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    Christopher R Taylor

    Campaign Prompts

    I was going through some of my old paper work, cleaning my room and found a sheet of Champions Campaign ideas from years ago, ways of starting up and structuring a new Champions game. So I figured it might be handy for GMs in coming up with a new fresh game from the start. Sometimes its tough to come up with a good reason the party is a team rather than a bunch of individuals who work together for no reason other that "its a game!" PCs are part of an official state task force, drawn from various official sources (law enforcement, emergency services, military, etc) PCs are all children of a powerful father or mother, related (like the Blood) and either coordinated by the parent or drawn together to oppose them A dying alien/extradimensional creature with extraordinary powers grants them to the PCs so they can work to fight against its people or its sibling, etc (Power Pack) PCs waken in an underground laboratory with no memories of their past and no idea how they got their powers. The laboratory is functioning at emergency power level and deserted save for the PCs. They come out of the lab into a post-apocalyptic world and have to find out who they are, what happened, and how to survive and fight to protect others (Next Men, kinda) Ordinary people -- maybe even play yourself as a PC -- who gain the ability through some device to leap into another dimension where they gain superpowers. The person who stays behind is the GM for that session and their character isn't in the game. PCs are members of a superhero team that split off over a disagreement over tactics, approach, membership, etc. Rivalry and even conflict with the old team, but has some contacts and even a base PCs are people who are terminally ill and diseased, then given an extremely experimental, dangerous treatment which gave them powers. Is the doctor evil (even Dr Destroyer?), is it a good guy who acts as the team elder and teacher, dies from an attack? PCs are recruits for an old superhero team that is retiring, and looking for replacement members. PCs are brought together by being captured by a powerful bad guy or team of bad guys, to keep them from interfering with the villain activities in the city, have to escape and are bonded together through the experience PCs are kids with newly emerging superpowers who are collected to a school where they learn to control their powers (New Mutants) PCs are brought together by a powerful benefactor who is trying to make up for his past evil deeds, and to fight against his former allies (EDIT add): PCs are police recruits at the academy who reveal powers and are placed on a special cop team for the city. Probably low powered characters
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    I only learned of this recently, but it makes perfect sense now. "I've come up with a set of rules that describe our reactions to technologies: 1. Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works. 2. Anything that's invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it. 3. Anything invented after you're thirty-five is against the natural order of things." Douglas Adams And I think we can expand that to any change, including laws, the emergence of supers, etc.
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    Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

