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  2. We need to find a movie we can all hate. Hmmm. Oh! Say, wasn't there a second Highlan...mmmm, nah, maybe not.
  3. Is this thread gonna go out with a bang?
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  5. It is your game, so your decision, but I would say that those villains either have a high PRE by definition or no PRE or you modify the PRE attack by rPD. So a villain with a mega high rPD cares not about the bullets and so is not frightened by the damage and reduces the effect by the rPD score (which should make them effectively immune). It remains a game mechanic which not only encourages action from an opponent after an opposed roll but also potentially reduces DCV. I think it is a core mechanic worth considering, even if it needs tweaked to better describe the game effect. After all, your description is shooting to miss to drive an opponent into a place they will be easier to hit, if the opponent does not care about being shot, the actual manouevre should not affect them anyway. Doc
  6. Awesome! I have fond memories of that show. I ought to look for it on YouTube.
  7. Yeah, that is the thing. Whether gifted or not, Luke did actually have to earn the title, by going through ordeals for 3 movies to hone his skill. Mary Rey Sue not so much.
  8. They kind of make Season 2 mandatory.
  9. Alright, so OP here, and it looks like I've got some confessions to make. Though before that I want to say that these suggestions have been tremendously helpful. Confession #1: I'm the GM. A big part of this question is what I should tell my players to expect when they play a gunslinger and to give them as many possible approaches as possible when they do. I'm working on a setting (which is to say, a set of ground rules and mechanics that I can reuse for multiple campaigns and hand off to other GMs if all goes well. Though I'm not holding my breath). That setting is meant to (Among other things) emulate a specific style of gunplay I had in mind and the OCV cap seemed to be the best way to do that. In the setting there's a sort of arms race between HtH and Guns/Bows. The first time a Gunman emptied a magazine at a high level martial artist and hit nothing but air (matrix style) they had to ask themselves: "Well... what do I do about that?". So the OCV cap is a mechanical equivalent to what's going on in the "real" world of the setting. Being a gunslinger in the setting is largely stating "My art is to find solutions to this problem". Mind you guns have other advantages like being able to take more shots per turn then a close-combat character would. A common belief in the setting is "Guns are weapons of the Mind, swords are weapons of the body" which is to say that a gunslingers greatest asset is his cleverness with a more versatile weapon, and a martial artists greatest asset is his speed and strength. Confession #2: I've made a couple posts with regards to this setting and I'm struggling with how much context to give when I want some input (thus far I've avoided setting detail entirely because it seemed unnecessary). The setting is very large and involved and could easily wander off with bits about how this or that works, how things relate to each other etc. One of the principle problems the scope of the setting causes, is that it is a cross genre setting. It includes Horror, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, High-Tech, Low-Tech, and the full range of D&D power levels so a starting character is a highly skilled normal but a long term character is god-like. Not all of these are happening simultaneously and in fact the setting is designed to add or drop them as desired. It was originally conceived long ago in my youth when I thought about how there were many game systems that could handle different genres (Hero, GURPS, FATE etc) but not any settings that could change genres mid campaign. So I set out to make a setting that could handle mid campaign genre shifting without plane hopping. Whether or not I was successful and whether or not the setting was necessary is certainly debatable, but one thing is for certain: After many years and a great deal more experience with different RPGs I still have a lot of love for what I created, and Hero System seemed like the best system to seriously build the beast in (I originally tried building it from scratch. Guess how far I got). Confession #3: I must also confess that as a newer member of the Hero community I don't really know that kinds of assumptions that the good people of this forum will make, which ties into Confession #2 that I don't know how much information to give. Confession #4: I work long hours and have some social anxiety so staying active on the forum is a bit difficult. So sorry if I don't respond to things as punctually as I would like. @Tech "I would simply have the player who wants to shoot with the intent to miss make an attack roll. If you "hit", then the defensive person must move or get hit. PRE attk or Drain isn't accurate - some villains could care less if they get hit or not and will not move as hopefully intended (see original poster train of thought below)." This is a problem the concept runs into. No one in the setting will be able to take very many direct hits (god-level characters are godly dodgers not godly durable) but its not unreasonable to presume someone might choose a lesser of two evils. Several people have asked about where the cap is, and I have to admit I'm not entirely sure, but I'm thinking around 8 perhaps? Which is roughly where your characteristic for OCV would cap, Swordsmen and such however would be able to pile on CSLs to that value and it's not entirely unreasonable for a high level gunslinger to run into a high level Swordsman that he can't hit at all by default. Quite a long post, but i really needed to bring up the "how much context" problem somewhere, and if I said more than necessary I guess that just gives an example of what I'm talking about.
