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    Knowing the truth is the best way to tell a lie if the liar is telling lies in regards to a particular subject; so, in some instances, background skills like Professional Skills, Science Skills or Knowledge Skills could be substituted. As someone who would have PS: Computer Technician in real life, I can often tell if someone claiming to be a technician is really a technician or just reading scripts and tossing out technical terms just to sound smart.
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    To me the decreasing returns were what made the Disadvantages worthwhile. You have a reason to not always hit the campaign maximum, and in fact the "maximum" in those days was usually a range. Without them, you're pretty much always guaranteed to hit your 50 points per category, 150 max points worth of Disads; every player character I've ever seen, always always always, without exception, under 4th through 6th editions always takes the maximum needed. There's no reason not to, because you're leaving money on the table if you don't.
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    Also not arguing 🤔 But I don't think I really clarified myself very well on a few points. Also I have no idea how to make this forum break up a long quote into sections. Its the old in me. So I will manually insert the items I want to quote below Here I believe I was really unclear with my example. D&D has three basic ways to publish support material for their RPG. 1. Standard Licensing 2. OGL 3. DMs Guild They actually have a matrix on the general differences between OGL and DM's Guild. Their OGL is pretty standard and allows you to use the 5th Ed rules to publish and sell your own unique world/setting/adventure. But your cannot directly use any of their published material, such as Sword Coast, Waterdeep or Monster Manual entries. In a broad sense you can use the SRD stuff but not the color or defined creatures/treasure/setting material. DMs Guild is different. You can use pretty much all of the setting material, monsters, classes etc. But you can only sell it as a PDF on the DMs Guild site and must conform to the format requirements. You retain the IP of your original material, and they retain the IP for theirs. They also may approach you to purchase material that is really good to incorporate into the main IP. They also get a small slice of the profit form each sale. So Bob the gamer has the opportunity to create content without the need to commit to a formal license. Mainline D&D players can easily create a short adventure in the existing D&D world and sell on the DMs Guild site to test the waters. Is my stuff really as great as I think it is. The caveat of WotC being able to buy it from you pretty much eliminates full blown campaigns on DM Guild, but does all initial entry. OGL is OGL and requires you to be completely unique and not use any setting related material. An agreed license has requirements. Time lines, costs, legal guarantees, etc. It is a contract. It might be completely super reasonable. But it is a secret, you do not know what they entail until you enter into negotiations. Which is fine for people in the industry and is 100% the way to go for serious projects. But WotC apparently decided they didn't want to deal with small content items. But they also realized that their is a market so they have established a pipeline to allow others to make them while maintaining control and getting a small slice of the profit for basically no effort on their part. Players and DM's get access to a lot of low cost material and WotC gets a few cents to a couple dollars each. I just looked at the DMs Guild and filtered to Adventures. There are 2462 as of this post for D&D. That does not include WotC material or licensed material. Champions/Hero System on Drive Through only has 74 items listed under Adventure and most are not actually adventures Hudson City, the campaign setting that doesn't actually have any adventures. NPCs, organization info, and some plot hooks. But no adventures. What adventures there are, are for Pulp Hero or mostly older editions. You can't filter for edition, but less than 10 are for the current edition. Not wrong, but the current, ever shrinking Herodom fan base isn't the target. Yes, the established Hero player has their rule book. But what else do they need? Nothing. One sale and done. A person who has not seen the game before does not have anything to deviate from in the first place. Viper? There is a organization book. But no adventure. There was Vipers Nest in the early editions and we have all played it. But Champs Complete has the write ups of The Champions and a few Villains. But no adventure. It isn't a case of "You don't want VIPER in your campaign, simple, remove them". Rather "remove them from what". There is not a playable campaign organized for novices to run Viper. There is a 5th Edition organization book for Viper (which also does not include an actual adventure) that you can convert. But a novice to Hero buys the current edition Champions Complete and discovers that the majority of material available has to be converted first??? Yes the current 150 active Hero gamers....err 149....148... 