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    Wow'zers.... I had never thought I'd see someone else on these forums have this epiphany. 😉 That hits dead center on why Hero has become a dead game. My definition of a dead game is one that is not generally available for purchase via standard distribution. And Hero is a game that can only be purchased in electronic form if you know it exists. But back to your post. I'll complete your main theme: "In order to get customers, you have to get them playing the game." "To get them playing the game you have to have people running games." "To get people running the game you have to provide adventures to start them off." The problem with Champions Complete (CC) and Fantasy Hero Complete (FHC) is they are complete kits to build games. They are not a Complete Games. Now I know the "let Hero die away quietly" crowd will immediately chime in with "Real gamers don't use pregenerated adventuress and campaigns!" and then point to the existing products like The Turakian Age as proof. But they refuse to realize that TA's layout was enough to send potential players running. A new player (or GM) has to wade through 175 pages of in depth world descriptions before they hit the section of building a PC. To build a Wizard TA tells you that it has a 100 extra spells in TA, but you need the Grimoire (another product). FHC on the other hand just tells them a Mage gets 50 CP's of magic and spells, but doesn't contain any or give any usable advice on which ones to start with. D&D 5th may have the entire spell list in the PHB, but a new player only has to read and understand 1 or 2 out of a list of 10 or so in the beginning. What FHC should have had was detailed templates for Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfling Warriors, Wizards, Rogues and Priests. These would be rounded out with prebuilt and short spell lists, abilities/powers, weapons and gear appropriate to beginning adventures in a very very reduced slice of TA. A village on the frontier where the PC's stop goblin raiders. My point is that CC or FHC is not ready to play. And unless there is a ready to play version, people will not play it. Sure, like everyone in this forum, I refer my own homebrew campaigns and worlds. But CC and FHC is exactly like all the other RPG's in that people need to play it and learn how it works in play before they can really begin creating their own stuff. I am pretty sure that everyone that has played 1st thru 4th editions has played Vipers Nest. We played it because it was a great way to try out Champs and see how things actually worked. In hindsight I believe it would have been even better if they had included 5 or 6 pregenerated Heroes. Not The Champions, but a few initial build PC's. But that is just my opinion. Take CC and FHC as written, reformat into a modern book. The text can be reformatted to fit a modern layout with art. But the actual rules do not, that is DO NOT need yet another rewrite. But they do need a third section at the end. Six pregenerated Heroes and a short three connected scenarios adventure. A mini-campaign with all the villains, monsters etc. ready to go. They do not need to be elaborate and world shaking. They can be just tough enough for initial builds. They need to provide opportunities for combat and non-combat skill use. This would allow new to Hero players to actually experience the game in play and give them something to look at and say "I get it, that is what they meant". With Hero, once the system clicks you will never look back. But it will never really have an opportunity to click if no one ever plays it.
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    Those praising this in the name of their religion are being incredibly short sighted. While I think Christianity is not going anywhere soon, there are more 'nones' in American demographics when it comes to religion every year: People who are atheists, agnostics, 'spiritual but not religious', or of a less populated religion but don't wish to come out just yet. Add to that those who are openly of a non Christian faith, and it's entirely possible that in a 100 years, while Christianity won't be gone, it will be a 'large minority' or LESS. Now that we've set the precedent of religions being somewhat interchangeable, well, the shoe might end up on the other foot. If we still have the death penalty in a hundred years, some Christian fellow being put to death might have to accept the state handing him over to whatever Hare Krishna ,Wiccan Priestess, or yes, Imam is handy and convenient for said State. The Right to Freedom of Religion just took a hard blow here, and sadly, some very short sighted morons are cheering it on. Speaking as a person who tries to honor Christ (Terrible at it but hey), I just want to wipe the dirt from my sandals and walk away from this at this point, but this is my country and I'm stuck with them. 🙄 So for me, I offer up Thoughts, Prayers... oh, and VOTING as much as I can as ineffective as that feels
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    Classic/80s Champions Villains

