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This campaign is inspired by the Mystic superheroes,[DR STRANGE(MARVEL),DR FATE(DC)] and the Shoujo Magic girl Anime {SAILOR MOON, PRETTY CURE, TOKYO MEW MEW]

Seven Girls are chosen to battle the forces of darkness while dealing with the daily problems of teenage life. Their mission is to protect the earth from the forces of darkness that are arrayed against humanity while maintaining their cover as Magical Girls.

Setting: Medicine City[Durham], Capitolis [Raleigh], Churchill city[Chapel Hill] In the Carolinas known as the Carolina Triangle in North Carolina, the United states  in the  NEW CU

[5TH Ed Champions universe].

CAST: Dreamstar[Magistar in season 2], Moon Mystic[Madam Luna,season 2],Animalia [Lady Fauna,S2], Oceana [Aquatina season 2] Evergreen [Lady Genesis,Season 2], Sun-Spell[Solara, season 2] Logika [Wizdomia,Season 2], Dragonstar, Aquastar, Solar-star Luna-star , Leostar, Geostar, Cybistar, Lady Heart[Sterica],Solitaire, The Trismegistus Council.



Circle of the Scarlet Moon

Scarlet Moon Warriors

Tyrrannon The Conqueror

Crowns Of Krynn


Black Enchantress

COVEN Of Nightmares


Skarnn The Shaper

Queen Nightmaria

Court of Darkness

The Boggyman


Morality: Black & white/Shades of Grey

This Campaign can alternate between Black & White  and Shades Of Grey depending on the scenario being played.


Realism: Comic Book/Graphic Novel[Shoujo Manga]

The Moods Of Adventure[Comic Book], Drama & Romance[Shoujo Manga] and Comedy is included in this campaign and Horror is included when it's called for in a mystic scenario.


Setting: The Carolina Triangle located in North Carolina in the New CU. Headquartered in the  Crystal castle in Downtown Med City.





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