😉 Semi Joking here... But on the serious side, yes that is the priority of the majority of people here. Most of them are the same ones for years or decades. But for that slice of gamerdom, once they but a copy of Champs Complete, they are done buying. The target needs to be the vast sea of casual gamers that are flocking to the "lame" and "derivative" works that everyone here shows disdain for, and yet out sells Hero products by magnitudes. Exactly. Yes yes yes. Do what Pathfinder does. Publish each adventure and then later put out a combined "Campaign Book" that puts them all into a hardback with full art and a extra chapter on GMing it as a campaign. The Rise of the Runelords came out in 2007 and people still order it. Pretty much...yep. The thing is that Champions Complete does not need a rewrite. It needs a new layout and format. People here that already own CC or 6th Ed vol 1&2 are not going to buy it. In fact people here are the slice of gamers that really don't buy anything from Hero anymore. We have the rulebook, we can make it all. The target needs to be the guy holding CC in one hand and D&D's PHB or the Pathfinder Core in the other. Which are they going to take up to the register. When CC released and was available in general distribution, I covered/donated three copies for my FLGS. For the next couple of years... Customer picks it up. Puts it back. Moves on. When they did carry it to the counter they would ask a few questions. The store staff would talk it up. If I was there I'd do the same with some information. And then the "Question of Death". They would ask "What kind of adventures are out?" followed by "Oh it's new, what are the planned releases?" Followed by a surprised "It's been out since the 80's?" and then "Adventures need to be converted from previous versions, really?". In a three year period, one sold and I now have two extra copies. Yes, the current players that frequent this board are committed to designing their own cool stuff. But they are not the target. The target is the new player that is scooping up D&D 5th, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Conan, Star Trek and on and on. Champions/Hero rules have been hammered and squeezed down until there is nothing left to alter. There absolutely nothing to be gained from yet another iteration. What Champs/Hero needs to present a reason to play it. To catch the eye and get the players into a flashing super battle. Or a rousing adventure with the Heroes saving the village from the goblin horde. Or SOMETHING to ignite the prospective players creativity and wish to use Hero. Everyday I watch $60 RPG books leave the shelf. A LOT of adventures and a never ending rotation of RPG games. When someone does ask about Champs they normally already have their books and if someone does ask about getting a copy, the store recommends ordering direct from Hero. My FLGS's primary distributor is the local GTS (no shipping because they can drive there in 30 minutes) and their secondary is Alliance because they can get virtually anything not carried by GTS. They cannot justify opening and maintaining a new account for the purpose of a single item. And I already have multiple copies of the books and pretty much everything 4th, 5th and 6th edition. I will spring for new material, but I just can no longer buy items just to buy. Heck that was what CC was. I also have most (all?) of the third party material/adventures. But none of it is suitable for a teaching game. Great for experienced teams and I have folded them into my games, at least a few years back I did. But as an intro to supers adventures they are not the easiest to use, and for a novice Hero GM/player they can be daunting. Simple, introductory, playable. What is boring or blase for a veteran player can be new and exciting for a new player. D&D's Curse of Strahd and Storm Kings Thunder were basically updates of old adventures, Ravensloft has been retooled for multiple editions. And yet it was new and exciting as Curse of Strahd for the current generation of players. Well now I am preaching. Time to stop trying to hold back the dike with my pinkie
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    Duke Bushido

