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The concept here is to make an open living city which GMs can use as a setting for their games. All information here should be freely available to players and GM. Please read the rules and regulation post.

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  2. Wang Supermarkets Wang Supermarkets is a high end Asian supermarket chain. Originally catering to Chinese clientele, about 15 years ago, it was bought out by investment group and its focus changed from ethnic Chinese groceries to all things Asian. The chain has major stores in all major metropolitan areas and has a supply of rare delicacies and other foodstuffs. Health inspections always pass with almost a perfect score even by investigative reporters which is unique when the foodstuffs can contain farm grown river rat. What few people know is that the group which bought the supermarket out is actually composed of various mythological creatures and aliens with special dietary requirements. VIP members can order off a special menu and each major store can supply whatever food stuffs is ordered or in some cases deliver the food stuffs to the buyer.
  3. Chavez and Associates Chavez and Associates is a law firm that has been serving the community for over 25 years. Enrique Chavez is set to retire soon and his daughter Elena Chavez is set to take over the business. The firm has quite the reputation both good and bad and is willing to represent anyone with good legal advice. While the firm will bend the law at times, it has never broken the law and at worse has suffered only reprimands from the bar associations. As such, Enrique has been cleaning up his law firm before Elena Chavez takes over. Rumor has it that Enrique has manipulated supers in taking down some of his more troubling clients with the client nor the super knowing about it. What Enrique doesn't know is the Elena is not the innocent princess he envisions and her taking over the business will both ensure its profitability and move towards a more seedier side of the law.
  4. Its taken me a while to recover from Dundracon. I ended up starting a new campaign about 1 month earlier than I thought and restarted my old campaign that went into winter hibernation due to other commitments(holidays, dundracon, birthdays). I'll start filling more stuff up again.
  5. Sorry, will be a little longer before I post here again. Readying up for Dundracon.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    These are the hdc files for a generic Babylon City gang members. They shouldn't be too tough for standard supers to beat. Most of them will generally go for mob tactics, increasing their chance to hit by using numbers.
  7. Aid Stations #UR86D In the immediate aftermath and widespread devastation, many governments and private foundations have set up aid stations to help victims, provide temporary shelter, etc. Literally hundreds of stations sprang up, most reputable though some not so much. Licensing and oversight took care of the fraudulent stations. After a year though, the funds and public interest in helping the victims of Greenfield dried up. Oversight was shutdown and licensing discontinued. Many of the aid stations have disappeared but Aid Station #UR86D has continued to work in the Ruins. Partially funded by those it has already rescued, it is one of the few stations that seem to be continuing to do good work despite long odds and criticism over helping "people who can't even help themselves."
  8. Tabletop This is Babylon City's premier FLGS (friendly local game store). Originally caught in the destruction that created the Ruins, the shop was able to pull itself out of the rubble and rebuild in a new location. The store is a mom and pop run store. Pop runs the store portion and carries a large variety of board games, miniatures, RPGs, models, comics and collectibles. "Mom" runs the coffee shop/deli and hosts the gamer area. The food is decently priced and popular and mostly consists of burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. Soda and fancy coffees are also available. It should be noted that "Mom" is a guy. The couple married in California when same sex marriage was first legalized before opening the shop. A picture of their court wedding is located in the coffee shop along with photos of them with various geek icons (Dave Arneson, Gary Gygax, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Jackson, Stan Lee, George Takei, George MacDonald, and some dude name Steve Long).
  9. Wally's Wiener World A fast food place that specializes in hot dogs. It is a popular hang out with the college crowd and, while a chain, this restaurant is probably the largest in the city. The owner offered free hot dogs for two weeks after the disaster struck. It supposedly caused the owner to go in the red, but many of the surviving college students struck up funds and helped repair any damage and expand. Hot dogs range from the Classic American hot dog, the Texas Chili Dog, the Chi-dog, and the literal Foot long to Italian Sausage Dog, the Lapdong Dog, the sushi dog, and the Wild Goat hot dog. All in told, the restaurant offers 32 different types of hot dog, some found only in this restaurant.
  10. The Meatwagon This isn't so much a place as a beaten up RV. The RV has been converted into a makeshift doctor's office and the owner drives the RV around the Ruins helping those who need help. The owner is a former doctor who treats people without a license. Their license was revoked when they saved a known supervillain from death but would not reveal the supervillain's identity citing patient-doctor privilege. Both heroes and villains who need medical attention but who do not want to be treated officially have been know to see the former doctor.
  11. Berlusconi's Berlusconi's is an Italian restaurant offering traditional home recipes of Italy. Bread is baked in house. Food is simple and well done. The antipasti bar is a big draw but the best dishes are the pasta and seafood. The Cacio de Pepe is exceptional with Italian gourmets stopping here just for a taste. The staff are all from Italy and speak Italian and English fluently. It is in the process of getting two Michelin stars declared publicly by Michelin's guide. Recently, the high class clientele from Elysium has been making lots of reservations in Berlusconi's causing the dinner reservation list to be almost 2 months long. Wealthy financiers have offered to move Berlusconi's to Elysium but the owner seems to like North Town. Some offers to start a second restaurant have made more headway, but Berlusconi hasn't found a chef ready to take the mantle of his kitchen.
