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About This File

The Sentinels Legion team is the "reserve" superhero team of the UK. It has been constructed at 400 pts (75 pts complications) for 6th Edition, using Hero Designer 6.

​The files included are:


Spectre - ex MI6 agent turned grim vigilante

Paragon - artificial human mentalist

Longbow - bow weapon specialist

Amethyst - transforming big brick

Quark - EM/radiation/magnetic blaster

Galatea - density controlled android

Starfist - wielder of ancient alien ring of power

Sentinel Legionary team package

Images of team members.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • V1.0 - initial version based on comments etc from Forum. File contains images and character sheets
  • V1.1 - Hero Designer 6 files added.

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