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  2. He's old. Last time he didnt restrain his intensity, he broke a hip.
  3. Scott Ruggels

    Flute power suggestions

    Bird Call mimicry. KS famous flutists. KS famous flute solos.
  4. I wanted to convey a restrained intensity, hence the italics juxtaposed with the definitive period.
  5. You forgot the exclamation point.
  6. Today
  7. dmjalund

    Flute power suggestions

    do we include "Band Camp™" applications?
  8. tkdguy

    More space news!

    I personally would have grandfathered Pluto in the planet category, but in the long run, nothing has really changed apart from the new classification.
  9. Scott Ruggels

    It's time for Christmas.....

    I Liek Christmas, but then it's because i have a large, extended, harmonious family, and we are pretty tight and get along. so Christmas is sitting in a living room, watching the little kids go nuts with the presents, and the adults snarking and sipping their coffee, and telling the kids to thank the aunts for the presents. Being and 80's music lover, this is one of my favorite Christmas songs:
  10. lemming

    The cranky thread

    Where we have our house parked, the main house needed to be repiped due to old decaying pipes. (And I got to point that out to the landlord since we were having some work done to make our house legal to park) During the results of inspections etc..., the plumber and inspector were quite fascinated in the water heater in the garage. It dates to sometime in the 80s according to them. It was still OK, but apparently the work nudged it out of whack, so the house people are mentioning very short hot water time. They're trying to get it replaced, but apparently that is being difficult. Doesn't really impact me since we have a tankless for the tiny house, but I seem to be the "responsible" person who can talk to plumbers/etc... while the landlord's son isn't around. (He lives there, but is on an extended trip)
  11. Old Man

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    More recently, the city of Oakland has sued the Raiders, and won’t allow them to use the Coliseum next year, leaving the Derps with literally nowhere to play in 2019. I hear there’s some unused facilities in Sochi...
  12. Old Man

    The cranky thread

    I give you permission to skip tomorrow’s shower. I mean, look at Starlord, he hasn’t washed his armpits in so long he has Sarlaccs living in there.
  13. lemming

    How Many Focus Do Your Characters Use?

    Single point of Body might be a good clarifier. And the text for Breakability between Champions 3e and Champions 6e are nearly identical in function. (I remembered a player writing up a Foci killer slot on his gun. Area Effect, Penetrating back in the mid-80s...) And yea, similar text for 4th & 5th. (1st & 2nd do mention how many defenses breakable foci have, but don't go into the details) Now, did most of the GMs and myself pay much attention to breakable foci? Not really
  14. Gnome BODY (important!)

    6e Char build: Mikasa "the Railgun" Mikoto

    Sorry, I didn't explain that well. It's a 70pt reserve, even at 1d6 the flash is 15pt. That means that if the flash is manifesting uncontrollably, there's 55pt left in the reserve. That makes Ball Lightning, Railgun, and Taser all impossible to use because they won't fit in what's left available. Another d6 of flash and Iron out of Sand goes away, a third d6 and Iron Sand Sword drops out leaving only the Lightning Blast to fall back on. And by that point Lightning Blast has fallen under 8d6 so is going to be bouncing off most credible threats. And with a common psycomp that relates to said uncontrollable manifestations, that's a scenario I'd expect to be irritatingly frequent. If I were GMing, I'd shoot that particular limitation down just because it's too limiting. Orrrr I'm reading my own take into this and completely missing how you intended "this power will manifest uncontrollably as Mikasa's frustration rises" to work. Semi-related, but if the side effect on the multipower triggers only at 70 points of usage and there's only one power that does that, that suggests to me that it's really only a side effect on the last point of the reserve and/or that one power.
  15. Ternaugh

    The cranky thread

    I received a call on my cell yesterday from the home warranty company, who wanted to tell me what wasn't covered with the water heater replacement (permits, new vent, new valve, pressure regulator), along with the cost. I figure that I'll be paying about half of what the total bill would have been out of pocket. When I got home, I found a call on my home phone line asking me to call the contractor. I finally reached them this morning, and the person who answered the phone quietly asked me if I'd already spoken with my home warranty company. I answered in the affirmative, and rattled off the above items, along with the cost. He then asked me if I was okay with that. I laughed and said that I really wanted hot water again, so yes. He then quietly provided information about payment options, and proceeded to ask me if I was okay with it another three times as he processed my credit card. I'm guessing that they get yelled at a lot. (As I was writing this, I realized that most folks wouldn't have had an emergency fund that they could hit for a repair like this, and that might also be what he was asking). I have an appointment for Wednesday afternoon, so I'll only miss about 2 1/2 hours of pay for the day, which could have been much worse. One more cold shower tomorrow morning, though.
  16. Pariah

    In other news...

    Wait, climate change isn't a hoax? (Says the guy who just competed a 15-week climate science class for grad school.)
  17. Greywind

    Flute power suggestions

    Sideways blowgun.
  18. ScrewySquirrel

    6e Char build: Mikasa "the Railgun" Mikoto

    its the only thing that does max the reserve, causing the blackouts
  19. Gnome BODY (important!)

    6e Char build: Mikasa "the Railgun" Mikoto

    I'm guessing that people haven't seen that cartoon she's from. I haven't, so skimmed it and wandered off. Only fluff thing I could comment on would be personal nitpicks with the prose, and that's not really relevant to the character. I don't have much to say about the mechanics as presented either, it's a solid energy projector with few exotic design flourishes from what I can tell. Only thing I'd have a mechanical comment on is the limitation on the flash: Doesn't that pretty easily turn off all the big attacks by depriving them of points in the reserve?
  20. Cancer

    Flute power suggestions

    Animal summon and control ... snakes, rats, etc.
  21. Christopher R Taylor

    RIP: Penny Marshall

    She was a talented director, sad for her family.
  22. Netflix's cancelled Marvel's shows could be revived says Disney exec. http://thr.cm/P2UuKv (THR)
  23. Mr. R

    Builds of 2018

    A member of CLOWN (Australia division) He's actually a super practical joker. He can get money easily by other means, so he does this for fun. I really like this build and would probably add him to CLOWN as he fit in perfectly!
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