    How do you draw an X?

    How did you manage to misspell 8 so badly?
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    It's in 6e2 p. 107: Breaking Limbs, which also mentions severing them (damage equal to or greater than 1/3 the character's total BODY). It's an optional rule to use instead of Impairing (damage >= 1/2 the character's total BODY) or Disabling (damage >= 1x the character's total BODY).
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    "Neat" Pictures

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    Duke Bushido

    Nostalgia stole my money

    Yep. I just picked up the current BOH for nostalgia. Not that I have ever even _heard_ of this Dungeon Under the Mountain, the whole "mega dungeon" thing brought back memories of the seventies, when all the nerdy kids were going through entire tablets of graph paper to create "the ultimate dungeon" or just outdo each other with size and complexity. Though some good came of them, too. My original Champions GM kept lot of the ones he had made, as had a couple of other friends. When we first figured out that Champions could be used for any genre, and when 2e came out and I bought my own boxed set, I bummed a seventeen-page super dungeon map from my buddy Jay G, who was an avid D&D junkie, and after a great deal of folding (he had taped it together) I finally got it all copied at the library, for the princely sum of eighty-five cents. I gave Jay back his map, went home and laid out my copy of it. I applied white-out here and there, drew some lines here, here, and over here, upped the scale from one square = ten feet to one square = twenty miles, and boom! My entire continent-under-the-surface-of-the-earth was roughly mapped. As you have probably noticed from other conversations, I love Pulp adventure stories, and for many, many years hollow earth stories were absolute favorites. I still enjoy them, to the point that I believe I have read or watched every variation on the original Journey to the Center of the Earth story, including that awful comedy one with Will Ferrell. I had so much fun, planning the entrance, picking the chambers, and creating the sub-maps for each chamber.... I don't think I ever finished even a tenth of the chambers in detailed maps.... Of course, I didn't really have to: we spent a year and a half (real world) adventuring in the first three rooms.... Curse you, BOH! Curse you, Nostalgia! I hope you are each enjoying your respective share of my hard-won dollars! Duke
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    I can't say I understand the point of an Aid construct. If the person wanting to implement racial characteristic shifts is the GM, they can just waggle their hand and announce that yonder pluses be not included for NCM. If they're not the GM, I'd expect the GM to ask some very pointed questions about this strange Aid construct and tell the player to just buy the insert-favored-expletive-here stat.
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    The Academics Thread

    How about engraved in the magnetic dust of a rotating disk, or the state of relays?
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    Hey, I liked Deadpool, and Deadpool 2.
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    I don't recall a red and black suit being in that movie, so logically, there could be no Deadpool in it.
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    "Neat" Pictures

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    Bossfights are a tool, nothing more nothing less. There are no bad tools in the toolkit. Only missapplication of the tools we have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGXIR2dlktc
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    How do you draw an X?

    Ah, a old man complaining about the new stuff. How cliche
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    How do you draw an X?

    Y do you want to know?
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    George Perez announces retirement

