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  2. dmjalund


    you could have a scene with him actually f***ing Batman
  3. Lord Liaden

    In other news...

    When they can synthesize a decent Romulan ale, then I'll be impressed.
  4. L. Marcus


    ... It's a wonder that America functions as a society at all, with such cuisine.
  5. Right from his first movie, Tony Stark had robots and a sophisticated AI to do any construction work on his property. And once he built his mini arc reactor, he had enough power to laser and repulsor whatever space he needed out of the bedrock. I don't think Tony would have even considered air defenses at his home before the Mandarin, because before the Mandarin no one would have reason to attack him with missiles. You have a billionaire with a head full of super-weapon secrets, you don't blow him up. You go in soft and quiet, try to kidnap him for ransom and/or interrogation, or hack and download his databases. Stark had Jarvis and his armor to protect him from that kind of attack. As to FAA regulations and the like, that's why billionaires retain lawyers.
  6. L. Marcus

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Poor kid, such a horrible beverage.
  7. dmjalund

    Guns Are Too Slow in Hero

    and how does it deal with superhuman SPD values?
  8. L. Marcus

    The Last Word

    Pauldrons were a bit more functional.
  9. L. Marcus

    2017 Word Association Game

    Karl XIV Johan
  10. It could be a piss-take of Conan the Barbarian
  11. Any further updates on this project? I hope to run a game using your campaign in the near future!!
  12. Lord Liaden

    Funny pics

    If kids are doing this to look gangsta, they haven't considered that it's really hard to run from the cops with your pants around your knees.
  13. Pariah

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Perhaps the writing is on the wall. NFL hits pause on new anthem policy as it continues talks with NFLPA to find 'solution'
  14. Today
  15. clnicholsusa

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    I do understand the draw of professional wrestling, it's like they've cross-bred soap operas with gladiatorial combat. In many ways it is a live action parallel to comic fiction. Different subject: I didn't realize Bobcat Goldthwait was doing his own films until he mentioned it in his "You Don't Look the Same Either" comedy special (I watched because the title seemed personally apropros). Just watched "God Bless America" Really good movie.
  16. Pariah


    See also: “To damn with faint praise”
  17. I believe Karros' win (and maybe Hollandsworth) were in fairly weak years for rookies. Mondesi was a pretty good defensive OF, that pretty molded into a .250 or so guy with power and speed. OF course, lots of players have come up with strong rookie seasons and disappeared. The league catches up to your habits, and then it is adapt or die (or be Andruw Jones and have the powers of hypnotizing opposing pitchers to pitch to your strengths)
  18. Pattern Ghost


    Also, Teen Titans Go! was far better than this new abomination looks to be.
  19. Hmm, with Puig, I think his main problem is having the baseball IQ of an amoeba.
  20. Pattern Ghost


    With the best intro song ever.
  21. They have players worthy of trading? (Well, I think they do have some decent pitchers)
  22. He did play 1B for a year, and it was disastrous. He was Frank Thomas bad(and I saw Frank Thomas drop a chest-high throw one time)
  23. Yeah, for the future I am not crazy about Machado as a SS. He isn't bad, (somewhat rusty from not playing it much for a few seasons), but the man is legendary defensive 3B. Like Top 5 of all time defense. While it might sound counter-intuitive, I think he could help his cause after this year by being willing to go back to 3B.
  24. clnicholsusa

    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    It stereotypes and homogenizes homosexuals. Plus, it ruined Rocky Horror forever.
  25. Like I said, I do think Carmelo could still be a valuable 6th man scoring specialist, off the bench, if his ego* could take it. But, since it wouldn't, he'll be Allen Iversoned out of the league. *and if the team in question would be willing to deal with his problems. Note: Where is Dwight Howard now? Maybe they could team up. 2nd Note: The Rockets aren't that team however, they seemed to be perfectly to Harden, Paul and a bunch of 3-and-Ders. Anthony doesn't do Ds. (Neither does Harden and one per team is enough)
  26. Ninja-Bear

    Easiest system game

    The Fantasy Trip I’ll second also.
  27. Ternaugh

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    I've known a few people who were really into professional wrestling, and the way that they explained it, they liked following the story lines and enjoyed the larger-than-life nature of it all. For them, it's kind of like a cross between a soap opera and a superhero comic, performed on a "stage" that happens to have convenient folding chairs and collapsible tables nearby.
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