    Heh. I once had a supervillainess make friends with Grond, gave him a My Little Pony as a gift -- and then later stole it and convinced him that one of the PC heroes took it. You can imagine the hero's confusion when Grond came charging at him, shouting, "GROND WANT PINKIE PIE!!!"
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    False. It suffers from a distinct lack of George Perez cover art.
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    Fantasy Hero Primer Updated

    Hi all. I've just updated my primer designed to introduce players (especially D&D players) to Fantasy Hero. You can find it here: https://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/367-fantasy-hero-primer/ I would have just bumped the old thread where we originally hashed it out, but the fabulous archive feature prevents this. I don't intend to keep updating it on any sort of schedule, but if anyone finds any errors or has any suggestions that don't require too much page count / rewriting I'd be happy to consider them (for instance, I was going through the previous thread and saw someone talking about shield bashing, and added that in).
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    Spoilered for language
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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    There is a case to be made for using extra-dimensional movement, usableon others....
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    Been following this thread for a while now. Nearly posted a few times. Wrote long posts that never got submitted because threads like this are why I left these boards for over a year and now I am back only really post in "Non-gaming" and "General roleplaying" forums. Still, here goes: "Mechanically best" - no idea what that means and care even less. From my point of view 6e changed loads of things in Champions that gave it its flavour; To solve problems I never experienced; Which when explained to me made me wonder if those games had a GM? Worst still, those problems were placed ahead of the real problems that Hero System suffered from, which was all about getting people to play the game. If you spend any time in other gaming forums you will know that the "consensus" is that Hero is Complex, Hero is Slow, GURPS is better. Did we do anything to change that? We produced a big, enourmous, blue book. 😕 At a time when the market direction was for small and simple and quick and old skool. Great job! Finally I think "The Story of COM" is very representative of where its all gone wrong imo. No new player ever had to ask what COM was. It was a dirt-cheap points sink. It provided 10 minutes of fun at the start of every campaign while we worked out who was the prettiest. Now we have "Striking Appearance" 🤔 I think we built a game that was perfect for a small group of people on this forum, which is unsellable to the general gaming public. Harsh, but I think true. At least we have some pretty covers again.
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    It doesn't "have to be" (those are your words and show up nowhere in the article) but it is certainly a reason to be considered. The merit of an artistic work is as much the message it is conveying as the technique and craftsmanship in producing the message as well sa the artfulness and effectiveness of presenting that message. How that art transforms (the whole point of art) is absolutely worth considering.
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    The moron who wrote that article whines at length about Larson's hatred of white males, because of a comment she made about being interviewed mostly by white males. Here's what she actually said: She's clearly out of control.
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    I liked Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It was getting really interesting... then it got cancelled. Wasn't so keen on Avengers Assemble. Although it did get better as it went along. The Squadron Supreme arc was pretty good. Not sure what other animation they've done in recent years. The adventures of baby Iron Man one, some sort of horrible Spiderman thing, a Hulk thing, all aimed at the 5-10 market. Nothing wrong with that. Kids need their shows. But it means less cartoon for me. And as a middle-aged, hetero, white man I strongly feel that I have been marginalised by society and not given my fair share of the pie. (Irony there folks. Sooooooo much irony.)
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    Doc Democracy

    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    This is simply sad truth...
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    Lord Liaden

    "Neat" Pictures

    These "ghost apples" were formed in a Michigan orchard when ice collected around rotting fruit. As the fruit decayed it slid out the bottom, leaving an icy shell.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    Oglaf.com is absolutely NSFW, but today was an exception.
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    Saving Forums Content