    As do I. But for now, I will just sit and sulk. Feel free to join me.
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    Interestingly (to me at least), this seemed to be about the position of a German minister who explained on the BBC why the EU wasn't going to make any offers to the UK regarding Brxit. If I understood him correctly, he said that you couldn't negotiate with someone who couldn't settle on what they actually wanted. Until the UK government could settle on a position, the EU had nothing to work with. And it isn't their job to keep making offers until the UK finds something it likes. Dean Shomshak
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    You know, I was thinking on that earlier today. And I actually can understand it, seeing as how many of my first characters were bricks or had fire-themed powers. So it took me a couple of decades, but I realize know that had I thought about more, I likely would have understood it then, too. But that name? Killer Watt? Okay, fine: othing wrong with the name, either. Not the first time. Actually kind of funny coincidence the second time. But three or more, and you can't help but feel like you missed out on a joke somewhere. I don't know; I've never considered it that way. Honestly, in my games, it's just how the world works (since the home port of SF2, anyway). If you can't get through the DEF with a blow, we'll that energy has to go somewhere.... Essentially, the idea is to prevent normal people (or even lightly-supered people) from punching anvils into pieces, one pip at a time, or poking their way through prison walls (take that, Joker!). I guess you could say in my usage of it (I can't speak for LL, of course) it's not even a limitation: it's a core definition of the universe. There are simple enough ways around it, and I let them slide for "having fun" reasons: a martial artist might have protective gloves to keep him from breaking his knuckles, or a short baton, or something like that (though breakable foci for that extra die or two of damage.... Well, this might break them). A bit of hardened PD or Resistant PD? Cool. You don't hurt yourself if you can't punch through it. And of course, this plays to granularizing bricks: either he is strong enough to punch a hole through a steel beam, or he isn't. I don't know (though I can still guarantee) if anyone here can lay hands on a Spiderman write up, but using the straight-up dealing damage rules as-presented, there's a good chance he can destroy through pummeling a number of things that don't make sense. I find this little rule evens that out a bit. Oh! Sorry; I was rereading to make sure I hadn't screwed up my post, and noticed that I failed to mention that in Supers games, I usually only apply this rule if someone wants to attack something that would qualify as resistant. In heroic (and low level supers) , it's anything that could you could break your hand trying to punch through. If I were to consider it as a Disadvantage, though, (and I've been thinking on it while typing this), it would come down to one of two posibilities: Either it would be a - 0 everyman limitation: every normal human (if I really wanted to push an extra gap between them and supers, that is. Otherwise, -_everyone_ takes it, and you buy it off using something like the examples I gave (so I guess this is exactly what I'm doing now :lol:) Or: I allow either a very low Disadvantage or a 1/8 (oh yeah: another house rule: 1/8 power advantages and limitations. They aren't handed out like candy, mind you: if I think it's a - 0 and you think it isn't, and you can present a compelling case (one built on reason as opposed to way-out-there individual examples, and I find your case reasonable, but still don't think it's worth much, (doesn't work under a full moon, for example, but your character - is- nocturnal) it might be allowed a 1/8.) Sorry about that. As I was saying, I would think that doing it the other way: allowing it as a Disadvantage that a character can select or not opens another problem: Right now, I don't think there is a GM in the world who would consider letting Neil Patrick Collins walk out of his 9-5 job at the accounting firm, walk over to his boss's car, and beat it into foil with his bare hands (and a lot of time). By defining this as a specific per-case Disadvantage is essentially allowing every normal who doesn't elect to take the Disadvantage catre Blanche to do exactly that: flatten cars bare-handed. And why not? They didn't take the Limiation that says they can't. Depending on the nature of the campaign this may actually work out for you. UT for most games, I would think that can of worms is best left sealed.
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    Old Man

    Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

    Option 1a: Something Old (The Heart of the Universe) Option 1b: Something New (The Infinity Gauntlet) Option 2a: Something Borrowed (An Ultimate Nullifier) Option 2b: Something Blue (A Cosmic Cube) Option 3a: White Lantern Rings Option 3b: Star City
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    Yeah, he is one of the few I would look at a comic because he was involved. Also, did George say how the rest of him was to work with, or only discussed things with him when they ate? (sorry, couldn't resist)
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    The Academics Thread

    As someone who is grading things now ... perhaps closer to the situation on hand would be "engraved on a shiny golden statue of a calf".
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    The Non Sequitor Thread

    Rum and Red Bull! Plastered and wired at the same time!!
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    Third Edition Renaissance

    Thunderbird, member of the X-Men for about 3 issues:
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    It implies that someone out there finds Deadpool entertaining. Movie box office and comic book sales figures appear to support that assertion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I love the setting and was curious if there's anyone else on these boards who do too? Steve did and amazing job with the book and I think it deserves more supplements. Although the base book is very detailed in terms of races, geography, theology, etc, I think there's tons of room to expand on. The setting has such good bones that it feels criminal to not expand on it. Also, an update to 6th edition would be fantastic although strictly not necessary.
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    "Neat" Pictures

