduates and as is common in the situation with wealthy, successful graduates, they become part of the board of directors for the university. The majority of the economic graduates on the board desire the University to become more cost effective and profitable while the biosciences group wants to expand medical research and free/low cost medical help. In the middle is the Franciscan priest who has so far been able to strike a middle ground between the two forces on the board of directors. He sees the merits to both sides and frequently mediates a compromise between the two forces. Unfortunately, the priest is getting a bit old and will soon retire. The Catholic church has yet to name a successor and no junior priest at St. Francis seems poised to take on the role.
  9. Curry World Curry World is a Japanese fast food curry shop. Its mostly a build your own curry restaurant but it has a lot of offerings that you might not find in a regular shop. Besides the normal meats of beef, chicken, or pork, the shop sells such meats as octopus, goat, and turtle. It is unknown if anyone has ever bought such delicacies, but the owner keeps a fresh stock of the strange meats in his shop and he never throws out any exotic expired meat.
  10. Field of Dreams is a nursery that grows a variety of plants in hot houses outside of Babylon City. The green houses look like standard green houses and there are a lot of the long plastic enshrouded buildings. The outer green houses and the perimeter fence and lands looks like any standard green house and nursery. The inner building houses (~50% of the green houses) house various types of medicinal marijuana. The owner of the nursery is a former supervillain who supplied Babylon City's pot business. When pot became legal in several states, the supervillain got a legal permit to produce the plant. His business model is legal and while there may be minor infractions, he runs his business tight enough that they can't shut him down legally. The problem he has is that there are still villains selling pot illegally or are willing to steal the pot than pay and grow it themselves. His own powers have kept the minor villains away but he's seeing his need to call in old adversaries to stop the more major villains.
  11. dsatow


    SUPERBURGER Superburger is a burger shack that is popular with locals. It's signature burger is a 3 lb. monstrosity with 6 patties, 6 servings of cheese on a ciabatta bun. It's topped off with an optional sprig of parsley. A warning sign and a newspaper clipping warns people to eat the superburger at their own risk when a man died eating said burger at the establishment. The restaurant hyped up the incident and its become a selling point for the burger. Other tastier options are the hand made milkshakes, the 6 alarm fire burger where they mix in habaneros into the ground beef, the beer batter onion rings, and the fresh cut think french fries. A few of the more macho superpowered bricks eat here to carb up.
  12. Hercules Texas BBQ This restaurant is a standard restaurant. The only difference is that the barbecue pit is rather large and made from a single piece of stone said to be from Mount Olympus. The fire never seems to die and the coals always burns hot. The owners say the coals are from the pits of Tartarus and they never die. The BBQ is fantastic with juicy meats that smoke for hours over the ever burning coals. The greek owners have won several major national BBQ awards and the more meat prone supers come from mile away to eat up to 10 pounds of authentic Texan BBQ Beef Ribs. A story has been told that a super and a villain met at Hercules Texas BBQ but didn't fight. They each ate their meal and walked away to a nearby empty lot to have their fight. Neither wanted to damage the BBQ restaurant.
  13. Gay Pride Rainbow Parade The city has had a gay pride parade since May 22 1989 but the affair was not as well known as many of the other gay pride celebrations in the United States. In 2005, the LGBT community was banned by organizers from participating in the St. Paddy's Day parade. In response, the LGBT community moved the Gay Pride Parade from May 22nd to March 17th which began a 9 year parade war between the two groups. Pope Francis stepped in and has seemed to settle the two factions down and the Gay Pride Day celebration having been moved back to May 22nd. The both parades now carry a contingent from the other parade. The St. Paddy's parade has a LGBT float and the Gay Pride parade has an Irish float in commemoration of Ireland's legalization of marriage equality.
  14. St. Paddy's Day Parade The local Irish community originally settled in the Tenderloin and started a tradition of the St. Paddy's Day parade. Restaurants host several celebration (mostly beer oriented) before during and after the parade and a good time is had by most. Unfortunately, there is a dark lining to the parade. The parade is made up of mostly Catholics and Christians. Depending on the current religious climate of the Vatican, the parade goers may include the LGBT group. Under Pope Benedict XVI, the parade took a more exclusionary route which lead off into the city's Gay Pride parade, a more minor affair to become larger than the St. Paddy's Day Parade. This led to violent clashes between right wing conservative Catholics and left wing LGBT groups. The current pope, Pope Francis, wrote letters to both parties which seems to have settled down both parties to an extent.
