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    As part of its coverage of the Trump detention policy, All Things Considered consulted immigration law experts who confirmed that the regime's claim to be just following the law as written is, well, a lie. But we all knew that. One of them, in pointing out that illegal border crossing is only a misdemeanor, specifically compared it to a parking infraction. So the regime is locking people up for the equivalent of double parking. Why such fear and hatred? Jeff Sessions gave it away in one of his speeches. He explained that Zero Tolerance was necessary because the USA "Is not an idea... It is a nation-state." As I argued months ago, no it isn't. The American population does not meet the definition of a "nation." Not unless you reject a large fraction of the citizenry as not really American. So it seems pretty clear that Sessions' objection to border-crossers is not that they break the law, it's that they are brown and speak Spanish. But we all knew that, too. This regime has gone from deplorable to disgusting, and is well on its way to depraved. Dean Shomshak
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    Old Man

    2018 World Cup

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    Old Man

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    After enduring decades of Hollywood misunderstanding and screwing up superhero films, I’m still thrilled to have the MCU. And I continue to wonder at the lengths to which people will go to find something to hate about them. OMG this film had a sad ending! OMG that film had a plot hole! And someone’s costume is too dark! By any objective measure the MCU is the greatest pop culture victory for the superhero genre in at least thirty years. I intend to enjoy it while it lasts.
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    John Steed, Cathy Gale, Emma Peel, Purdey, Gambit !😉
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    Christopher R Taylor

    Module Conversions

    I have done a few module conversions on my website from AD&D (and Warhammer Quest) into Fantasy Hero. They are kind of rough but playable quick converts. I have done the following: N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God N2: The Forest Oracle N4: Treasure Hunt U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh U2: Danger at Dunwater U3: The Final Enemy G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief G2: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl B2: Keep on the Borderland I3: Pharaoh A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity I have work started on A2, I4, and G3, to continue and finish those series, but are there any other modules people would really like to see? Hint: I don't care to rebuild any of the S series.
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    Old Man

    Funny pics

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    Funny pics

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    Actually the second 18 was an EGO roll to push teleport. That 18 burned out teleport and reduced Dread to her run speed. The Acrobatics roll to dive into the ship was a failure, a 16, just not an 18. Still 18, 18, and 16 was a bad combo. Now if I had been rolling for D&D stats I'd be off to a good start.
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    Funny pics

    Stop me if you've heard this one....
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    We walked in silence for a long while, Vyago and I, and as we walked, a question grew in my mind. Eventually, I mustered the courage to voice it. "Master," I asked, "You are a great god indeed, presiding over the journeys of all beings and things across the lands and through the ages. Yet how is it that you have no temples, or worshippers, or monuments? Those we pass on the road, merely acknowledge us with a wave, if that. Should not a great god have a great religion?" "But I do," he said, with the tone of a teacher whose student has asked a stupid but profound question. "Let me explain. "I do not desire temples or walls, but doorways and bridges. "I do not desire followers or adherents, but explorers and pioneers. "I do not desire rituals or prayers, but stories and songs. "I ask not that people kneel and bow their heads, but that they stand, raise their eyes to the horizon, and walk with me. "So you see, all those who do not worship, who do not chain and imprison themselves with laws and dogmas, but who leave safety behind to chart a new path-- these are my people. If they wave as they pass, that is more than I could ask." --The Forgotten History of Vyago the Unchained Secondary Domain: Freedom
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    Happy No Importance Day America !

    I met Lady P on this date 13 years ago.
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    Old Man

    2018 World Cup

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    That is an excellent point, and it helps me decided between the two I was pondering. I shall be Gravitius, God of ORDER. "Somebody has to lay down the law."
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    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/30/minimum-wage-maximum-wage-income-inequality This will not happen in America in my remaining life time but I wish it would.
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    Lord Liaden

    Scarecrow: Need a twist

    Is literally made out of straw, or can turn himself into a "straw man." Essentially a Metamorph archetype: can bend, twist, or fold himself into various shapes and sizes; can extrude straw to stretch himself. Very hard to hurt -- nothing solid to break from a blow, and penetrating weapons just pass through. Vulnerable to fire, though.
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    Foswell Syndrome

