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    Nighthawk for 6th edition?

    My take: Nighthawk retired after getting his butt kicked by Seeker.
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    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Maybe this comic can sum up the discussion about Star Wars 8 best: http://leasticoulddo.com/comic/20180102
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    Traveller, anyone?

    In the beginning of the computer industry the computer was a big massive computer. If you needed to do something on it you would often use a terminal and do what you needed. The terminals had almost no power themselves and all they did was allow access to the mainframe. When the PC came around all that changed. Now you had a computer on your desk and it was able to do everything that the mainframe did. This led to the mainframe computer being less important. Sure it was still used for things that were too complex for the PC, but most of the work was done on the PC. The only problem was that you could not share your data with other users. The solution to this was to develop networks. Now you could share your data with other users. The first networks where peer to peer without any real control over the data. This led to the idea of the server that controls the network and handles the data sharing and security for the network. As the servers grew more powerful they started taking back some of the function from the PC. Now more of the programs where running on the server instead of the PC. Client servers program became the norm for most business. Even today the computer systems that run things still take up rooms. The only difference is that instead of a single computer they now use multiple servers. Even a small technology company of say a hundred employees will probably have a server room. Now when an employee needs to access the data it is all on the network. If they are remoting in they use a VPN or virtualization. Virtualization has now become the dominant networking strategy. Now you can setup a virtual machine for a user and load it with all the programs he needs and he can simply remote into the server and log into the virtual machine. So when an engineer needs a new system all the IT department has to do is to create a virtual machine for him and assign him however much resources he needs. The point is that in the computer industry we started with a centrally controlled system handling everything. From there we developed individual machines that made the central system obsolete. Now we are pretty much back where we originally started. Sure we have more sophisticated ways to do things, but we are essentially doing the same things we did years ago. Anyone who thinks that technology never goes back to the old ways really does not understand technology.
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    Mister E

    Emotion vampirism ?

    If you can sustain yourself on something other than food that is a form of Life Support. If feeding on emotions is meant to exactly replace feeding on food, no points. Compare to toggling from breathing air to breathing water.
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    Old Man

    More space news!

    Saw the supermoon rise last night, briefly, before the change overcame me and the hunt began.
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    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Star Wars was so good because the screenplay had been perfected over the course of many years, with input from esteemed peers (like Coppola). The prequel screenplays were garbage because they were typically pumped out over the course of a couple of weeks, while pre-production crews sat around twiddling their thumbs, and nobody was willing to stand up and tell Lucas his first (and only) drafts needed significant work.
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    Too hot to touch

    I'd just call it a disarm maneuver and leave the "too hot to touch" up to special effects. You're just wanting to disarm them, not do anything else crazy. No need to reinvent the wheel. Maybe put a limitation on it, "not vs lots of ED" or something like that.
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    martial maneuver flying tackle. 3pts Flying Tackle +0 OCV, -1 DCV, STR+v/10, Strike, You Fall, Target Falls, FMove
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    The Last Word

    I was squandering XPs on INT and useless KS's back in my teens.
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    There won't be room on the cards for human figures, attractive or otherwise. Just lots of text. The stretch goals will include a second "booster" deck filled with more Ability cards, and possibly a Dark Champions deck. We'll see how it goes. If the project does well, I'll think about a Fantasy Hero Deck KS. Jason Walters, Publisher
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    Wonder Woman

    The decision to set her movie in World War One instead of World War Two was based on Batman v. Superman not wanting anyone to know about her existing before the Man of Steel existed. Plus it would be hard to blame Ares for Hitler.
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    Wonder Woman

    It was a good way to visually represent the contrast between the bright, vivid optimism of the Amazons with the cold, harsh, dreary reality of WWI. The use of the cold palette when in Europe was not a Snyder-ism, it was integral to the visual narrative, and quite effective if you ask me.
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    Yep. One of my favorite bits from Agents of SHIELD. And given the ongoing animosity between Montgomery International and the Aquans (the latter group having killed crewmen and sunk ships belonging to the former), I can see Randall Montgomery asking his people to come up with a name to match the acronym NEREID, especially since he can be assured Nereid and the Aquans would already make a move against any aquatic research facility that MI operates. Hey, at least it's (slightly) less obvious than Total Research Aquatic Project (TRAP).
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    Matt the Bruins

    Wonder Woman

    Given the vast return-on-investment and critical praise of her solo movie and the estimated $500 million-1 billion in Wonder Woman merchandise that's sold since opening night, this version of Wonder Woman is the ONLY part of the DCEU that I'm sure has much of a future.
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    Traveller, anyone?

    And you're doing *exactly* what you accuse the creator of Traveller of doing--assuming that how things are today (effectively instantaneous communication, much slower physical travel) is how it MUST be in the future. I already posted about two possible methods of FTL travel, neither of which would be useful for FTL communication. Lightspeed communication works great for effectively instantaneous communication on a single planet. Pulling even the moon into that web would involve perceptible lags. Communication between planets takes even longer. Realtime conversations are no longer possible. They're even less possible across interstellar distances. Your assumption that if/when FTL travel is invented it will *necessarily* also include even faster (effectively instantaneous) communication is just that. An assumption. "Communication today is faster than travel, therefore, any increase in travel speed in the future MUST also be accompanied by an EVEN GREATER increase in communication speed." You're free to make whatever assumptions you like, as are we all, but to claim that yours is the only correct (or even plausible) one is foolish.
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    Traveller, anyone?

    [sarcasm on] But not faster!. That's in inviolable rule. Travel can't be faster than communication. That doesn't feel like the future, that's lazy and unimaginative. So never have Travel that outpaces communication. [/sarcasm off] Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says, yes, Lucius is taking a potshot again. zslane is just so potshootable it's hard to resist.
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    Funny pics

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    Funny pics

    I posted that previously*, still funny. *http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/89987-marvel-cinematic-universe-phase-three-announced/?do=findComment&comment=2627540
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    Traveller, anyone?

    Dare I say that it's just as anachronistic to assume that modern planetary travel and communications is a good model for interstellar travel and communications? Science Fiction (especially adventure Science Fiction) is notoriously bad at prediction, which is not its function anyway. It's there to entertain, but should be true to its assumptions and fictions.
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    Traveller, anyone?

    You're right. I shouldn't be taking potshots like that. Lucius Alexander I should let a palindromedary do it.
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    In other news...

    Iranian protesters are burning Muslim seminaries and calling for the overthrow of the Islamic regime. That seems...kind of significant.
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    Old Man

    I challenge you!

    Namorita is hotter. George Michael "Freedom" vs. David Bowie "We Could Be Heroes"
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    I used to tell people who asked what I want for Christmas that I don't need anything, just get me a pizza. Now we make one from scratch every year because my wife understands me. Merry Christmas!
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    A Thread for Random Movie Lines

    I do not like the Cone of Shame.