  15. Chinese New Year On the last weekend in January, the Chinatown section of Little Asia celebrates Chinese New Years. Many restaurants offer specials and the streets are heavily decorated. The police have a hard time as there is an increased criminal presence in the town, but mostly, the criminals do not interfere with the festivities. Firecracker refuse litter the street as long strands of fire crackers scare away the demons from properties. This long standing tradition including the awesome presentation of the dragon dance by one of the local Wu Shu centers seems to genuinely bring good luck to the Little Asia, as the end of January and February seem to be high income months from the stores in Little Asia.
  16. Obon Festival In the second weekend in July, the Japantown hosts the Obon Festival and Obon-Odori. Participants traditionally wear yukata, or light cotton kimonos. Celebrations include a huge carnival with rides, games, and summer festival food like watermelon. The festivities end with the Obon-Odori, a group dance done usually in a circle around an open square near the Buddhist temple. One of several superheroes have traditionally been invited to participate in the ceremonies and dance. One of the first supers, Speed Samurai, when participating in the Obon-Odori ended up, comically not dancing well despite trying his best. This became, for the month of July the most viewed video of the month and boosted Speed Samurai's popularity ranking. The end of the video show many of the Obon-Odori dancers clapping and encouraging Speed Samurai to continue dancing. Other supers who have bowed out of the dancing portion have not had the popularity boost as though who do whether or not they dance well or not. In the end, sociologists believe the boost is because the superhero has become more approachable and human.
  17. The Swimming Hole This location is not a tourist site and not on any map. After the aftermath, there were several locations which had recessed into the ground and gathered water during the rainier seasons. One of these locations, deep in the ruins is called by the local kids the swimming hole. The hole seems to maintain fresh clear water and is about 100 yards in diameter and some 30' deep at the lowest point. The water maintains a constant temperature of 72 F. The university students have tested the water and its is clean and not city water (which due to Babylon City's size must be fluoridated and contain trace elements from the process to make it sanitized). Attempts to drain the pond have failed. The city has ignored the area after attempting to drain it and posted signs to keep people out which have been ignored by the local populous. Several city developers are thinking about monetizing the anomaly but the few who have tried have met set back after setback. These setbacks have been attributed to vandals but no proof exists of there being vandals.
  18. The Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza Every 4th of July, at around 9:30PM until 10:00PM, Babylon City hosts a large fireworks display over the water. The Waterfront teems with people during this time as well as dozens of pick pockets, vandal, and other assorted netherdowells who prey on the large gathering of people. The show is hosted by the Mayor but usually has a fire/light wielding super as co-host and a famous band as musical guest. Broadcasted on a couple of local radio stations, several of the stations offer music themed and timed with the display. Television also brings about news of the display with highlights being shown on the nightly news. Police work overtime as the celebration has had in the past also hosted several supervillain rampages using the celebration either for publicity or as cover.
  19. Bartleby - Ihlenfeld General Athletic Services & Sciences Building This rather large building houses several companies researching the improvement of the physical human body. Studies in genetics, steroids, and hormone therapy are the most common but general health studies are also done. Several prominent athletes have undergone treatment at the building running rampant doping allegations. Protests outside by both the religious and the socially conscious are so frequent that they are no longer news. Rumor persist that one company in the building is attempting to create a super soldier though none of the companies will admit to being involved in anything but the purest of motives. On the ground floor is a 24 hour fitness and a Jamba Juice bar as well as a Vitamin Shoppe.