  12. dsatow


    Brunos Brunos is a upscale eatery serving simple California cuisine at Beverly Hills prices. Recently, the original owner and chef died in a rare car accident vs. a safe door in a superfight. Brunos is being run by his daughter who is an accountant by college degree and the place has gone a bit down hill. While the food is using the same recipes, the quality of the ingredients has been slightly cheapened and the owner does not have the palate to correct the problems. Recent cuts in prices have not lifted this former one star establishment back to it previous rank and the aging menu is starting to bored the Elysium population. The main diners here are the unrefined wealthy who still go because Bruno's is the "best restaurant" in Babylon City. The daughter is looking at options at whether its better to sell the restaurant or relocate to a less expensive neighborhood.
  13. Powerstation Cafe The Powerstation Cafe hosts several Tesla power charging stations as well has hybrid chargers. The cafe itself was fairly typical of modern coffee shops with coffee source from the local roasting company. A few years ago the, cafe owner decided to create a new drink called the Overcharge. The Overcharge is not a new concept but it has gained popularity at the cafe. It consists of espresso brewed using caffeinated water. 6 shots of it are poured into a cup along with milk and foam to top it off and sprinkles of chocolate on the foam. A popular drink during finals week with the college crowd.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    These are the hdc files for a generic Babylon City Police Officer and Patrol Car. The Patrol car is based off the Ultimate Vehicle for 5th edition and converted to 6th ed. Note that a real police officer probably wouldn't have as much in martial maneuvers and would have more equipment. However, this is my design based on how comic book display the majority of unnamed police officers who never seem to have as much useful items in their car or on their person as a real officer does.
  15. The Safehouse The Safehouse is the third establishment in the chain from Milwaukee. The Safehouse is buzzy spy-themed hideaway and features creative cocktails & casual fare in a quirky, dimly lit interior. Visitors need a password to enter or pass a fun and imaginative clearance test to prove they aren’t double agents, "Control" will grant access. The interesting thing about this restaurant and bar is that in the late 1980s, the site was embroiled in an espionage caper involving 6 superheroes, 5 supervillains and the KGB. The exact nature of the incident is still under wraps but has only increased the popularity of the place. See the original restaurant at http://www.safe-house.com/#
  16. Babylon City Museum and Discovery Center Originally the Eastern Airline corporate center and holding facility, since the late 80s has been repurposed to the Babylon City Museum and Discovery Center after the airline went under due to deregulation. The museum holds a large number of local artists of both recent and historic relevance due to a large number of wealthy patrons. It also houses a historical and natural history museum specializing in the local area but containing a few interesting standing exhibits from farther out. These standing exhibits include the mummy/Egyptian history attraction, the Salem attraction (popular during Halloween), and the Greek Gods exhibit. Funding for these exhibits are made by various wealthy patrons usually during extravagant balls at the museum. Unconfirmed rumors of ghosts and fairies running around at night in the museum are constantly being squashed by the management. Break ins (or outs) seem to be constantly happening but few items are ever stolen. Management has noted that the extreme security measures in place have protected the vast majority of historical artifacts preventing their theft. However, the news attributes the ratios of break ins to successful thefts to the action of local superheroes/vigilantes.
  17. Brideswell Correctional Facilty Brideswell is actually the local town neighboring the prison facility and is about 5,000 people in population. The town basically supports the prison and it's employees. The prison was completed less than 10 years ago and features a state of the art restraint and management system. At about 150 acres of land, the facility has 15 buildings, 8 of which are cellhouses. It can house over 1800 prisoners of which ~900 would be non-paranormal level detention but requiring increased security*, ~600 would be of a paranormal level threat but can be handled with conventional restraints**, and ~300 inmates which would require exotic restraints***. Security systems include electrified fences, automated turrets, stinger missiles, etc. The prison warden is the third warden of the facility. The high demands and various threats both within the prison and without have taken their toll on the previous two wardens. The first warden left due to medical reasons due to the stress of maintaining the prison. The second warden was indicted and convicted of criminal acts and is now incarcerated in a federal penitentiary in the next county. The third warden seems more confident in his ability to maintain the prison but has only been on the job for a few months. * a non paranormal detention would be criminals with extensive skill or connections (mob bosses, hit men, spies/saboteurs, etc.) ** a paranormal threat handled with regular security would be the equivalent of most Batman or Spiderman villain. *** a paranormal threat requiring exotic restraints would be used to confine a Justice League or Avengers level threat.
