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HERO Combat Simulator 1.9.5plus

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Java-based Hero Combat Simulator for Hero System 5e. Doesn't appear compatible with recent java versions.


jre 1.6.0 does work:


I just installed it and ran this from command prompt:


"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\java" -jar hcs.jar

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Well, I downloaded this thing and I can't get it to work right.  I am trying to put a character in it.  I got the stats in okay, but when I add powers, I can't set the dice or point level.  I can't name the powers or edit them in any way.  It's kind of frustrating.  Are there some instructions somewhere or does thing just not work?

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I haven't had much luck getting this to work. I've tried 32 and 64 bit versions of Java RE 1.6.0 and JRE 6u45. When I run it, it gives a java.io.EOFException message. The interface then loads, and I can load a roster or a battle; but I can't seem to progress the battle.


I'm trying to run it on a Windows 10 x64 laptop. I've also tried using various Compatibility Mode settings.

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