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  2. Norm

    Browsing through the HERO store

    I am not currently playing HERO. Since another person wanted to try GM'ing for a while and was not comfortable GMing without a module/adventure pre-built, we are playing Pathfinder. If I was running a Fantasy Hero would probably grab the Wonderous Item collections. They include the HD packs. That for me is worth a lot even if I would only use a couple per book.
  3. L. Marcus

    Complicate the Person Above

    Bazza is not a kiwi, but a cassowary, the most ill-tempered of flightless birds.
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  5. Ternaugh

    The "Nice Happy" Thread

    I put the trashcan outside for pickup tomorrow morning, and as I was going back into the house, I saw some movement toward some larger rocks and bricks used as landscaping by the edge of the lawn. I caught a good look at one of the western banded geckos that live outside my house as it ran for cover. I've had a couple of juveniles end up in the house before, but I always try to gently escort them outside, away from my cat. The juveniles are small, maybe an inch or two long, and appear somewhat translucent with brown bands. The one I saw tonight was an adult, maybe five inches long, and the bands were less pronounced, which is common as they age.
  6. As I noted in my earlier post, my guess is that this book (if and when we ever see it...) would not include detailed write-ups of VIPER or DEMON, which probably would require separate books of their own, but rather a relatively brief background/history/intro section for these larger organizations, but would primary feature villains from those organizations (like Ripper, Oculon, Jack Fool, and so forth). The same approach could be taken for significant groups from Hidden Lands (5e) and Vibora Bay (5e), for such villains as Arvad, Shirak the Destructor (who was actually in CKC but is a Lemurian construct IIRC), Therakiel, and Valerian Scarlet. I had hoped to see these already in CV3, but that book is already longer than the first two, so some omissions were inevitable. Other, relatively uncovered organizations (in 6e) could get a bit more detailed background/intro material, but would also (in my guess) focus on villain write-ups of a few significant examples rather than highly detailed organization write-ups as in DEMON (5e) or VIPER (5e). I dunno if the villains from Champions Worldwide (5e) can reasonably be characterized as an 'organization,' but I don't think it would be too far a reach to have a section on non-U.S. villains with a few significant examples that weren't included in CV3 (which did include some of the more memorable ones, like Li-Chun the Destroyer and the Living Sphinx) like Survalesh, Obelisque, and Asifa Rum'lia, just to name a few. If CV4: Organizations never sees the light of day, one suggestion would be a CV4: Solo Villains pt. 2 or maybe a CV4: supplement to CV1-3, with a few master villains, a few groups, and some solo villains that weren't covered in the first three books. I have found the detailed write-ups in 6e to be both very useful for play and also just enjoyable to browse and read for their own sake, so I'm definitely a big fan and supporter of more such books. But I didn't even know until recently that Steve Long is no longer in charge of Hero Games, which explains the sudden dearth of releases, compared to the brisk release rate that occurred for a while for 6e products. I wish Steve hadn't left, but that's water under the bridge now. For someone who only peeks in here occasionally, can someone tell me who's in charge now and what their release policies/plans are (in general)?
  7. Bazza

    Complicate the Person Above

    For Rage. rage is a kiwi that we know and secretly wants to play for the All Blacks.
  8. Surrealone

    Protean (New and Improved)

    This appears to be Desolidification with the Cannot Pass Through Solid Objects (-½) limitation and the Does Not Protect Against Damage (-1) limitation. Given that there's already a well-established way to build the effect of the proposed new power, I see the proposed new power as wholly un-necessary. That said, I think the Barrier Chart you've provided is an excellent additional to optional rules to help govern what someone (who builds out the aforementioned Desolidification w/ its limitations) can move through -- for GMs who desire a pre-baked chart of such things.
  9. eepjr24

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    So all this lim is doing is removing the primary purpose of the attack: to directly cause damage. For me, that would be at least a Very Common (character is limited about half the time) (-1). You still have some chance at damage through either contact with a surface during the KB or falling off something tall, but those are much rarer situations. You lose most chance of: CON Stun, inflicting BODY, and knocking out. Would also greatly limit use of the power in PRE attacks. - E
  10. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    Full-day retreat yesterday, half-day retreat tomorrow. Naturally, classes start a week from tomorrow.
  11. Cancer

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Better than catching him in the morning when hung over.
  12. Cancer

    In other news...

