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    Funny pics

    That's the best they can do? Concertina wire and one machine gun emplacement? There was still room to draw a moat and a mine field...maybe even some walls with murder holes. Yeesh.
  3. I think we're moving off point a little. Based on the SFX, we have an attack that manifests as a gaseous substance. This gaseous substance only works against a person that has a sense of smell. If a person can fight off its effect, they are immune to its effect for a day. An attack that works based on their ability to smell does not need for the subject to breathe normally, so having Life Support: Does Not Breathe is not protection from the attack unless the SFX of the protection affects how they smell; an example being a space suit or hazmat suit. While the nature of the monster he's converting isn't clear based on the OP, being in a vacuum does not protect you from the scent, but at the same time, most people don't try smelling in a vacuum either. Holding one's breath does not protect from noting a scent, just makes it a lot harder to smell since humans generally need to breathe to smell, although you could hold your nose to prevent smelling the substance. So, we have an Entangle with an Area of Effect of 4 meters. The inability to smell is rather rare so I don't feel IMO that warrants a Limitation for the power but if we want to represent the Save Throws mechanic in this power, that does warrant a Limitation. In a game like Starfinder, Pathfinder, and D&D, the character's ability to resist effects is based mainly on their experience level, but since the Hero System is a point based system we need to handle things differently. The easiest way to represent this would be to use the Requires a [Skill] Roll mechanic but this is inverted in that it a roll to see if the power fails as opposed to succeeding and the difficulty to resist the power is based on the Campaign needs. Being based on Constitution seems appropriate, but the target number is the issue now. Resists with a Constitution Roll We can start with the CON roll being worth a -1 limitation. I feel this is mechanically the same as using your 11- roll from Requires a Roll and the additional 1/2 limitation for the -1 to roll per 5 AP from the table on CC 114 or 6E1 389. If you want it to be easier or harder to resist, we can take use the table as a guide. Penalty to CON Roll Limitation -3 3/4 less limitation -2 1/2 less limitation -1 1/4 less limitation Bonus to CON Roll Limitation +1 1/4 more limitation +2 1/2 more limitation +3 3/4 more limitation +4(or more) 1 more limitation I'd love to hear your comments on this solution
  4. Cancer

    A Game Of Questions

    Are you suggesting he is a diorama queen?
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    The Wooden Stranger