    SN 1006, I think, overlay of x-ray map in false color on top of visual starfield
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    OK, took more than half an hour, but.... Right, tear out all the bits about existing social interaction skills and replace with the following: Skill name: Feel free to change this to better reflect your character, but changing the name does not change what the skill does, just the flavour of the skill. Definition: What the skill allows you to do. Characteristic base: the characteristic that the skill roll is based on. Resistance: what the subject of the skill attempt can use to try and reduce or remove the effect of the skill in a skill v skill contest. In addition to whatever is listed, the subject can always use a characteristic roll at -2 (usually the same as the characteristic base for the skill to resist the effect of the skill use). Skill name: Argument Definition: The ability to make someone accept information (and act on that information) using logic. Characteristic base: INT Resistance: Argument, Cross Examination and any relevant Psychological Complication. Skill name: Cross Examination Definition: Finding any inconsistencies or errors in a statement. Characteristic base: INT Resistance: Lying. Skill name: Lying Definition: The ability to tell a consistent lie or avoid providing certain information. Characteristic base: INT Resistance: Cross Examination Skill name: Persuasion Definition: The ability to make someone accept information (and act on that information) based on emotion. Characteristic base: PRE Resistance: Persuasion, Insight or any relevant Psychological Complication Skill name: Insight Definition: The ability to determine someone’s true emotional state and whether they are trying to emotionally influence you. Characteristic base: PRE Resistance: Persuasion or Dissembling. Skill name: Dissembling Definition: The ability to conceal your true feelings or intentions. Characteristic base: PRE Resistance: Insight Skill name: Charm Definition: the ability to make someone feel positive toward you. Generally people that you charm will feel well disposed toward you and be willing to see the best in you. This can act as a Complimentary Skill for many other Social interaction Skills. Characteristic base: PRE Resistance: Insight, or Psychological Complications Skill name: Intimidate Definition: the ability to make someone feel negative toward you. Generally people that you intimidate become fearful of you. This can act as a Complimentary Skill for many other Social interaction Skills. Characteristic base: PRE Resistance: Insight, or Psychological Complications Skill name: Imitation/Mimicry Definition: the ability to observe and copy the physical mannerisms of another person or thing. Characteristic base: INT Resistance: Insight or Cross Examination Skill name: Oppress Definition: the ability to make someone feel a negative emotion about themselves Characteristic base: Resistance: Psychological Limitations Skill name: Inspire Definition: the ability to make someone feel a positive emotion about themselves Characteristic base: Resistance: Psychological Limitations Skill name: Engage Definition: The ability to draw and hold someone’s attention, which can be useful for distracting them and may act as a complimentary skill in some social situations. Characteristic base: PRE Resistance: Psychological Limitations Skill name: Animal Training Definition: The ability to condition an animal to do what you want it to. Characteristic base: INT Resistance: Pychological Complications Skill name: Animal Empathy Definition: The ability to understand the emotions of an animal and react appropriately. Characteristic base: PRE Resistance: Psychological Complications So, to determine someone’s motivations you’ll want the Cross Examination and/or Insight Skills, possibly backed up with Charm and Engage. Cross Examination will not help much with the motivation but can detect lies (assuming you can get the subject to talk to you) and may give some pointers to the truth (as they understand it) if they are, indeed, lying. Insight will not help you get at the truth as such but will detect lies and may get you some idea as to why the subject is lying. OK, let us assume that there is an NPC who is lying to the PC. The NPC is lying because he has been told to because a member of his family is being threatened. Have the NPC roll Lying and Dissembling, and make a note of how well they do. The PC has to roll at least that well on Cross Examination or Insight to get any information. So if the NPC had an 12- roll with Lying and actually rolled 8, the PC has to succeed by 4 or more to get any useful information with their Cross Examination roll. Even if the NPC fails their roll (say they rolled a 13), the PC still has to make a roll, but, effectively, gets a +1 on their roll to succeed and get some useful information. If the Cross Examination roll succeeds then the PC is confident that the NPC is lying. In addition the PC finds out either that the NPC does not know the truth (if they do not) or some or all of the truth (if the NPC knows it), depending on how well they roll. If the Insight roll succeeds then the PC is confident that the NPC is lying. In addition the PC finds out some or all of the truth about why the NPC is lying and may then be able to use that knowledge to succeed in an Argument or Persuade roll to find out more. Something like that. You can use other skills (like Charm or Intimidate) as complimentary skills or simply to get the NPC talking in the first place - one very effective way to stymie information extraction is to say nothing at all. This is not that well thought through and not at all play tested but it seems to have the potential to give more nuance to social interaction. Maybe give it a go and let me know?
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    Early editions: House rules?