    The intention is for the pruning that's already been done to be all that is needed. Should that not prove to be the case (e.g. the 4.5GB database requires too high of a RAM load for reasonable hosting plans), the order of operations for additional pruning would be: Prune all posts started over a year ago in the NGD - this would remove the long-running (and space-hog) threads and get rid of the bulk of the posts that can/should be pruned back. Prune posts in the gaming forums (HERO System Discussion, Champions, etc.). This will remove a decent amount, but not as much as the NGD. Prune any remaining forums (this is the only point at which the rules questions forum would come into play) Again, the intent is to have the pruning that has already been performed be all that is needed.
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    I jokingly answered earlier in the thread, but now I'll answer for real. This is going to come across as kind of rude. Sorry. No offense meant to anybody here. 6th edition is inferior because it is designed by a committee, based upon a false promise, and a fundamental misunderstanding of the underlying system. It's the product of endless tinkering without an achievable goal or a clear direction. I'll try to flesh out what I mean by all that, but some of it is conceptual and may be rather hard to explain. Everything up to 4th edition was led by the original designers, and there's a logic to how everything was costed. Power X is about twice as good as Power Y, so it should cost twice as much. There's a basic concept of balance built into it from the very beginning. All the powers and characteristics are roughly scaled with one another. It's not perfectly executed, but it's pretty close. Moreover, there was a philosophy to how it was balanced. They valued certain abilities more than others, and so those were costed higher. These ideas were internally consistent with each other. Combat abilities are more valuable than noncombat abilities. Flexible powers are more valuable than those that are more limited. Therefore these things cost more points. If you built characters as they intended, and played the game as they intended, it had a wonderful balance. 4th edition Champions was almost perfect. And again, it was true to its philosophy. Now with a system as complex as Champions, you'll never get a perfect balance. There are just too many moving bits and pieces, and a powergamer will find the most efficient builds possible, while a person who has never played before will waste points on things that may never come up. That is unavoidable. But later editions didn't understand that. 5th edition, 5th edition revised, 6th edition, Champions Complete, all of them have tried to tweak the system to achieve some perfect balance that just isn't possible. And the biggest problem is, these changes didn't follow the original pricing structure of the system. The changes were made by people with a different philosophy of how the system should work. And those changes don't quite mesh with the underlying system. As an example, let's go to 5th edition, written by Steve Long (somewhat prophetically named when you see the size of his manuscripts). He had his own ideas about how the Hero System should work, and he modified it. Adders became much more common. The pricing structure for some powers was changed, but not for others. And while some of these changes were arguably good, others were not so great. It was clear that he was seeing the system in a different way from the original authors, but it was a modification of their system and not one built from the ground up with his own ideas. Long's philosophy appeared to be based around trying to make everything fit around a certain core set of game mechanics. Instant Change was removed as a Talent and modified to be a "My clothes only" Transform. Shapeshift was turned into a sense-affecting power. But one of the most glaring examples here is Damage Shield. In 4th edition, Damage Shield was a +1/2 advantage you applied to a power. If anybody touched you, or if you touched anybody, they were hit with that power. When 5th edition hit, it suddenly required you to purchase the advantage Continuous (+1). But, you didn't actually get the benefit that Continuous granted, which is that somebody hit with a Continuous power will be affected by it every single phase. No, you had to pay a +1 advantage tax because now you've got to change your Energy Blast to a Constant power before you can apply Damage Shield. Why is this a problem? Because it's a different game philosophy stacked on top of the previous one. While both follow the idea of "you get what you pay for", 4th edition was more focused on comparative effectiveness, whereas 5th added costs with the idea of making powers conform to a certain format. A 10D6 Energy Blast with Damage Shield in 4th edition was 75 points. That's the same as a 15D6 Energy Blast. Quite expensive, but you got the benefit that you could hurt your enemy when it wasn't your phase, without an attack roll, depending on what they did. Still might be too expensive though. In 5th edition, you had to buy it Continuous first. So now that power became 125 points, the same as a Twenty-five D6 Energy Blast. No power-gamer in the world would choose a 10D6 Damage Shield over a 25D6 EB. The two aren't remotely comparable. There are other problems as well. The cost of Major Transform had previously been based upon the cost of RKA, the logic being if you can kill them, you might as well be able to turn them into a frog. 5th ed wisely dropped having Cumulative be a +1/2 advantage (RKA is cumulative by default), but it added requirements that you had to pay more to affect different types of targets. Instead of "turn target into frog" the standard Transform became "turn human into frog". To affect any target, you had to buy another advantage. In this way, the cost structure of 5th edition became less consistent, more concerned with form than function. Abuse wasn't eliminated at all, the nature of the abuse just changed. I wasn't active on the boards during the time that they were soliciting suggestions for 6th edition. I think I had an account here but I had wandered off. But as I understand it there was a lot of discussion about what changes people wanted to see made. And while I like most of you guys just fine, good lord do I disagree with a lot of you over how the game system should work. I see questions on the Hero System Discussion page, and many of the suggestions are overly complex and extremely point inefficient. But some people feel like they've got to dot those "i"s and cross those "t"s. Again I wasn't involved in any of the discussions, but when I flip through the 6th edition book, I'm reminded of the adage "too many cooks spoil the broth". 6th compounds some of the mistakes of 5th edition and doesn't look back.
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    I have a sneaking fondness for The Sword and the Sorcerer. Not that good, but some cool visual moments, and that sword could have been designed by Q.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    I didn't expect that
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    "It's not about you." --Ancient One, Doctor Strange
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    RDU Neil


