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About This File

The layout is a clean two column format with indenting and bolding for clarity. The Hero System logo is in the document, and nearly all character tags/information are included. Redundant information is avoided (e.g. STUN is listed only once).


Sections are by column. Usually you can condense a character to 2 pages just by rearranging sections.


The RTF in this format is only supported by MS Word, which is supported with the MS Word Viewer (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=4).


Other Notes

  • All skill levels put along side Combat Skill Levels
  • Encumbrance is only displayed if you have equipment
  • Equipment lists in a more "equipment like" format
  • Secondary STR produces Secondary ENC Table
  • If you have an image file the file size will be bloated if you just preview the character. Use Export to File to ensure the smallest file size possible.
  • Image should fit under background and must be a JPEG

Please feel free to send me comments or corrections.


Written by Shane Harsch (shane@tekhed.com)

What's New in Version v1.7


  • 30NOV2011 last update

User Feedback

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My only comment is, the Advantages and Limitations in the Powers only list (+) or (-). I suppose this is because this is a "Compact" export, but it is still quite maddening not not have. The Export format itself is handy, however, so Im giving it 4 stars.

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Hey guys, I'm putting up a new format. Narf - I've worked really hard to make it work in  LibreOffice. The problem is that while there is an RTF standard, nobody uses the same version (1.0 - 1.9) and, on top of that, they don't use all of the features of whatever version they support. It was a big surprise to me that LO/OO has poor RTF support, and Apple (default viewer) is even worse. Sadly, in order to have the fancy features, MS is the most full featured. 


Thanks for the solid reviews. 

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