  10. Well, one can hope. I follow writers and occasionally artist, but not editors. Still, given her relatively short career in comic Sana Amanat has worked on a lot of very good books. I have no idea whether this has been luck or good decisions on her part, but either way she has a good track record.
  11. Robin, the Boy Wonder (11) The Flash (10) Thanos (2) Deadpool (10) Magnus, Robot Fighter (8) Doctor Doom (5) Doctor Manhattan (5) Galactus (12) Phantom Girl (8) Superman (6) Batman (3) Wolverine (6)
  12. Thanks for letting us know what you've had time to address Brian. Hope the flu has left your system!!
  13. [Tomas de Torquemada] "Give me ten minutes with the chicken, and I'll find out." [/Tomas de Torquemada]
  14. CAN WE BLOW STUFF UP NOW? (insert Crazy Harry image)
  15. Zombies may not be the life of the party, but skeletons are just boneheads. X-Men Showdown: 1st Generation (Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman, Jean Grey, Havoc, Polaris) vs. 2nd Generation (Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Rogue)
  16. She's Laura Croft with super powers If you have a hero with a collection of doo dads, then she may be targeting you. She has links to a major hero and a major villain. But mostly she fills that noble villain niche. You want to have a villain the heroes can trust to keep their word, then here's your lady. Also her protectiveness towards children can be a hook. Power wise, she's tough. Good defenses, decent attacks and movement. Remember she has a collection of magical weapons, so any encounter can change depending on what role you want her to have, ranged or hth. Personality wise she's more of an anti hero. She a mirror to what the heroes could be if they cut to many corners. she has her virtues, but at heart she steals for her own reasons!
  17. I've been mulling over something similar to this with an idea that came out of considering the impacts of a foreign occupation of the PC's city. Specifically, I've been mulling over if it could be fun to design a sort of Track system for the Resistance/Occupation, and depending on where you are in the Track there are different modifiers to rolls for PCs (for Contacts, Persuasion, Stealth, etc.). The Tracks might be various centers of power (literal, figurative, embodied in persons etc.) that have specific effects. For instance, the Minister of the Census (i.e. foreign spymaster) might put out a bounty on the PC's heads. They will have negative modifiers to move around the city stealthily as they can't trust all the people around them to not turn them in, negatives to reach certain Contacts, etc. Should they take action to counter this stratagem - assassinate the minister of deal some sort of embarrassing defeat to the occupiers that would make it clear that the PCs will never be betrayed by the populace - the Track moves in favor of the PC's and that center of power is replaced by one for the PCs, giving them bonuses - "Defiant Propaganda" perhaps, where the populace has taken the wanted posters and turned them into bills that mock the power of the occupiers and calls for increased resistance. So, this is a way to put some of the power of the background plot into the PC's hands, but they don't HAVE to engage with it if they don't want to - they could just pursue a central plot that doesn't entail this and it could just be something that inconveniences them for the duration they are in the city. But they have the option, if they want to pursue it, that might make their main task easier in the end (rescuing someone from the dungeon in the Impossible Keep, for instance, would probably be easier if there's a full rebellion at your back).
  18. Duke how’s that any different then when a guy hits you in the craw and rolls one for damage? 😁
  19. I think the price of INT, PRE and DEX should match. 1 point was my first view, but I moved away from that. Are all skills now based on a CHAR roll, or none? If none, DEX is Init only, INT is PER only (or eliminated entirely) and PRE is PRE attacks only. I think your intent is that all skills at 3 points are a CHAR roll. By the time we get down to only one skill at a time, I think this is a reasonable price. It may be "add 1 to the skill roll" or it could be "+1 CHAR roll, only for a single application" Looks like INT now only adds to INT skills. Why should DEX get skills and initiative (or PRE get skills and PRE attacks)? I dislike 1 point for +1 to all PER rolls. It seems very cheap, especially if I am Eagle Eye (bonuses to sight only) or Tracker (bonuses only to sense of smell). To the rest, with my 2 points per +1DEX, INT, PRE, I am thinking skill levels look something like: +1 to all INT, PRE or DEX rolls - 5 points +1 to a group of skill rolls (all at once) - three skills (e.g. Acrobatics, Breakfall, Climbing) or a related group (e.g. all sciences) - 4 points +1 to any one INT, PRE or DEX roll at a time - 3 points +1 to a group of skill rolls (one at a time) - 2 points +1 to a single roll based on the char - 1 point +1 to any one set of CHAR rolls at a time - 8 points (same Multipower concept - 5 point pool + 1 per v Slot) It took me a long time to get past "DEX, INT and PRE should cost 1 each", but when pricing out the components, they are just way too cheap.
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