    Totally off topic, but I always hated this "dig" at LotR because it was very obvious that the Giant Eagles or any openly moving force, could not make any headway into Mordor while THE EYE was still blazing. The entire trilogy is rife with examples of "any time we do anything open and obvious the Eye sees it and plans are crushed, we must sneak and hide and ultimately distract the Eye if we have any chance." The Eagle assault would have never worked, or even been considered under these clearly known circumstances. It was a bad internet meme that became a bad critique.
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    Funny Pics II: The Revenge

    Chewie's Angels
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    Killer Shrike


    I say this with affection; as long as Duke is around no one can accuse me of being the worst offender in the category of extreme verbosity.
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    Hope I remember how to do this right.
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    Finally getting back into gaming, running D&D 5e's The Sunless Citadel. The PCs have just encountered the kobold Meepo, who has agreed to take them to see his leader. There's a password he shouts every once and again. Meepo: "Meepo will say (word) sometimes. Is sa--password." Me OOC: "I almost said safeword. That's just not right." Jeff OOC: "That's a whole 'nother kind of dungeon."
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    As a middle-aged anything you have aged out of the most popular target demographics--twentysomethings with disposable income, and pre-twentysomethings who will soon be twentysomethings with disposable income. Pull up a rocking chair, we're yelling at kids on the lawn today.
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    "Neat" Pictures

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    Sometimes, it's a blessing that the mechanical shark keeps breaking down.
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    I will, now and forever, recommend Danger International as a low-crunch, complete game to introduce new players to Hero. Modern military, espionage, police, private detectives... you can even go modern horror, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, near future science fiction, alien investigation, etc.
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    Hey Brian. Sympathies mate. Glad to see you've got such a positive attitude, it makes a huge difference. If you don't mind, I'd like to share a similar story, with a very positive outcome. My dad was diagnosed with a type of leukemia last year. Like you, his cancer is not curable but is treatable. The chemo is working just fine and, because it's a low dose, isn't impacting on his lifestyle at all. Modern medicine is great.
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    You seem of the opinion that using Figured Characteristics is "simple" and not using them is "complex." I note that this is not a universal opinion. Lucius Alexander I am of the opinion that every tagline of mine should include at least one palindromedary. This is probably not a universal opinion but I happen not to care.
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    All the arguments have already been rehearsed, and are dependent on taste anyway, so there's nothing new to say here. The lack of George Perez art is an objective fact, but I'm not sure it counts as "mechanically". OK, so while there's nothing new to say here, I'll say the old stuff one more time: 6e (and 5e, really) are, for me, beyond the point of diminishing returns. In fact, it would be fair to say I haven't read either of them, except to look up specific points. I nearly wrote: "If I hadn't been playing since 1e, I wouldn't be able to play the game." The problem with that is that I learned to play 1e through playing with other people who had already read the rules. (I read the rules after that.) But still, at some point, somebody has to read the rules first, especially if the game is to spread beyond its existing base, and the rules are a splendid case of tl;dr. One of the reasons for that tl;dr is that, for any particular game, most of the rules are irrelevant. Learning to play a Hero System based game from the 6e rules is like trying to learn English from a dictionary. There has to be a better way. Justice Inc. was probably the closest to getting it right - a good blend of clarity, brevity and flavour.
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    Chris Goodwin