    3 Logan sipped his coffee as he sat at his kitchen table. He checked paperwork for his holdings before he headed into the paper. He wondered how the Aardvarks and the Razorbacks were taking his demand and warning. They were probably not going to get out of town. “Hey, Dad!,” said Brady. “I’m heading out.” “I need you to be ready tonight,” said Logan. “We’re going to have to talk to someone.” “I’m always ready,” said Brady. “What’s going on?” “I’ll have to talk to some malefactors,” said Logan. “I might need a backup.” “I can do that,” said Brady. “What are we going to do?” “I have asked some gangs to leave town,” said Logan. “I don’t think they will.” “All right,” said Brady. “I’ll get ready as soon as I get home.” “All right,” said Logan. “I’ll call your mother to let her know.” “Thanks, Dad,” said Brady. He ran out of the house with his back pack slung over his shoulder. Logan finished his coffee. He put the paperwork in his bag. He could work on it later at the office. He walked into the garage and got behind the wheel of his Datsun. He triggered the door and backed out on the driveway. He drove into town and parked in a slot at the paper. He went inside and settled at his desk. He found an envelope on his desk. He put his bag on the floor. He opened the envelope and dumped out photos on the wooden top. Logan spread the photos out. He opened his desk and pulled out a magnifying glass. He looked the photos over. He scratched his eyebrow as he went over the pictures. He sat back in his chair when he was done. He had seen this stuff before. He had thought the user dead. Did he have the old guy getting back into business, or a new guy with old equipment? How did he find out? A relative taking on the family business seemed to be the best option in his opinion. Logan decided to start with a search. Maybe putting in slick villain thief would prompt a memory to bob to the surface. Then he could narrow down his search, maybe use the electronic morgue to search for stories. The first few answers gave him the name of Teflon Billy Burke. He leaned back in his chair. Billy Burke was a name he hadn’t heard in a long time. He looked up the number for Phillips. Maybe he could point his reporter at Burke. A little digging might turn up something. “Hello,” said Phillips. “This is Major,” said Logan. “I think Teflon Billy is our thief from the pictures you left me.” “Teflon Billy?,” said Phillips. “I don’t know that name.” “He’s a low level villain that can control friction,” Logan said. “See if you can get some background on him. Maybe you can turn up something we can turn over to the police.” “What made you think of this guy?,” asked Phillips. “The pictures you took,” said Logan. “I did a search for frictionless thieves.” “Really?,” said Phillips. “I’ll look into this Teflon Billy. Maybe there is something there.” “Did you narrow the embezzler down?,” asked Logan. “Not yet,” said Phillips. “I got a lot of public paperwork together and asked an accountant to look things over for me.” “Thanks, Phillips,” said Logan. “I heard Log Man threatened the Razorbacks and Aardvarks,” said Phillips. “Good,” said Logan. “Has anyone come forward to tell the cops what happened?” “Not yet,” said the reporter. “They don’t think Log Man can run them off.” “All right,” said Logan. “Let me know. I want to keep the pressure on so we have something to report.” “Clinton is reported as wanting to kill Log Man,” said Phillips. “I wish him the best of luck as long as we can cover the story,” said Logan. “Let me know what you find out.” “Right,” said Phillips. Logan cut the connection as he considered what he should do to bend the gangs to his will. He wanted one of them to confess. If he had that, he could axe part of the gangs and send them to prison. Logan worked through the day, going over the finances and anything else that required his attention. He felt that the newspaper would be able to ride out any economic downturn at least for a while. He checked the time. He had to get home to pick up Brady. They had to talk to the gang members. Once he had a handle on that, he could try to force a confession. He hoped Brady would be able to help him with that. He wanted to get them together to force something out of them. Logan reclaimed his Datsun. He took the expressway home. He wasn’t going to beat his son’s bus. He pulled up to his gate. He opened the gate and drove in. He parked his car and went inside the garage. He went into the house and put his case inside his office. “Hey, Brady!,” he called. “Are you home?” “I’m here, Dad,” called Brady. “I ready to go when you are.” “We have some time before sundown,” said Logan. “That’s cool,” said Brady. “Let’s get a snack,” said Logan. “We don’t know how long we’ll be chasing these guys tonight.” “I have school tomorrow,” said Brady. “We’ll try to get them all before ten,” said Logan. “If we can’t, we’ll work on it tomorrow night.” “Don’t forget you and Mom have to go to that event the day after,” said Brady. “The Charity Ball,” said Logan. “I forgot.” “Don’t tell Mom that,” said Brady. “She will skin you alive.” The two had walked into the kitchen while they were talking. Logan got ingredients out of the refrigerator so they could make sandwiches before they left on their rounds. “How much effort do you think this will take?,” asked Brady. He chowed down on his sandwiches after getting a can of Coke from the pantry. “I don’t know,” said Logan. “I want to make them so miserable, they would rather leave than conduct business here.” “We might be following these guys around for months,” said Brady. “There’s no way they are going to just let us interfere in their gangbanging.” “Until I get a name, they will not work in my town,” said Logan. “And they might not work in my town if they do give