    Idea: take 4 groups of refugees that have survived their home planets being destroyed. We have Kryptonians, Asgardians*, Zenn-La-ians, and ThunderCats. Each group heard that the Destiny had a solution to bring their planets back. But it is not without a cost. The heroes awoke on the Destiny after being in cryogenic sleep that healed them. The outside atmosphere is toxic. Each group has the same mission, to find Genesis Device & DNA Sequencer that when used together** potentially can bring planets back. The problem for the heroes? It can be used once (or so they think). To add to the complications, are Dr Victor Von Doom, Maker (Evil Reed Richards), High Evolutionary, and Magus (the messianic evil side of Adam Warlock). What's going to happen? Can our heroes work together. *This is straight after the events of Thor Ragnarok film. Loki found Sif, or Sif found Loki. **How? Revealed tomorrow.
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    Thanks for bumping this, GMGM-- I never knew this thread existed, or I might have made a more "formal" return to the boards (I tend to come and go as 'real life' demands increase or relax). So here we go: How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? I almost wish I used my actual name, like so many others, just so I could reply with "My parents picked it out." I wasn't clever enough to invent a code or thematically-minded enough to do the clever thing and use a favorite character's name, though I really wished I had after seeing so many people doing it!). My name actually is Duke, like every third bird dog around these parts. The Bushido part comes from what I'd like to say is a really long story so let's skip it, but the fact is it's not a too-terribly long story, I'm just tired of telling it. Suffice it to say that owing to a vast number of opinions my friends have held of me, combined with the conversations held while we consoled a (then) recently-divorced and (possibly still) drunken comrade, I got tagged with then name "Bushido." It came and went, depending on how amusing it was for them to toss it out. A few years later, we're playing Boot Hill, fairly straight to the genre. As the campaign concludes, the GM pitches ideas for a new one, stating he'd like to do something a bit more cinematic, over-the-top-- something quirky, but still Western. I figured this was yet _another_ chance for me to pitch HERO at them (well, it was still Champions then), and they were curious enough to bite this time. So I introduced one group of three to our Champions group of four and pitched the idea to my then-GM (Jim), who loved it. My Boot Hill compatriots, though, needed convincing. How would changing systems make the game any different? "Well," I began, you can just go nuts: you can make _anything_ you want, so long as it's cool with Jim. You want a different old west? You could make a samurai gunman!" to which someone instantly quipped: "Yeah! And you could call him Duke Bushido!" And that was the end of that. "Bushido" had occasional comedic properties. But that one quip.... Well, "Duke Bushido" stuck, and it stuck real good.... So good, that the avatar on my posts was made by a friend some years later. I no longer have the original large image, but it's something of a merger of a stylized Japanese flag and a sunrise over a western clay desert, with a figure dressed in what appears to be jeans, a buckskin jacket, and a cowboy hat, holding a drawn katana. That's one of my bikes in the background (I still have that one, actually. I really like it). Now you know. Well, enough, anyway. What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Like so many other people, I started at some point in the mid-seventies. I can't tell you which was first, though. I can tell you it was either Traveller or D&D, as we did both pretty heavily. (The only way to know for certain would be to look up which came out first, but honestly, it doesn't matter to me enough to do it: who cares when a memory was made, so long as you get to keep it?). We did both back and forth. Not being a Tolkien guy and _really_ not liking the way D&D worked, I was always happiest with Traveller games. We tried other games as they caught our eyes and wallets, and fortunately, did not stick with D&D too long after some real variety started to pop up. What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Metamorphosis Alpha. I had to actually _buy_ it, but I was willing to do _anything_ to give D&D a smaller slot in our rotation. Terrible game, by the way; I don't get the nostalgia associated with it. Sure, it was pretty much D&D, mechanics-wise, but at least there wasn't any Tolkien in it. Tried Gamma World when it came out, but it was straight-up Dungeons and Mutants; couldn't even pretend otherwise. Stumbled across Daredevils and had a great time running that. Bought a boxed set of Champions 2e (my GM picked up 1e when it hit the shelves, but the game store never got another one), which my GM devoured and we promptly upgraded. When he was ready to split GM responsibilities, I became a Champions GM, but even then, I didn't consider myself one: I was just helping Jim, ya know? I _loved_ the system Champions was using, and it wasn't too long before we were using it for Daredevils and made a stab at Traveller. I didn't _dislike_ supers as a genre; I just didn't have a lot of appreciation for it. I mean, it's easy to be a brave hero when you're bullet-proof, right? And there were no comic books in my childhood, nor televised cartoons (you'd need to have had a TV, which would have been useless without electricity). Besides, Sci-Fi was my addiction at that time, and we were all familiar with Traveller, even though we hadn't played it in a couple of years at that point.' The Traveller HERO failure wasn't the system; by that point, it was just the wrong setting / theme for our group of players (which by then had swollen to nine players, hence Jim needing some relief). Best of all, though, it proved our theory that Champions was universal! Found a boxed set of Justice Inc, noticed the HERO Games tag, and immediately thought "They know it, too!" From that point on, any game I like enough to start an actual campaign in found it's guts replaced with the Champions drive train. And while it's not relevant, I'd like to add, specifically to you Super Hero fans, that I have, in the last few years, developed an appreciation for the genre. You can blame my kids for that. They got into super heroes, and I'm into spending time with them. Supers make more sense, looking at them through the kid's eyes. What are you currently playing/GMing? Everything is on HERO guts, regardless of genre. Mostly it's 2e, modified with a few things from 4e, and a ruling or two-- a couple of Power Modifiers, anyway-- from 5e. I am currently running a Supers game for some kids that I've been referring to as "my youth group." I also run space opera weekly-- or, _mostly_ weekly, on the far end of ninety miles from here. Once a month, I play in an occult-themed thriller, but that's about to wind down, freeing me up a bit of time. And that's it. That's the overly-informative basics.