    Duke let me speculate about Electricy sfx. For myself when I look down the sample sfx electricity jumps out at me as being fairly easy to come up with Powers. Now I’m getting better but I use to have a really a hard time coming up with character designs. And for the name well I use to have angst over coming up with new and clever names and or powers. I can see Killawatt being a clever/cool name. Just my 2 pennies.
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    Not only is it not their job, it'd be incredibly irresponsible of them to do so. Any concessions would merely empower the GOP to take the government hostage over and over and over again. On top of that, Trump is impossible to negotiate with because he's unable to negotiate in good faith. He changes positions more often than he changes his underwear. Just look at the negotiations leading up to this shutdown, where he proudly proclaimed he'd take ownership of it and then turned around and blamed the Democrats for it a couple of days later. I can't think of a more clear cut situation where negotiations should not even be attempted.
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    Thank you. Maybe I should be in the business of writing back cover blurbs. Given that, 1) the relatively small number who will see a phrase like "The Desolation of Skarm" and automatically think of Tolkein's line "They were come to the Desolation of the Dragon, and they were come at the waning of the year," and given that 2) of those who DO think of it, most will respond approvingly and only a vanishingly small portion (perhaps a single individual) will sneer and say "really?", I will venture to suggest that yes, even if it we regard it as a crib, it's still a good idea. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary looms up to say that overuse of the word "looming" is not necessarily such a good idea. Everyone's a critic.
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    Did someone say artist?
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    Thief/Rogue Powers

    Let us look at some rules. In particular the ones for Surprise. Because getting that is what stealth is about: Suprised enemies do not get to act on Phase 12 of the first "Turn" 6E2 18 "Characters who are Surprised normally cannot Abort their next Phase; they have, afer all, been taken unawares (see Surprised, 6E2 50). However, the GM may, in his discretion, allow them to Abort." 6E2 22 That means they also do not get to use their CSL. It is still a Free Action to apply the CSL. It is usually trivial to do that as part of a Abort/before your previous attack, but they do not get either of those. If Dodge or CSL are applied from a previous maneuver aginst another enemy, they are also halfed. 6E2 50: "Attacked from behind (Surprised) out of combat" (the first strike of a combat) means: 1/2 DCV, 1/2 Hit Location Penalties, x2 STUN damge taken. Wich can of course cause the "Stunned" effect too. "Attacked from behind (Surprised) in combat" 1/2 DCV Deadly Blow covers all thse things from D&D: Weapon Specialisation, Favoured Enemy, Sneak Attack, Lawfull/Chaotic Weapons and even Paladins Smite Evil attack.
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    Gnome BODY (important!)

    Maxima and Other Things

    I don't feel there's any fair way to price the NCM point, just because if the stat isn't above the normal NCM it becomes wasted "points". Also everything Lucius said. If you're really intent on differentiating races by characteristics, why not give characteristic bonuses from race template that apply after NCM calculations? So an elf has +5 DEX, and that gets added after the character pays points, including NCM points, for their other points of DEX.
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    Hero has become a game design system, rather than a game. It needs one or more games to sell it in the public. A Champions game with pre-fab powers and abilities, a Fantasy game with pre-fab spells and races, etc. The Big Tome is the master rules, but a stripped-down version, or even a version with power construction hidden in the background of pre-fab abilities, would be a game designed using those rules.
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    Maxima and Other Things

