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Enemies,  Enemies II. Enemies III, and Conquers. Killers, & Crooks (CKC)


Way back when Champions first started there was a "need" for enemies.   Thus Enemies was first constructed (soon to be followed by volumes 2 and 3)


The books offered a variety of super powered villains   from 250 point (or lower) characters to over 400 point characters.   


Enemies had its faults.  First there were very few skills listed.   Second   martial arts didn't have the information of each maneuver nor did it mention which martial arts was represented.   


Plus. It was not in alphabetical order (nor any order that I could find)  which for some reason bugged me more than it should had.


Many of the enemies were reprinted in CKC, but I would have liked to have seen a volumn 2. Revamping others villains as well.  But alas. The change to 6th edition... sigh


I really liked when Enemies included married couples.   Panda and Raccoon. & Thunder and Lightning (whom I would put together as one group)  For some reason it made them "feel" more real.   


Many of the older villains have faded into the background leaving unasked questions as what happened to them.  In Enemies I. II. & III mostly.  


Questions like:  Does Avar-7 still serve Mechannon?  Is the Minuteman robot still active?  And so on.


I know that Hero games has tried its best to revamp everything to 6th edition. But I miss the older edition.   I don't have 6th edition. So I won't comment on it.  


I still try to find online games that still play 5th edition (or before)  but it becomes harder and harder as more people change to 6th edition.   


That's all I have for now.   Thanks for reading. 

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