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    First off, I did not write this. KA wrote this many moons ago and published it in a thread right here on this forum. The problem is I doubt I could find it after all these years. However, as I recognized the wisdom he was bestowing on us all, I saved it to my hard drive. I now pass it on to all of you here today. Building a Campaign for Newbies by KA I am basing this on the problems I have had over the years introducing new players to Champions, and some of the solutions that seem to work. They may not work for you, but here they are. 1) Start with comics. If you don't own, and don't want to buy, the kind of comics you hope to recreate in your campaign, check your local library, or the 25 cent bin at the local comics store. Find things that very closely match the kind of world you want to have. (See below for suggestions on that) Insist that the players do their "homework" by reading at least some of these before you even begin to create characters. You will save yourself endless frustration if you and the players are on the same page before you get going. 2) Plan a day with each player to create their character, individually, in private, and run through at least a simple scenario. One player at a time. This will give you much more of a chance to get the player "into" their character. They will also be able to try out powers and see what they do, try out skills etc. My advice would be to come up with a scenario that allows for multiple solutions. A bank robbery with one or two hostages. A kidnapping. Gathering intelligence on a Viper base. You can run each character through the same thing, since you will be doing it one player at a time. This will give them a good idea of what their character can do, and what they might want to change. Be sure to let them know that this is a "simulation" or something, that doesn't count in the actual campaign. The easiest way to kill a new campaign is to have a bunch of players who don't know who their character is supposed to be and what he can do. They all just wander about, either killing everything they meet or doing nothing at all. Or the one "alpha male" Player starts bossing everyone around, and all the rest of the pack establish a pattern of just doing what they are told and never making any decisions. If you let each player get the feel of their character first, without the other players around, they will act more like the teams in the comics do. 3) No matter where you want your campaign to eventually end up, I would try to start out fairly close to Silver Age. Why? Well for one thing, it is not hard to darken a campaign as you go along. The players can find out that Police are corrupt, Friends can't always be trusted, etc. But it is almost impossible to lighten one. Players that aren't used to the Superheroic Genre will often act like they are The Punisher with a better gun. They will see no reason not to just kill anyone who gets in their way. Which means you will quickly have The Authority on your hands. The characters will have done things that no society would accept in the name of "right". The society will react by attempts to capture, incarcerate, or kill the characters, in turn feeding their anger and paranoia, and you will quickly end up in a showdown where the characters will either rule the Earth or be buried under it. You need to let the players get the feel of being Heroes. Give them the chance to actually do some good. Don't taint every victory with some sort of negative side effect. Some campaigns seem to run on the theory that "No good deed goes unpunished." GM: "You know that little girl you rescued from the fire last week? She was actually the clone of Hitler's mother. A neo-Nazi group is going to rapidly age her into a teenager and create a Fourth Reich of genetically enhanced Hitler clones that release hard radiation out of their testicles. Even if you kill all the Radioactive Hitlers, millions of people are going to develop cancer just because they were using the subways to travel around and everything is contaminated." Even if you don't want things to be clean and perky all the time, allow the players to actually help some people and accomplish something in the beginning. For instance, you could have UNTIL gradually become corrupt and/or anti-metahuman over the course of the campaign, due to internal problems, outside influence, etc. rather than having the players start in a world where basically everything was against them. Heroes struggling to do the right thing in an imperfect world, is a lot more interesting than cynical jaded beings with powers, doing morally neutral things, in a cynical jaded world. But if the players start out feeling like "everyone is against them" they will quickly descend into a Rusty Iron Age mentality. "Who cares what we do? Everyone hates us anyway. Let's go steal some weapons from UNTIL and start blowing things up." 4) I would start out with the idea that the team is already formed. Let the players know that they are building a Team Member, not an Individual Hero. You can come up with the background for how and why the team formed after you know who the characters are, but make sure that the players know they are part of a team. For some reason perfectly reasonable people can be utter bastards when it comes to this topic. It is just like the old sitcoms where someone who has never acted before gets a bit part in a movie, and is suddenly demanding to know "What's my motivation?" "You're at an ice-cream stand. You walk up, and say 'Give me a vanilla cone.' How much motivation do you need? You just want an ice cream!" "But why do I want the ice cream? Am I trying to recapture the innocence of my childhood? Do I have an eating disorder? Do I have an oral fixation? Is the ice cream symbolic of the ever-changing state of man's existence?" I have read stories here on the boards of GM's who were never able to get their team together. The players just kept coming up with crap like: "Well, sure, I hear the Police sirens, but why would I follow them? Those things go off all the time. It could just be a car theft or something. I am going to stay where I am and see if the bus station comes under attack by aliens. After all, my character does have Xenophobia as a Psych Lim!" "Why