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    "We thought about doing field research on this question, but everyone who goes out on survey ends up being eaten by slugs, possessed by ancient gods, or both. So we just shrug our shoulders and surf the Internet during our lab days. It's, like, have your soul drained by an entity from a failed universe, or complain about the President. I know what my choice is. It could be worse, you know. They actually recruit archaeologists on suicide hotlines, now. It's unethical, but there's such a backlog of pre-human, non-Euclidean ruins waiting for rescue excavation before some developer can build a Club Med on the site that they've given up."
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    L. Marcus

    Complicate the Person Above

    Pariah spent a month as Zaphod Beeblebrox's presidential campaign manager. He got fired for not being zany enough.
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    The marvel story line worked. After ww2 the dire wraiths found earth and initiated a stealth invasion. A lot of earth is infiltrated with wraiths. It's a covert invasion by infiltration. ROM shows up on the trail of the dire wraiths, arrives and begins dealing with them. He's taken for a murdering alien death machine. The movie goes on from there.
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    Franz Joseph Haydn was the last person in the world you would think would spark a revolution. Deeply religious, patriotic, and politically conservative, he spent much of his life as the private music director/composer-in-residence for one of the richest noble families in Europe (the Esterhazy family, who owned much of modern Hungary). He lived on their country estate and for the most part didn't get to travel much until he retired, meaning he didn't get to hear what his contemporaries were doing. He would claim this "forced him to be original", and his contemporaries were definitely listening to him. When he finally got to travel, in the late 1780s, Europe embraced him and he got to see and hear some of the things he had been missing and got to meet some of the people he had only heard rumor of. He became "Papa Haydn" -- beloved mentor to classical music's greatest talents. He was almost a second father to Mozart, and tried vainly to curb the roguish tendencies of the young, brash Beethoven while his music showed them both directions they would take -- directions that would alter the way music was written and performed in fundamental ways. And he was writing his own music, and that was often transcendent. On his visit to London in 1790, he was so impressed by a performance of Handel's Messiah that he was inspired to write his own religious oratorio. He chose as his subject the Creation, taking his text from the KJV account in Genesis and Milton's Paradise Lost, and keeping the text in English (which Haydn had learned to speak fluently in his travels). If one work can be said to be the clear bridge between the height of the Classical movement and the beginning embers of what would become the Romantic, you can find it in the Creation oratorio. It's clearly Classical, even bearing some stamps of the Baroque, yet hints of the music Beethoven and his successors would write are there as well. So I've been really impressed with the Creation oratorio. I've been hard pressed to find the short segment thaty would best illustrate exactly what I had in mind to show. The best I can do is suggest anyone with that esoteric interest do a little Google exploration themselves.
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    L. Marcus

    More space news!

    ... That is irate. An irate ingrate irradiated tardigrade kaiju.
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    Well, "Root" didn't make it to Champions Complete so I'd have to check earlier editions. However since its effects are to give you a STR bonus to resisting Shove and KB, which is both passive and something anyone can do, the "normal" version would just be having STR and using it to resist the push. Oh, and while looking that up I spotted "Guarding Areas" on CC p156, which directly deals with the OP's question. You can hold an action and declare you're "guarding" a 2m radius area, allowing you to attack anyone who enters it (and they're ½ DCV unless they moved in the area to directly arrack the Guarding character).
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    Last I knew (5th) there was no standard Root maneuver but rules to make such a maneuver into a Standard one. You used the maneuver build rules and make the skill 0-1 pts.
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    More space news!

    As the article notes, the probe would be moving so fast that the crash would create an explosion of nuclear intensity. Nothing could survive that! (Except maybe a cosmically-irradiated tardigrade-turned kaiju.) Dean Shomshak
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    Longest Running Thread EVER

    You must like biochem the same as I liked tax law.
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    Technically if the character is blocking the only way through, such as a doorway, I would allow Root the martial maneuver. If the person is allowed to run around the person, cover may be best. It really depends on the environment and situation.
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    Ninja Hero had a Tackle maneuver (built for the Football style). Sacrifice Throw also seems appropriate here.
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    Make Your Own Motivational Poster

    Ah, Susan...
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    In other news...

    Man obsessed with Cranes gets Crane honor guard from crane hire company I'm not crying, you're crying.
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    More space news!

    A Zombie Star (original posted on teh other news Thread): http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-41916738
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    Lord Liaden

    Cool Guns for your Games

    This seems like something appropriate to transcribe to this thread, since a lot of forumites don't check out the news on the website home page. New Product: Gun Fu PDF What is Gun Fu? Simply put, Gun Fu is the art of the gun — the ability to use firearms with sublime grace and deadly skill in combat. A practitioner of Gun Fu is typically known as a gunman, or if he’s considered a master of the style, a shootist. This 25 page Hero System supplement by famed Dark Champions author Steve Long contains all the Abilities, Charts, and information you will need to make your characters a master of the firing arts!
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    Funny pics

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    Funny pics

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    Playing the PF card game. My character encounters a ... daunting (aka virtually impossible), but crucial for success, check. People start scrambling to give me help ... then I announce my rarely-used ability to simply evade anything. "Pour some milk over a nice bowl of Honey Bunches of NOPE."
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    Dropping an item mid move