    First of all: if you're talking about Normal Characteristic Maxima, that is, the idea of charging double cost for anything over a certain limit, this is simply a bad idea and should be abandoned, period. It's a flintmobile. Just set hard caps and floors for Characteristics based on type, so you don't get a 30 STR Pixie or a STR 3 Ogre, and don't worry too much about "balancing" them. The Pixie has to pay for the Flight Power, but shouldn't have to pay extra for "access" to the Flight Power. If Human max DEX is 20 and Elf max dex is 23, and a Human and an Elf both have DEX 18, they should both pay the exact same points - because in point of fact they have the exact same DEX! Trying to impose costs for changed maxima will lead to violating one of the principles of Hero, that you get what you pay for and pay for what you get. " If you're still not convinced and still want to find some way to measure and assign points to "Potential" characteristics, I can only point you to the prior editions' use of the the Age Disadvantages. If you do the math, you can find out what each age category's total Maxima difference was, and divide that by the point value of the Disadvantage. I once did this and seem to recall that it consistently came to a 1 to 7 ratio. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says seriously, though, you're better off ditching Normal Characteristic Maxima. Or you could get that 30 STR Pixie showing up, and it would be perfectly legal.
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    Hugh Neilson

    Improving Intimidation

    I thought we were discussing pricing. Now we seem to be discussing NCM and campaign caps. I would not expect any character to exceed campaign caps whether or not they are limiting the ability (unless the GM wishes to provide special dispensation for the character, potentially because the limitations render the ability "not unbalancing" to exceed campaign caps. I also have never seen a GM allow exceeding the campaign caps as long as you pay double, although 6e v1 p 52 notes it as an option. NCM seems like a red herring if we are discussing limited characteristics, since characteristics with limitations are purchased as powers and therefore the doubled cost for exceeding NCM does not apply (6e v1 p 178). That would be why the cost of Striking Appearance is not doubled. Striking Appearance is a 40% discount, somewhere between -1/2 and -3/4, or -1 1/2 if it only affects a limited group (2 points per +1d6 and +1 to interaction skills). Isn't using an OPTIONAL rule bending the normal rules? NCM does not limit how high you can buy a stat, it changes how expensive it is. Unless you want to suggest campaign point levels are similarly limiting how high you can buy a stat, since you cannot buy it higher than your total points will permit. Finally, please stop assuming that anyone who disagrees with you, or fails to follow your "logic", is doing so tactically, and just to annoy you or defuse your arguments. It not only gets in the way of reasonable discourse, it's just tiresome.
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    Improving Intimidation

    The value of a limitation is subjective to the GM, players and campaign. A -1 limitation is just a general starting point for an estimated 1/2 effective use case and one can argue that "offensively", Presence only for attacking can be used in skills more easily like in Oratory. Depending on the GM and playstyle of the players, I can see the limitation being -1/2 to -1 1/2, so a general -1 seems fine to me.
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    Duke Bushido

    Improving Intimidation

    I don't have a huge issue with this. Presumably if they bought it they did so because it's an important part of the character concept, Ala Batmunch. I mean, people who buy Flight and Energy Blast tend to use those a lot more than people who don't, yet few people are bothered by that.
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    Hugh Neilson