would I tell this person how to contact me? I don't know them. What if it's some kind of trick? They could be an enemy trying to discover my Secret ID. I am going to wait until they are distracted, and then fly into orbit. Then I will follow a random untraceable path to the Paranoia Cave and activate all the defense systems. After that, I am not coming out for six weeks. That way they can't find me." You are much better off just telling the players how the team got to be a team and going from there. If you start up another campaign with these players some day, then you may want to roleplay it out, but with a bunch of newbies, it can be like herding cats. 5) The Inevitable "Loner" Anyone who, during the creation process, starts down the "moody psychotic loner" path, should be asked: a) Why is your character on this team? What does it mean to him? Since he hates all authority figures and won't work with anyone, what in his personality is so overwhelming that he puts up with being on a team? Why did he join in the first place? Expect this to come up in play, often. When your character wants to stalk off into the night, there should be a hook that pulls him back before he is out the door. What is it? Because I am not going to run an individual campaign for you while everyone else sits around and stares at the wall for three hours. You can have that "type" of personality, but there must be a strong reason why, even though you don't like it, you stay with the team and follow orders. Otherwise, come up with a concept that is more of a team player. b) Why would the other team members put up with you? If you are such a foul-tempered, uncontrollable, individualist, why would rational people with powers of their own put up with your crap? Are you just crusty on the outside, with a "heart of gold"? Do you bravely throw your body in the way of attacks that might kill other team members? Are you the guy who "will not leave a team-mate behind" even if you die in the rescue attempt? Why weren't you kicked off the team the first time you opened your mouth? The other players aren't going to come up with reasons to put up with you, you have to come up with reasons you are worth putting up with, and then make sure you live up to them! Anyway, hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    Looks solid. I'd personally also mention that a Champions character starts strong and gets minor improvements whereas as D&D character generally starts weak and gets significant improvements. What you start with matters, since you'll be using it for the character's lifespan. This is also a significant part of why a Champions character takes longer to make: It's like starting at high level. I'd also suggest setting up your tone. If you're going Silver Age, things like "Fights aren't to the death. Killing people is bad and wrong and not heroic. Heroes knock the villain out and arrest them, not shoot them and dump their body at the police office." in the introductory document can go a long way towards establishing the tone you want. There's a bunch of takes on superhero out there, the last thing you want is somebody bringing The Gunisher to your idealistic Justice League-esq game.
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    Well since some folks seemed interested, I will be starting a Space Campaign, upon the completion of the current, Saturday morning Pathfinder game. I thought I would give the GM a break. I presented three options , and the one that got the most strong positive reaction was the high concept of, “Kind of like the Expanse, no FTL, no Aliens, takes place in the Solar system.” (The other ones were, a Flintlocks and Magic FH game of Continental exploration, and Colonization, and Pulp 1920’s taking place in the Far East). What I am hoping to build is a plausible extrapolation of future trends, based on an old Analog article about historical cycles (measured against the Idea of Asimov’s Psychohistory). And a little bit of Strauss & Howe’s “Generations”. The Background is a Solar System in the middle of a “Gold Rush”, where folks are looking to make their claim, and new large corporations mine the Jovian moons and larger asteroids for elements to be fabricated in orbital facility, Where the first O’Niel cyphers have just been completed, and are being set up as farms, to feed a hungry Solar System, where Robots are as smart as a Dog, but have been made to perform many many tasks. The singularity has not occurred yet, but Genetic engineering is common. The downside is that Earth is as fragmented as much as it is now, if not more so. The U.S. and China had a war, and the first meteoriodal weapons were used. There is no world government, and even the US has fragmented following the war, and the only reason the follow states are a factor, is because of the Space billionaires, and a generous legal and financial climate. Space itself is lawless, and enforcement of rules only to as far as Station Security can shoot. Most stations have a closed intranet, because of early war cyber hacking killed lots of peoples. Most people subscribe to the saying, “Keep your politics on Earth (or Mars, or any other moon)”, but people will be people, especially the ones who have an axe to grind. The Earth is Disunited, Mars, it it’s own country, and those moons without sizable populations are property of some company or other. Even small asteroids, smaller than the ship that claimed it, can be property, to be resold, or melted and reformed into some utopian commune, avoided by people that prefer to interact with others that shower. Said communes, micro colonies, company stations, lonely research outpost, and independent homesteads on Mars, are all out there, pursuing their own interest, as do the shadows of various Earthside organizations, looking to raise funds, influence alliances, or attack opponents in this lawless frontier. If if this sounds interesting, I could use a bit of help from folks here, as I am math-tarred, and am not as up to speed on the mechanics and physics as I used to be. I would gladly listen to interesting ideas for NPCs, Small Organizations, and neat science ideas to exploit. The tone of the campaign is gritty, but somewhat optimistic, if you aren’t on Earth, and the power lever is Heroic. Hit locations will be used, and there is a possibility of character death or even TPK. In system travel uses the Rosenstein Drive, using Helium 3 scraped off the surface on The Moon, so gas may be cheap, but a trip from Earth to Pluto will still take months. To begin with ship travel will be by commercial carrier. Otherwise, this will be an open sandbox game. Thoughts?
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    Campaign Prompts