    Happily, I last used a yahoo address in the late 1990s, and e-commerce didn't really exist back then.
  13. Asperion

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Alexa DeSoto was raised in a strict middle class family. From her earliest memories all that she ever wanted was to be a ballerina dancer. To make this come about, her family looked around for schools that they were able to afford, even if it meant go I into debt. Everything seemed to be going great. She was even visited by a talent scout for the premiere company in the state who hired her after one interview. Then several months later during one of her performances, there was an explosion. The investigation pinned it on her and the company blacklisted her and attempted to arrest her. However, before the charges could be formalized, all records and evidence disappeared, so everything was dropped except the blacklist. Today, she desires revenge on the industry and society that she feels wrongs her in several different manners.
  14. Protean [ Standard Power, Constant, Self-Only ] This power allows the character to move through porous barriers that would otherwise block them from passing (fences, pipes, wire screening). The character may pass through the barrier as if no barrier existed at their normal movement rate. Cost: 20 Points Barrier Chart Path / Porosity Viscosity Nonpliability Examples (Human Height) --------------- ---------------- ------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/250 / 2% 20 Minutes 8mm - Locked office doors (with tile floor), fan blade gaps, and old fashioned keyholes are bypassed. 1/125 / 3% 5 Minutes -1/4 16mm (1.6cm) - Open sunroofs, large fan blade gaps, and medium pipes are bypassed. 1/64 / 6% 1 Minute -1/2 32mm (3.2cm) - Large pipes, prison bars, and manhole covers are bypassed. 1/32 / 12% Full Turn -1 64mm (6.4cm) - Large mail slot and certain type of sewer entrances (not manhole covers) are bypassed. 1/16 / 25% 2 Extra Phases -1 1/2 125mm (12.5cm) - ? 1/8 / 50% Extra Phase -2 250mm (25cm) - ? 1/4 / 75% Full Phase 500mm (50cm) - Air ducts, small windows, and sewer pipes are bypassed. Path - Size of a single path through the barrier (based as a fraction of the character's height). Applies to the character that Cannot Split their body to bypass barriers. Porosity - How porous the barrier is (based as a percentage of empty space vs non-empty space of the barrier). Applies to the character that can split their body to bypass barriers. Modifiers --------- Viscosity (-1 for Extra Time, x2 with Cannot Split) - Character requires more and more time to bypass smaller and smaller Path/Porosity. Cannot Split - Character's body is contiguous and Porosity of a barrier may not may not be bypassed. Nonpliablity (Varies) - Character is unable to to bypass barriers after a certain point (see chart). With the help of Hugh I think this is a workable mechanic.
  15. Duke Bushido

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    Considering some of the surprisingly deep discounts and nearly double-dipping in some of the published character's Limitations, I would think "only to cause KB" would be worth at least -1/2. I mean, ignoring the fact that you may be throwing away Stunning after Stunning or early subduing, an Attack action, by the rules, ends your Phase. You are essentially throwing away an opportunity to CON Stun, or to simply knock some sense into them, or even hurt them enough to make them re-think themselves, just to knock them down. Sure; being knocked down is a disadvantage for them on their next Phase, but it seems like a greater sacrifice than -1/4.
  16. Old Man

    In other news...

    Note that Oath bought Yahoo and promptly went through Yahoo users' mailboxes for sales tracking info. There's nothing you can do about whatever's in existing mailboxes, but users who don't want to be tracked should consider moving mail services to another provider--perhaps Apple.
  17. Maybe a skrull disguised as wolverine.
  18. Asperion

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    If the intended effect is only to cause KB, then I would say to buy an attack as normal with the lim "only to cause KB (-1\4). The reason that I gave it such a low value is that most attacks do KB in addition to the damage. All that this lim is doing is removing the damage component. The KB can be further modified by the mods mods mentioned in other posts.
  19. A Maine Restaurant Wants to Kill Lobsters Humanely by Getting Them Stoned
  20. Duke Bushido

    Funny pics

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