  18. Holdridge Arcade This arcade is an arcade in the old sense; a covered locale of shops. Establish in 1918, the Holdridge arcade was the brainchild of George Holdridge, a wealth land developer. Fashioned after designs from Europe and England in particular, the Holdridge arcade is home to some 40 shops. In the early 80s, the arcade struggled to maintain relevance with the many malls which had opened but it has persisted and in the 21st century has been revitalized as an upscale, high end shopping location. The arcade has enhanced this aspect even further by using older, traditional decorations and events such as using carolers around Christmas and free apple cider in addition to Santa Claus. The arcade has its own security personnel dressed in Victorian Beadle costumes. The beadles provide security and, despite the costumes, are experienced security/first responders as the position of beadle pays very well. Arcade example: By Andrew Dunn - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0,https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=184544 Beadle example: By User:Knwwsss, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29496840
  19. Babylon Stadium Babylon Stadium, as it is currently called, is home to two major sports teams. The Babylon City Behemoths are a NFL team and is currently ranked 8th in the nation. Controversy seems to swirl around the players as many are accused of steroid use. In doesn't help that on average, the Behemoths are the heaviest team in the league and are prone to be in the tabloids for rowdy behavior. This may all be coincidence as a major local sponsor is Adam's Rib and Eve's Apple Pie Restaurants who comp all the teams meals. The other team is the Babylon City Dragons, a professional baseball club. The Dragons do not have the best record in their division, having never won a division title. The games are nicknamed "drag on games" because while their defense is good, they hardly ever seem to score. Attendance to the games are low, but the owners keep promising a great next year with a new crop of rookies. Currently the city is looking to sell the naming rights to the Stadium. Several local businesses were given first opportunity at the stadium name but so far have yet to reach an amount acceptable by the city.
  20. Superhero Hall of Fame and Museum This place houses trophies and memorabilia of various superheroes through the ages. All items are examined by "experts" to ensure the safety of the public. From giant pennies to stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex models, its in here along with costumes and gadgetry of former superheroes. Also in the museum is a fair bit of comic book history and merchandising. The museum lays claim to a good copies of Action Comics #1(Superman), Detective Comics #27(Batman), and All Star Comics #8 (Wonder Woman). A signed place and picture of Adam West along with one of the stunt Batmobiles is housed in the museum.
  21. Babylon City Fire Department Training Site The BCFD has a location in the Tenderloin area reserved for its use but which it will occasionally rent out to licensed heroes. It is nicknamed 'Old Chicago' since the training site and school are on Chicago Street. The site has 3 buildings (1 twice the size of the other two) made of reinforced concrete (8rPD/10rED/8Bdy) walls compared to many city's single building training center. The multiple building help to train containment of multiple burning buildings though usually only a single building is used for basic training. When the site is not in use, heroes can rent the site out to train for a modest fee. Damage to the site is the responsibility of the user but they city has an insurance plan to cover damage costs and will go after the perpetrators for several times the cost of repair. The site is designed to have wooden floors installed which can buckle under fire and drop the person standing on it 3". While not enough of a drop to cause serious harm, it has taught many heroes and firemen situational awareness. The site is also used sometimes by police training departments to simulate hostile fire hostage situations using paintball guns.
  22. The Iron Still The bar is a working man's bar. While it serves food, it is not noted for the food it sells which mostly consists of burgers, hot dogs, and other fast food. The beer selection is average at best with one notable exception. The owner bottles Iron Beer have created the Hammer and Anvil beer with an ABV of 60%. This beer is one of the currently strongest beer in the United States, and the folks at Iron Still state it should be "drunk like a fine whiskey." Despite having a high alcohol content, this beer has a lot of complexity that other ales and brews do not have. Experts note you can pick up a nice amount of malts, sweet flavors, and subtle aromas that would typically get drowned out by such a high alcohol content. The majority of the customers buy the standard bottled/tap beer unless there is something to celebrate and then they pitch out for a bottle or two of the Hammer and Anvil. At a cost of one bottle equal to three cases of Budweiser, it is something special.
  23. Superburrito This mom and pop store front really is a small Mexican market, specializing in Hispanic foods. Its not as big as large Spanish market chains but contains a variety of high prized items not found in normal american markets (Spanish or not). The owners, Jose and Rosa Chavez, illegally immigrated to the United States in the late 80's as young teenagers and took part in the amnesty program offered at that time. They have saved their money and began their market seeing a need for Hispanic food stuffs in their neighborhoods. Since then, the Superburrito franchise has four stores in Babylon City. Jose and Rosa Chavez are living the American dream and are active in immigration politics. This has made them targets for certain hate groups. Several violent attempts on them or robberies to their stores have been stop by passing superheroes. Several pictures adorn the store of the supers and employees/the Chavezs. Superburrito also has a Mexican deli of sorts after which it is named. While it sell Mexican street corn, tacos, nachos, etc. It is most famous for its Superburrito, a 1+ pound monster burrito with rice, beans, lettuce, salsa, corn, jalapenos, 3 cheeses, avocado, chorizo, and other meat. A vegetarian version uses tofu and soy chorizo in place of the meat.