    As I think more about this, I think Strafe should always be used, regardless of circumstances, if the character cares (in any way) about the end location of whatever is dropped. Why? Because the character's own effort and velocity/movement has to be accounted for when dropping something on the run with an end location in mind -- regardless of whether that end location is the hole on a green and the dropped item is a golf ball ... or it's a target hex for a grenade whose AoE Explosion is intended to encompass one or more targets. i.e. A To Hit roll is appropriate in either case ... as would be the penalties for trying to hit either target while on the run (which is what Strafe's penalties represent). Now if the character is dropping the item just to have it off his/her person (i.e. "Get it off me!") ... without (any) regard (whatsoever) for where the dropped item comes to rest ... then I think there's no need for Strafe.
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    Dropping an item mid move

    I wonder if the example object (a grenade) is throwing off our assessment? I mean, what if he had asked about dropping a set of car keys mid-move? In the case of a grenade, if the grenade is intended to explode on the same Phase that it is dropped (no different than a grenade intended to explode on the same Phase it is thrown), then I'd probably tell the player that it will go off while he is still in that hex, taking damage and ending his move (aside from any knockback that might result). But if the grenade isn't armed (or is on a Time Delay) then it is just being dropped like any mundane small object, and I'd call it a zero-phase action that occurs during the move. Precision here is just "somewhere in the hex I was in," and if you want to really get prickly about it you could roll for bounce and scatter. On the other hand, if the player is trying to drop a golf ball into the hole on a green as he moves past it, then I'd call it a 0-hex range Strafe attack.
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    Dropping an item mid move

    Technically, but you could use Strafe or Snapshot even within the strictest interpretation of the rules. If it's not an aimed shot, I'd probably be fine to allow it as a non-attack zero phase action. But it would also depend on the actual power, setting and situation. i.e. Case 1: Sergeant First has primed a normal equipment (not bought as powers) pineapple grenade but not thrown it yet. A German soldier pops around the corner and starts shooting - Sarge drops his primed grenade and dives for cover into a nearby trench. I'd allow a zero phase action to drop the bomb, as part of aborting to Dive For Cover. The grenade will explode 5 segments later. Of course, the German solider may have moved away or the grenade may roll or bounce, so Sarge just has to hope for the best. Case 2: Gadget Girl has an array of special effect grenades, built as Flash, Smoke and what have you. All are built to take effect immediately (no timers or delayed effects). Since dropping one at her own location is just her choice of target spot, it's a normal attack action. Strafe will allow her to do this while making a full move, though.
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    Christopher R Taylor

    STAR TREK: Discovery

    Why the original series worked: 1) Great cast of character actors and lesser-known, but highly talented regulars 2) Memorable, strong characters built around archetypes (the ethnic curmudgeon guy in the engine room, the stoic, intellectual scientist, the country doctor, etc) 3) The show was a series of vignettes meant to be individual stories about sci fi thought pieces; Twilight Zone in space 4) The technology was only advanced enough to seem futuristic, rather than magical and able to solve every problem with just SCIENCE! 5) Written by skilled, qualified sci fi authors interested in writing science fiction rather than a TV show 6) No compulsion to be a continuing single story, instead continuing characters and relationships
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    The cranky thread

    A friend of mine drove me over to the veterinarian so that I could be with one of my cats one last time. I got Puuduu from a local no-kill animal shelter back in 2001, and she has been a loyal friend and constant companion through everything that I've gone through in that time. I had been dreading something like this, and it had been at the back of my mind for a while, that my time with her would be coming to an end sooner rather than later. My vacation last week had her in my lap quite a bit, though I had started to notice that she was becoming hesitant when contemplating jumping up on the chair or the bed. I couldn't really say that she had been off her food, but she had been drinking a little bit more water lately. This morning, she didn't greet me when my alarm went off, and I found her laying in the hall outside my door, obviously in some sort of pain. I put out food and water, and while getting ready for work, I noticed that she had made it almost to the bowl, but was laying down in the dining room. I started to assume the worst, and began to get ready so that I could take her in. I found her back in the hallway, outside my bedroom door, and I picked her up and put her on the bed. She cried a bit from pain, and seemed to favor a back leg, but settled down next to my other cat while I called my boss to explain that I'd be in late. There was no real fight from her when I put her in the carrier. The vet listened to me rattle off a variety if issues that it could be, and then he said that they'd be running some x-rays and blood tests, and that they'd call me in the afternoon. I went off to work, and ended up talking a while with my boss. The phone call never came to my cell phone, and I figured that there'd be a call on the home phone. There was a very brief call, basically the vet leaving me the office number and then hanging up. I called in, and was given the news. Severe arthritis, which was pretty much in every joint, with a quiet comment that cats don't generally respond as well to treatment as dogs. Dumping sugar in the urine, and some extra glucose in the blood, so she was diabetic, or nearly so. It could be treated with insulin daily. I don't think that I said anything for a while, and then finally managed to choke out that I probably wouldn't be able to administer it in any reliable way--I couldn't even keep her claws trimmed, and certainly didn't believe that she'd put up with the shots. The vet didn't really sound surprised. He asked me if I needed time to think about it, and I agreed to call him back. I called a good friend, and had a discussion, and we both agreed that she shouldn't suffer anymore. I called the doctor back, and explained it, and said that we would be in to say goodbye. They brought her out, and we both spent time petting her. After a while, the vet came in, and administered the first shot, which was just to relax her. We continued to pet her, and it was only after a while that we realized that she was already gone, that rat-a-tat purr had been heard for the last time. The house is a little quieter now, and I hugged my cat, Smudgen, and we sat together for a while while I started to write this. I know that she's missing Puuduu, and she even begged treats for her when I got home after work. They are still in Puuduu's bowl, uneaten, but checked occasionally when she goes by. It's going to be like that for a while around here, I know. The melancholy mixed with memories of happier times.