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There was a request to create a simplified character sheet suitable for new players. For this first effort I chose to stick with a basic portrait layout and use some colors to


This three-page HTML character sheet introduces new players to the HERO system by presenting only the elements they need to start playing quickly. This template assumes someone with

more experience will create or enter character information for the player in Hero Designer.


What you need to do to use this template:

  1. Fill in the following sections in Hero Designer:
    * Character name
    * Alternate ID
    * Powers/Tactics
    * Personality/Motivation
    * Background/History
    * Complications
    * Campaign Use
    * Appearance
    * Campaign name
  2. Add the list item HTML markup around each line in the Background tab of Hero Designer. For example, <li>This is an example</li>.
  3. Limit images to 200 pixels wide x 300 pixels high.
  4. Add bold HTML markup around each complication type in Hero Designer. For example, <b>Hunted:</b>.
  5. When printing from the browser, enable the option to print background images.

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