    I started a campaign once where I asked the players to come up with some common origin for their characters. What they ultimately came up with was this: They were all VIPER agents that the organization considered troublesome and/or expendable and left to die in a major multi-Nest operation, only they all got super powers instead. The first adventure involved them deciding to rob a bank, only when they got there, another super villain group was already robbing it. So they beat down the other villains, and everybody assumed that they were heroes. So they decided to try being heroes. It was a fun dynamic.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot my locations: Avengers Mansion and the Watchtower
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    Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

    And finally, because it'd be a cryin' shame to have this draft without them.... Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! My Title: The Justice Buddies!
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    Champions: New Millennium ...I'll show myself out.
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    In other news...

    Heh, that too, I just mentioned the first one that popped in my head. Scottie was like 23rd century McGuyver, so he could make it work.
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    Doc Democracy

    Campaign Prompts

    Useful, I tend to make this a problem for the players rather than me. I ask that each character has a reason why they would want to team up/ help at least two other members of the group and I do not allow a closed loop of three players. This would help them think about ties that would work for two or more characters in the team.
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    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    'Frosty had the last laugh': Vandal tries to run over giant snowman, hits tree stump instead
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    Tom Cowan

    useless characteristics

    HERO System Discussion is the normal place for things like this. HERO Designer forum covers the software of the same name that herogames puts out
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    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Two players are riding divine winged horses to the moon and encounter one of the dragon riders of Ka'ruk en route. Bill, playing Stoddard the Barbarian: "Is it possible for you to be stealthy and we can sneak up on the dragon?" WInged Horse: "We are living symbols of divine inspiration. We are not sneaky, we are glorious." Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says it was something like that
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    In other news...

    Or Star Trek?
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    2019 Superdraft Discussion Thread

    Here is the original 2019 Superdraft thread https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/97761-superdrafts-2019-to-boldly-go/
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    Some more villains. I have no links but I have some art! Hopefully this doesn't break a rule. Pariah let me know if I misstepped. We have from 4th Edition Champions Universe: Lightning and Thunder
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    1) I liked the chess title, even though I'm nowhere near that level but I think I'm that level in terms of GMing (maybe). 2) Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition (I played it as a youngster, about 12 years old or so) 3) Also D&D 2nd edition, although I had help from my friends. We re-enacted the Battle for Helm's Deep 2-4 years before Peter Jackson did it on the big screen. 4) I'm currently GMing some games with a couple users on the forum and playing in games that they're running. We're doing HERO System 6th edition. I also GM a monthly Savage Worlds game (underrated system, but it's far more rules-light than HERO) and GM a monthly HERO game online for the Kerberos Club.
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    I'm looking at my story as a mini-series with two story arcs. The first arc deals with a riot at the world's largest twin convention incited by the Dee Dee Twins called "Chaos Squared!" (Nana Harley would be so proud.) What could make such a thing even more chaotic? What about twin duplicators? 😲😲 Next selection for the Twin City Titans, playing the part of tourist will be options Dupli-Kate and Multi-Paul!
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    Probably was low, because he was dribbling around being guarded by 4 guys, and completely ingnoring the 3 wide-open teammates and lofting an ill-advised off-balane 20 footer as the shot clock expired.
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    I'm pretty sure I saw numbers that show Kobe's shooting percentage is pretty low in the last minute or two of games, however my memory says he always played big in key games and, of course, would completely shut down the best opposing scorer.
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    Personal Omnibus Editions