    Improving Intimidation

    The fact that the inversion math does not work indicates that the pricing is flawed. This is also true for the cost of segmented characteristics. PRE is a bargain for all that it provides if the pricing of skill levels is appropriate, or the skill levels are overpriced. I believe there is a combination of the former and the latter, and it indicates that PRE, INT, DEX and EGO, and their component parts, need to be revisited. DEX provides DEX rolls and initiative. I think 2 points is reasonably priced. That means that, for 10 points, you can buy +1 to all DEX rolls and +5 to Initiative. So, for 5 points, you should be able to get +1 to all DEX rolls OR +5 to initiative. If you only get +1 to 1 DEX roll at a time, or +1 to a subset of DEX rolls, that should cost less. By that logic, +1 to all DEX skills could cost 4 points, +1 to any one DEX skill at a time (or +1 with a subset of DEX skills) could cost 3 points, +1 to any one of a subset of DEX skills at a time becomes +2 and a +1 bonus to a single DEX skill becomes +1. Initiative for limited purposes is also reduced in cost, probably down to +5 for 1 point for only one possible action. INT provides INT rolls and PER rolls. So split the two, and make INT + CP per +1. Skill rolls work like DEX. Enhanced PER is +1 for 5 points, drop that to +4 for a group of senses including a targeting sense, +3 for a single targeting Sense or a group of senses lacking targeting senses, +2 for a single non-targeting sense group or one targeting sense and +1 for a single non-targeting sense. PRE provides PER skills and PRE attacks. Bump it to 2 points as well. Price skills as above. +1d6 PRE attacks becomes 5 points, and limited types of PRE attacks get limitations accordingly. Remove PRE defense - being impressive need not mean being hard to impress, and being terrifying need not make one fearless. EGO stays at 5 points, with EGO rolls making up half that value and PRE defense making up the other half. So take out the discounts. This is Hero - you get what you pay for. 6e went a LONG way to fixing that by splitting out DEX and making it possible to be combat-effective at a reasonable price without being an Olympic gymnast, and removing the "figured characteristics freebies" which made STR and CON the only cost-effective approach for having high figured characteristics. Now fix the rest of the characteristics in similar manner. I spent a lot of time thinking DEX, INT and PRE should be priced the same, 1 point each. But I finally realized that I was right about equal cost, and wrong about the appropriate cost - 6e got DEX right, but not INT and PRE, and still overprices skill levels.
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    I know what you're thinking. "Is this Phase four or only three?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself.
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    Definitely this! Not saying "everything must be such-and-such;" But there should definitely_ be some kid / family friendly adventures. Right now, I've got two groups set in the home-brew campaign background my original group fleshed out starting in '82. (Yeah; I'm old). We were younger, and had time and energy to spare. Those groups right now are pretty much an "autopilot" set-up: we all know the setting intimately, and everyone an help initiate the occasional (and rare) new guy get acclimated. Stamping out villains and plots is super-easy, because I know what they like, what they expect, and when and how to toss them a surprise ("Wait a damned minute. Are you saying this ancient Aztec emperor they've been struggling to bring back to life is.... a LUCHADOR?! What the Hell, Man?!") The youth group-- the fun lark I got conned into (and have thoroughly enjoyed)-- that's stinkin' _hard_, Dude. I haven't been a kid in a long, long time, and I find it's actually become difficult to keep things from getting... stabby. You know: underhanded deals, over-sophisticated plots, and truly twisted lunatics as villains. Don't get me wrong: I don't run a grim and gritty anything, but have spent a few decades running for _grownups_. I find myself getting just a bit too "Spongebob" with the youth group, and am working my butt off in my very little spare time trying to find something in that "sweet spot" of family-friendly but not childish. In my prime, I would have mocked anyone telling me that I would one day say this, but the fact is I would stack up some pre-generated pre-published family-friendly material right now, just to reduce my workload and the strain of keeping it where it needs to be.
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    Spence One thing I would add (and been saying for awhile) is have some of the adventures kid friendly.
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    I wish every article on the shutdown would mention that it started when Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate, rather than trying to "show balance." Journalists should point out that the Republican Senate passed a spending bill and then the Republican House rejected it. Now the Democratic House has passed that same bill, and the Republican Senate refuses to consider it. Back in December, Trump said he'd sign that same bill, then decided he'd rather please Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. It's very clearly not Democrats who made this problem. But now they're being told they need to be the ones to solve it -- by supporting something their base hates. Both-sides-ism rules the American media, as always.
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    You aren't alone. I have a friend who begins to twitch, literally twitch, less than 3 minutes into his bullsh** I can endure longer but I end up turning into Statler and Waldorf
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    Champions Now Information

    I've got to admit that my thought was that the "Rules Lite" version of Champions Now would not necessarily resemble the Hero System at all but would be a modern Indie RPG-style rule set designed to specifically create the same kind of experiences that Ron Edwards is tailoring 3E Champions to create.
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    A Thread For Random Links

    Great Archived Threads, #2: AlHazred's great, great Populate a Creepy Hotel thread
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