    Foxbat (secret ID: Freddy Foswell) has the Psychological Complication "Thinks He's Living In A Comic Book (VC,Total)" and acts accordingly, so he would be kind of like Deadpool, I guess. What if this was a recognized form of dementia in a superhero universe? I've made it as such in my current Champions campaign and named it "Foswell Syndrome" in his honor.
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    Lord Liaden

    Funny pics

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    Funny pics

    They're going to renovate a school near the school where I teach. I wonder if this is how they'll knock down the science wing?
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    Old Man

    Funny pics

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    I have my theory on this... (and I'm of the mind that letting it into the open only spreads it, not drains it. The internet has done nothing if not allow the isolated and hateful to become the organized and hateful.) On "white anger"... well, generally... 1) Humans have a psychological need to position themselves and their self-worth in social hierarchies. It is part of our social evolution. 2) No matter how enlightened we try to become, when pushed, stressed, devalued, etc., the human condition is to instinctively take out our frustrations on someone perceived as lower on the social ladder. We look for someone worse off than ourselves to make ourselves feel better. 3) In America, traditionally, even the poorest, most beaten down white man could still look around and find any non-cis gendered white male to put their boot on, to reassure them of their preferred place... and that preferred place was just assumed... what is called "privilege" these days. 4) In the past, when a NCGWM advanced, gained influence, social standing, power, etc., it could all be viewed through the lens of largesse on behalf of the white male. Psychologically, white males "let" the NCGWMs have their little slice of the pie. 5) But "these days" that privilege is not only being called into question, but the NCGWMs are taking power for themselves. Obama was the big change. This was a black man with real power. No one "let him" be president... he had actual, social changing authority... not a token nod from the white man. That was too much to take, because now all the other NCGWMs were "gettin' all uppity" and expecting... gasp... actual change! So all that anger that simmered in the bellies of the white males (and those co-opted by their patriarchy... I'm looking at you, Ann Coulter, etc.) no longer has its traditional 'release'... psychologically, those white males and traditionalists can't vent their frustration and anger on the traditional "lower down the rung" targets. They have to face the truth... they are just as f***ed as everyone else that isn't the 1%... and they can't handle it. Their anger is being used, inflamed and manipulated by those in true power to keep that power, and keep it directed at the traditional targets, rather than at who deserves it. That is "what is wrong with Kansas." That is why so many people act/vote against their own interests. Pure, Machiavellian social manipulation... creating the packs of hunger dogs to be used by the Koch brothers and such to undermine social change and operational government that would threaten their oligarchy. It isn't a conspiracy... it is right out in the open... because they've learned that most people can't be sophisticated enough to really analyze and understand their predicament. They can provoked and nudged and do all the work for those in real power. The internet, like all technology over the past century, is just accelerating this exponentially. Remove the buffers of distance and time, pour on the gasoline... hell, the bastards will light the match themselves.
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    Well, Champions started out as an "indie" game, and then grew to become a major product brand (mostly thanks to I.C.E.). Post-4th edition, however, it shrunk back down to indie status, and now it is more of a community project than a legitimate, fully commercial product line, at least in my view.
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    L. Marcus

    What happened to markdoc?

    Say hello from us if you reach him!
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    Old Man

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Must we discuss Badger’s fetishes here?
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    What happened to markdoc?

    May he be happy and in good health.
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    Champions Now Information

    Well, I wish it all success, but I'll be passing. I really haven't been doing much of anything with Hero even though Champs is my favorite RPG Pretty much the only gaming I do now is with fully supported systems. And by fully supported, I mean systems that put out pre-built adventures. I only know 2 people that are running anything homebrew, and one of them is running a full on crawl. The primary reason is ee all work full time and most have family obligations. Limited free time. So I am playing in a D&D 5th league game and when I run itbis usually a GUMSHOE or Call of Cthulhu scenario. I love to run mystery/investigation games and have been working on a Supers campaign for a while. But constructing a investigatve based campaign is detail intensive. Once I complete the spine and enough side branches to a viable level, I'll decide on game system and begin plugging in Villians and stat'ing them out. But for now I really do not need yet another ruleset or yet anothet advice document. What I need in a gaming product is self contained general adventures that can played stand alone or pluged into a campaign if I ever start having enough time to actually write/run one again. Pretty much every successful RPG found in full distribution in actual stores have full lines of adventures. The local FLGS's can't keep them in stock. For me I will have to shift my attention and funds to games I will actually have a realistic expectation of playing. Ones with not just rulesets, but also a solid support in adventures/scenarios.