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    New Series--The Orville

    Not untrue, but I don't really see anything on TV or in the theater these days that I cannot point to a show in the last 70 odd years and say the same. Or read a book for that matter without having read an older book that has already done it. I have boarded the bus where being original is no longer a prerequisite, but rather how they tell the tale. I really get a kick out of watching the younger crowds face when I dredge up the original of a "new cool show" and they realize the "genius" movie maker really just remade an old movie/show with better technology.
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    Funny pics

    I woke up to two feet of snow outside!
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    There may well be some Trump supporters who see that as a feature, not a bug.
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    Except not nearly as pretty as 300.
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    Yeah, I've heard a lot of speculation about whether DC/WB shot themselves in the foot by leaving Superman out of all the trailers. I don't know how open a secret that was outside of geek circles, so I don't know how many more people might've gone if they'd known Supes was in it, let alone whether or not he was "the real Supes." To me, the trailer just screamed more of the same Suicide-Squad-meets-300. If that's not fair to the movie (and it sounds like maybe it wasn't), they have no one to blame but themselves. Edit: We can't even blame Snyder for the trailer; that's all on the studio.
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    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    These are the guys at my backyard feeder, and that's their song.
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    Maybe trailers showing Superman actually acting like Superman may have helped. All I saw leading up to the movies release was lots'o'explosions. While I am 100% on board with Wonder Woman movies. The rest of the more recent models of Bats and Supes were well into the meh to blek range for me. At this point, if they want me to slap down $20+ to go to the theater, the preview will need to SCREAM Superman. Not Dead Beat Dad or Casual Killer or Angstman....
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    New Series--The Orville

    Possibly because the main plot was taken directly from this Voyager episode. I would agree that after Kelly did one of the dumbest things in the history of dumb, that Ed's handling of the affair was very "Kirk-like" (I'm James T. Kirk! I'm right! Orders be damned!). For my part, despite nearly every episode directly plagiarizing old ST episodes and some unbelievably stupid moves on the part of the crew, I am growing attached to most of the characters and they keep me coming back.
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    I actually felt the whole opening where the world is mourning his death did more in 10 minutes of real Superman, then the other 2 movies combined. I really believe Joss probably put that part together. I know, from something I read, that he did the interview in the opening, because Cavil had grown a mustache for another movie, so they digitally removed it for the scene, which looked odd. I can see Snyder in this, but I really think Joss tweaked stuff in editing, besides reshooting.
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    New Series--The Orville

    I thought the episode was very well done and enjoyed it. Only thing that got me was that little girl had the best memory for faces, bodies and clothing of anyone I have ever met. Then, she must have grown up to be an artist who could recreate said image perfectly, to the point that the lady coming out of the house with the baby recognized Kelly immediately.
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    I try to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol every year. I love that version and I think Michael Caine is tremendous as Scrooge. And I know it is weird, but I cry every time Robin as Tiny Tim dies. Just something about a grieving Kermit and Miss Piggy...
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    That's exactly what I mean. Vast improvement over whatever the Hell that was before.
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    By solid do you mean actual Superman? We haven't seen even an attempt at the character all through MoS to BvS. Heck we even had whimpering Angstman. Have they read any of the comics this time? Just asking....
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    New Series--The Orville

    See Star Trek Deep Space Nine "Little Green Men" for the answer to your question.
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    College Football 2017-2018

    Army West Point just won the Commander in Chief's trophy for the first time in more than 20 years. It's nice to see them playing well. They've been in the shadow of Air Force and especially Navy for a long, long time. Meanwhile, little old Weber State (often known out here as 'Just Weber') just completed their most successful season in school history. They advanced to the FCS quarterfinals, where they lost to number 1 James Madison by a field goal as time expired. They finished the season 11-3, and on the heels of down years by BYU, Utah, and Utah State, had easily the best season of any team in the state this year.
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    Training Mundane Animals

    Well, except that's not what the player wants the bird for...
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    Blockbuster, the Glam Rock superman. Hulk-like brick dressed like a 70's glam rocker - Thinking Noddy, Brian Connolly or Marc Bolan - glittering victorian parody of a costume with a rainbow cloak, platform shoes and a Tophat.
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    Until the JL movie, Henry Cavill based his portrayal of Superman on Droopy the Dog.
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    Alita: Battle Angel

    it's the first trailer. I remember of what the Hulk looked like in early trailers. I suspect the look will be finessed a bit by the time the movie is released
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    https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/11/04/jeff-sessions-once-again-hints-that-a-marijuana-cr.aspx Republicans absolutely big gubmint, as long as it's forcing conservative values on people. "State's rights" is conservative dog whistle for allowing red states to ignore civil rights laws and pass laws targeting minorities and women. As soon as a state passes a law conservatives don't like they want to roll out the federal government steamroller.
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    Christopher R Taylor


    An easy way to do it is duplication, with the default form being the duplicates, and bought at lower power level than the merged form. Throw some limitations on it like "can only merge limited times/duration per day" and have the duplicates be different and you get the basic effect. Another is for the GM to let players build a gestalt character that they can combine into for special occasions or in certain circumstances.
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    There have been some pretty broken rulings on hand attack and martial arts in 5th edition. They may have been changed later, but certainly for a while there were ways to get Advantages for free on your Strength without prorating it. If I remember correctly, you could take an Advantaged Hand Attack, and add up to the same number of dice as you have Strength (Str equal to the base cost of the HA). So, say you had a 5D6 Hand Attack (25 base cost), Penetrating (+1/2), Autofire x5 (+1/2). You could add up to 25 points of Str to it and get a 10D6 Hand Attack, Penetrating Autofire x5. This was in 5th ed Ultimate Martial Artist, I think. (just looked it up) Yup. And in the 5EDr book too, page 408. You don't prorate when you're using an Advantaged HA. And martial maneuvers add DCs without regard to Advantages either. So... to get your "badass martial artist guy", you'd want: 15 Str +3D6 HA, Penetrating, Autofire x5 Martial Strike +4 DCs That'll give you a 12D6 Autofire 5, Penetrating punch. It's completely book legal. Later they changed things so you prorate Advantages, but not in 5th. Not on Hand Attack.
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    Retro Styled Campaign

    How about a 1940s campaign that is played as if it's a 1970s TV show?