    Yep, I found the Cyber Hero errata - its in Adventure Club #20. I have also found Horror Hero: Adventure Club #23 - The Secret History Cyber Hero: Adventure Club #23 - The Cassandra Matrix Western Hero: Adventure Club #24 - Bustin' Broncs I am now scanning these articles in and will be adding them to each Omnibus here shortly. TB
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    Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

    Villains: Victor Frankenstein and the Monster
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    "Neat" Pictures

    Actually, it's tattoo work (nails). The artist also works on nipples for breast cancer patients as well.
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    Maxima and Other Things

    Interesting, I personally don't bother with hard Maxima in my games but I do impose a soft cap at the normal levels (ie: 20 for characteristics, 8 for PD/ED, etc). I allow players to exceed Maxima based on race out of the gate and also over time as the game evolves without penalty so long as it conceptually makes sense. I'm also super lazy when comes to things like prefabs and editing templates to have different Maxima although I have done it in the past. I like the idea of characters being able to attain Legendary status given enough time and experience. I'm not a low fantasy junkie by any stretch of the imagination though so YMMV
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    Did Schrödinger's cat have 18 half-lives?
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    I'm waiting until Phase 12, because that's when the action really starts.
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    Old Man

    A New Setting

    Did your professor figure out where the romanticized version of the Old West came from? I wonder if Buffalo Bill's shows had a greater impact than we realize.
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    Dealing with Killer Characters

    I think the "special snowflake" is a person with an inflated sense of how important he/she is, and feels entitled to special treatment.
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    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Romancing the Stone: Great romantic action-adventure comedy from 1984, with Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, and Danny DeVito. (DVD) Solo: A Star Wars Story: Not horrible, but not great, either. Run time is a little long, and some of the action scenes feel derivative of other works. Musical score is mostly forgettable until it starts quoting John Williams Star Wars themes later in the movie. (Netflix)
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    bubba smith

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    some 1960s iron man
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    Hugh Neilson

    Dealing with Killer Characters

    DANGER: Long, boring war story ahead... Many years ago, in a larger gaming group, we had a group of characters having trouble getting along. As the GM, watching the party about to split, or more likely fragment, I put a die on the table. I told the group to decide which characters would be sticking with each other, staying in contact, etc. Once that was decided, we would roll the die, counting from my immediate left. Whoever's number came up, that was the character the campaign would follow. Any character still associated with him stayed in the campaign. Anyone else needed a new, compatible character. Maybe we can return to the others in later campaigns. I never did have to roll that die...
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    Solar System Hero Campaign is a Go!

    I'm assuming all in-system travel involves acceleration to midpoint, and deceleration to the destination. This great chart is from Classic Traveller.
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    In our version of the adventure, my Character, a super High Charisma Dragon Disciple (Bronze), Flirted shamelessly with the young Crystal Dragon for about a half hour, much to the amusement and cat calls from the other players, and got the Crystal, by basically buying it off of her (He's rich). Now that he can BE a dragon, he can't return, but won't, as he is now betrothed to another... *sniff* She was so pretty, though.
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    What Have You Watched Recently?

    The Thin Man: Nick Charles (William Powell) drinks his way through a missing persons case around Christmas with the help of his wife, Nora (Myrna Loy), and their dog, Asta. (DVD) After the Thin Man: Nick continues drinking his way through a murder investigation involving Nora's relatives after arriving back in San Francisco by train at New Year's. (DVD) Both are a lot of fun, and I'll be working my way through the rest of the movie series.
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    Scott Ruggels

    Rolling Dice

    I do the multi-colored dice thing, exactly as you propose. Red for damage, black for hit location, and green for attack rolls. Didn’t roll knock ack, as it’s not common in FH games, but does come up when fighting against a Giant, Dragon, or some other large scale monster.
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    Old Man

