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About This File

This is a series of documents for new Game Masters and new Players to be introduce to Hero system 6th edition.

The set includes 2 adventures designed to be played out in an evening each. Normally after the second adventure the players will have enough to start off on their own tracks and a campaign can develop.


As a game master you will need to be a little familiar with Hero system (mastery not actually required) and read each of the files titled IST - 00 X these are the prep files. The IST - 01 and IST - 02 files are the actual adventures.


Options: All of the pre-generated characters have some overlapping skills as trained rangers. Some players who are familiar with Hero will want to make their own characters. If a player makes his own characters use the "Heroic" level found on page 35 of Hero system 6th edition.



Please enjoy and if you have feed back send it to me on the boards as Ndreare.

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