me a name.” “We would have to stop doing our patrols to harass these guys,” said Brady. “We wouldn’t be able to help other people if we did that.” “Good point,” said Logan. “Let’s see what happens when we have our visit.” They finished their meal, watching for the sun to go down. They didn’t want either of the rival gangs seeing them when they moved in. “Looks like it’s time for us to go,” said Logan. “Let’s get the Log Mobile and get to work.” “Right, Dad,” said Brady. The Majors walked into the garage. Wood covered their bodies as they moved. Leaves formed capes. Logan pressed a hidden lever. A wooden car dropped down on a cradle from the ceiling. Logan climbed behind the wooden wheel. He extended his will and the car rolled off the cradle. He backed out of the garage and down the driveway to the gate. He pulled out on the street and headed into town. “Someone is going to see us doing that one day,” said Brady. “I hope not,” said Logan. “It would be really embarrassing.” He drove to the fast food place Clinton favored. He doubted the gang leader had stayed home in the face of a threat. He would want to show that he wasn’t scared even when he should be. “There they are,” said Logan. He drove to the back of the fast food place. “You ready?” “Yep,” said Brady. “Pinecone, the boy exploder, is always ready.” They got out of the Log Mobile and walked around the restaurant. Clinton’s gang saw them coming. Some of them reached for weapons. Pinecone exploded into a shower of thin disks that flew right at the gang. The suspected criminals dove for cover as their vehicles captured the flying missiles. Log Man darted forward. Logs flew in a shower of wooden pain at the cars. The sounds of smashing glass and bending metal filled the parking lot. Clinton looked at the destruction. He turned to glare at the Log Man. A fist put him on his back. “I told you to get out of town,” said Logan. “Why are you still here?” “You don’t tell me what to do, you freak,” said Clinton. “I do what I want.” “That’s fine,” said Log Man. “I can keep coming back until you have nothing left.” “Isn’t this illegal?,” asked one of the other members of the gang. “You wrecked our stuff.” “I guess you’re right,” said Log Man. “Don’t be in town tomorrow, and I won’t wreck your stuff.” “You can’t do this,” said Clinton. “I’ll kill you first.” “I will start putting people in the hospital until I hear something,” said Log Man. “Your best bet is to sit down with the police and figure out who shot the little boy. I won’t have a reason to come around then.” “None of us did that,” said Clinton. “We were shooting at Bardem’s guys. They were shooting at us. They must have shot him.” “How do I prove that?,” asked Log Man. He smiled at a sudden idea. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” “You can’t keep coming back,” said Clinton. “I’m going to talk to Barden,” said Log Man. “Then I have some things to do. I’ll be back to talk to you this time tomorrow.” “I hope he kills you,” said Clinton. “I hope you get a little smarter,” said Log Man. “This is my city, not yours, not Barden’s. I make the rules, I call the plays. If I don’t get what I want, there will be no room for Aardvarks, or Razorbacks. And no one will miss you.” “I’ll find a way to get rid of you,” declared Clinton. “I already have a way to get rid of you,” said Log Man. “Let’s go, Pinecone.” The wooden duo retreated to the Log Mobile. Log Man drove away from the burger place with a wave for the gang as he went. “So we’re going to talk to this Barden?,” asked Brady. “I have to be an equal opportunity villain beater,” said Logan. “It’s in my contract.” “You know how to prove what happened,” said Brady. “I could see it when you paused.” “It’s not definite proof,” said Logan. “It’s a possible thing that we can use to crack the case.” “Do we let them off the hook?,” asked Brady. “No,” said Logan. “They’re not giving us anything. We’re taking it from them.” “All right,” said Brady. “What are you going to do?” “We’re going to check on our other suspects, then we’re going to do a patrol to see if anyone needs us,” said Logan. “Then we’re headed home unless we have an emergency to deal with first.” “Sounds good to me,” said Brady. “What are you going to do to crack this?” “I’m going to think about what I’ve read,” said Logan. “Then I am going to do some research.” The Log Mobile rolled into the night, lights made of plant chemicals glowing from it.
  7. L. Marcus

    2017 Word Association Game

    Moses supposesitory
  8. L. Marcus

    A Game Of Questions

    No love lost for beach dioramas, huh?
  9. Starlord

    A Game Of Questions

    Why are you obsessed with taking thousands of particles from the beach and putting them on paper?
  10. Starlord

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Man, Jason Witten is really just...not good. Particularly in contrast to Jon Gruden.
  11. Pariah

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the m***********g purple light saber!"
  12. Pariah

    Funny pics

    "Simba...I am your father!"
  13. L. Marcus

    A Game Of Questions

    ... Sandpaper?
  14. Starlord

    A Game Of Questions

    Can you recommend something to open my pores?
  15. L. Marcus

    A Game Of Questions

    That oily, huh?
  16. Starlord

    A Game Of Questions

    What about fracking?
  17. tiger

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Next up, Valentine's special, Thunder & Lightning, Panda & Raccoon
  18. Starlord

    Funny pics

  19. tkdguy

    Funny pics

    Half Elf
  20. tkdguy

    More space news!

    Another dwarf planet discovered
  21. tkdguy

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Robinson Caruso The adventures of a shipwrecked opera singer
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