    A New Setting

    I'd love to play in a Neverwhere campaign.
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    Hmm... it sounds rather like the linked adventures in Champions Battlegrounds, for Fifth Edition; five adventures which can be played independently or as part of an overarching plot. The third adventure, "Fatal Attractions," takes place at a supers-themed amusement park called Omegaworld. But the hunt for a bomb is central to the first adventure in the series, "A Walk in the Park," set in Memorial Park in Millennium City. That's the only matching reference coming to my mind at the moment. I could poke around my older collection, though, see if I'm overlooking something.
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    As GM I am always a bit reticent to enforce anyone's vision of a character on a player. It means that I have to begin to make decisions that are not about game balance or story direction and those are what I think the GM is there for. If a player wants to tweak his character in response to the threats he has just faced then who am I to spoil what it providing game fun to that person. Some players are there to explore the character and delve into the limitations and frustrations of that character, others are there to play the game and be effective in that. Different wants and needs. I am not there to decide whose game fun is paramount. If I do not like the way some folk get their fun in a game I can seek to find a like-minded group, otherwise I need to be tolerant of everyone's wants and desires as long as they do not impinge on someone elses. For example, if Joe Muscles has 60 STR, the strongest character in the game, I would not allow Joe Adaption to raise his strength to close or beyond Joe Muscles. Muscles' concept was to be strongest - Adaptation was not. Going from 25 STR to about 50 in response to in-game challenges would be fine with me, beyond that he is stepping on Muscles' toes and I would explain that and say I was not allowing it. I see that very much in the realms of both balance and story. Doc
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    I started with 2nd edition, which was a huge revelation to me at the time in terms of game design. Loved it to pieces. 3rd edition was a nice improvement, and HERO System really started to come into its own with the other HERO System games released at the time. 4th was wonderful. It brought everything together under one set of covers. 5th was OK. It fixed some things, and had some nicely crafted supplements. 5eR was too much of a good thing. To this day I still haven't read through the whole thing, cover-to-cover. Same for 6e, only more so. But they're beautiful books! Champs Complete is fine, and was a sorely needed return to marketplace viability in terms of rulebook size. But 4e will always be my sweet spot, and the one I return to (albeit with some good ideas from 5e). (I'd back a Kickstarter for a bugfixed BBB -- or even HERO System Rulesbook -- in a heartbeat.)
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    Oh man... Danger International is my single favorite Hero System product, and I've been playing since 80-81... whenever first Edition came out. But I didn't know there was a box-set? Really? I just went to RPG Geek to see if there was a listing for it. Do you have a picture you could post of this box set? I'd be fascinated to see it. Welcome to Hero!
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    Hello. Totally new to Hero. I've had a copy of the Danger International boxset scored at a Half Price Books on my shelf for years and just now started to dig into it. Came from primarily d20 gaming, have a healthy collection of GURPS, and am now going down the rabbit hole of Hero. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Its a play on words from a lyric of a song from the Pixies What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Star Wars d6. Then Top Secret/S.I. (mom was too scared of D&D to allow that satanic crap in our house) What was the first tabletop RPG you Played? TSR Marvel What are you currently Playing/GMing? In a strongly devoted d20 group playing Pathfinder. When did you start to play Hero? I have yet to start. Looking at it as maybe the home system for my family.
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    The Non Sequitor Thread

    No, I've never had a pumpkin spice latte. And, Heaven willing, I never will.
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    The Non Sequitor Thread

    "Don't get me wrong; I'm glad you finally got a job. But in a funeral home?" "That's okay, Mom. If anything should happen to you, I know what I'll do." "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!"
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    Hello there! How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)?It's the name of one of my characters on Champions Online - she's in my avatar as well. What was the first tabletop RPG you played?Dungeons and Dragons... Probably 3.5? I'm relatively new to the tabletop scene (at least, compared to some of you who seem to have been at this much longer than me!) What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed?None yet... But I'm in the process of setting up my first game - of Champions! I'm really looking forward to it. I've never done this before, but it should be a lot of fun. What are you currently playing/GMing?See above. I'm totally here because of the Champions Online MMO - when I learned it was based off a tabletop RPG I took it upon myself to track down the books - ended up with a pile of 6E books and an urge to start a campaign. Still in the planning stages, but I hope to start by early November.
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