  20. Franklin School for the Gifted Moira Kinross is head mistress of a facility designed to house and teach specially "gifted" children. All of the children have some type of mutation in their genetic make up which makes normal schooling difficult. Many of the genetic aberrations make the raising of the children difficult for normal parents and the teachers specialized in teaching these kids such that they can graduate with a high school or higher education. The school has several University connections and can provide education for special needs students beyond just the mandatory high school education requirements. Many other schools in the area call the Franklin school - Freakland. The students of Franklin are for the most part well behaved, but all take offense at the slur. It doesn't help that the academic achievements of the school put to shame the other schools with several of the graduates become successful CEOs. Tuition is fairly high for Franklin though through various donations from corporations, scholarships have helped many poorer student families into attending.
  21. I am catching up from last weeks cold due to father's day. I was trying to put in one new site per week but I noticed I didn't have a lot of sites where origins of supers could be had. So I am rectifying that mistake now.
  22. A small observatory and museum is dedicated to inspiring research in to space and the sciences involved in the exploration of space. The area around Babylon City holds the worlds record for most meteor strikes in the world and the museum holds the remnants of the majority of these strikes (mostly golf ball to softball sized meteorites). The observatory is still used today but mostly for teaching as the local light pollution at night has made it difficult to use for farther reaching exploration beyond the solar system.
  23. SETI Station #08191921 Not actually a SETI station, a millionaire engineer and Trekkie bought a satellite dish and a small building near the center of the Ruins and called it SETI station 08191921 (the birthdate of Gene Roddenberry). The office space contained a lot of used server hardware and some satellite equipment and cooperated with the actual SETI organization in scanning the skies. When the event which created the Ruins occurred, the station was destroyed. A kickstarter was launched which ran over double the original cost of the station. A new station with the same designation was recreated in the less damaged parts of Greenfield and continues to work in the search of extraterrestrial life.
  24. NuPoly Chemical Research and Production Plant One of the biggest industrial chemical products companies in the world, the NuPoly CRP plant is also one of the largest employers and political backers in the Foundry section of town. The company is responsible for many cutting edge products like the Duraweave fabric, a non-flammable fabric with 16x the toughness of spider silk and 8x the tensile strength of Kevlar. The fabric has been embraced by the supers world and even in various fashion design houses such as E. Mode Designs. Based on the patent of this discovery alone would guarantee NuPoly's apparent success in the chemical research market especially given it's horrible industry safety track record and seemingly constant attack by supervillains.
  25. The Golden Lotus The Golden Lotus restaurant is a popular Chinese restaurant featuring Cantonese dishes. The English language menu serves laughably named dishes as Google translates misunderstands the actual dish name. The food is quite excellent earning two Michelin stars. The chef is an 80 year old immigrant from Taiwan who uses two Chinese cleavers for almost all food preparations. He speaks not a word of English but seems to be able to get his meaning across in the kitchen. What just about no one knows is that in his 20s, he was a Chinese superhero named "Twin Dragons in the Morning" (Zǎoshang shuānglóng or Shuānglóng for short) who wielded two butterfly swords to take down Chinese Tongs. Chinese Tong buildings would suddenly catch fire, it occupants beaten and left outside in the morning. Needless to say, the restaurant is not bothered by the gangs in the neighborhood. Several wannabe superheroes have tried to train under him, but he has only accepted three students since coming to America, 2 are power martial superheroes in their own right and the third is apprenticing to learn authentic Cantonese delicacies.
  26. The Revolution The Revolution is a dance club set up in an old warehouse in the warehouse district. Originally a rave spot, when fire damaged the place, the owners sold it to an unspecified group of teenagers for about 2x what it was worth of the remains. The teenagers happened to have minor super powers and were able to restore the site. They formally opened the club as the Revolution and it has been a popular hang out for young adults since. It is not uncommon to see people dancing in the air with super powers and the customers and owners seem to regulate the crowd to prevent major problems. In one such incidence, a major supervillain decided to push drugs in the Revolution figuring a half dozen super powered teenagers couldn't stop him. What he didn't count on were other super powered people (villains and heroes) blowing off steam there supporting the teenagers. 45 supers and 87 normals decided to boot the supervillain from the premises. Since then, while minor issues for any night/dance club have occurred, nothing major happens there guarded by faithful customers and a the owners. The place has even been the site of a wedding between a superhero and former supervillain who met under truce at the club and fell in love.