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In the time when the world was at war with the  forces of Evil,the greatest superteam of the US decided to train their young progenies to succeed them in the event when the originals will retire or die a horrible death,thus keeping the legends alive in the hearts of men.

Thus was born TEAM ALPHA, to help their heroes battle against evil and to keep the legends of heroism alive. Throughout these many decades and ages the roster has changed but the

mission still remains the same. Heed the call Young heroes,for the Alphans Assemble! 


Team Alpha is the original campaign that I GM'd On Yahoo groups with inspiration gained from TEEN TITANS,YOUNG JUSTICE[DC],New Mutants[Marvel],Young blood ,GEN13[Image]and X-MEN[Marvel],and ULTRAFORCE[Malibu Comics]. In this PBP campaign, You're a teen super in training residing in one of two schools: John Chapman Memorial High,[Appleseed High] and Ravenswood Academy. You're selected for your skills and for your power as you go on missions impossible on or off the campus. You'll meet many heroes while fighting teen villains and natural disasters  even traveling into outer space!  

If you want to join the team, please PM me and I will send you a fillable Character Sheet to your email and your username will be listed on this roster.

please consult the house rules below for play as we will use the  HERO system rules for creation but not necessarily for play.

Please select the heroes from this roster here on this board:

Liberty The American Girl

Prince SAGA,the Tomorrow Teen

Tempest,Son Of Maelstrom

Ms Mercury

NEON,The Living Laser

TECH KNight,Armored Palladin

The Weaponeer[Phantom GM]

Hero 6E Character Sheet.xls

Vehicles Character Sheet.xls

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