    Maxima and Other Things

    I don't think any rule stops abuses. That's why we have GMs.
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    Major Viper episode for campaign coming

    POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW THE WORKINGS OF VIPER Currently, the campaign I'm in is fighting the Viper organization (Sourcebook #425) who's Supreme Serpent is a computer, although I have the Prime Serpent as the Supreme Serpent. My episode in the works is to have the Supreme Serpent & Prime Serpent go down - permanently. Viper will be dealt more than one severe blow: not only will they lose their Supreme Serpent but the computer system they're so proud of between nests has something of a doomsday bug in it. Before Viper was ever a book or anything more than a name, I created a hero who's origin was with Viper. He planted a bug in the system only he was aware of. It's part of the very most essential part of the system so it's laid there dormant. Now, after 38 actual years of Champions, this part of my hero's origin will come full circle. His powers come from Viper experimentation: the type of experimentation where many villains got powers, and then promptly left Viper and ran for the hills. Villains, whose origin involves Viper, will either make cameos, or actually be involved with the wounding of Viper. As for that dormant computer bug, it will ultimately become a doomsday bug for Viper's many computer systems. Alot of people associated with Viper will become known to the authorities, such as the Duchess, and will be removed. Viper knows our heroes are up to something & already tried to make their move against our most experienced and widely-known supergroup: they pulled out their U-1000 Omega Destruction Module and blasted the base. After the smoke cleared from the blast, they'd almost taken down the front door although all the front windows were blown in. Viper agents just stood there in disbelief. The heroes retaliated... afterwards, not a single agent was conscious and no tank or aircraft was in one piece. It's time to deal with Viper! (Side note: this one of the reasons we stat out hero bases so the players have something to show for their point investments.) At this point in the campaign, Viper will take on (most likely) the form of the Viper book: Coils of the Serpent. This most likely will be more than one episode. There's alot going on in this episode so it'll take time. That and real-life is really being real right about now.
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    In other news...

    Perhaps Froot Loops rather than Cheerios.
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    I've always thought they should give the DCEU to Bruce Timm, and let him do whatever he wants with it.
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    RDU Neil

    A "political" or "intrgue" game

    Since I'm the one who said that, I'll chime in... It is very possible to have a game using Hero that has a lot of intrigue and politics in it, but IMO that is more the genre/trappings of an otherwise action adventure game, not the "point of the game." For example, I've been running a Heroic level game called Secret Worlds off and on for years now. The characters are "specials" in that they have a level of skill and ability above average to normals, but no real "powers." They specials are involved in conspiracies and back alley battles between secret organizations vying for power. It is very much steeped in the real world politics and events. (Think Mr. Robot, X-Files and Jason Bourne combined). While building alliances and figuring out the plots and agendas of the competing groups... determining who is the enemy is, etc., ... are all part of the plot, the mechanics around these are tangential. They involve the same basic "make some skill rolls to find out information" that any other game would. Having Perks and Contacts and Resources are all important, but they don't decide the game mechanically. There is no "Perk vs. Perk" resolution system... is my investigation better than your dark conspiracy?... type of mechanical resolution. They are background, color, and occasionally important for a turn in the narrative... ... but mechanically, the game is Hero-style action adventures. Gunfights and martial arts battles. Knives in the dark, and car chases, etc. (talk about something else Hero doesn't do well.. vehicle combat... we abstract that a great deal.) To me... a game that is "about" Politics is a game that mechanically supports the characters taking political actions... assembling coalitions, persuading and influencing others, etc. And not just a basic "Roll Persuasion" and then have to just "make up" what that roll means. It would have defined, mechanical impact on the opposing character... they could deflect the argument, verbally riposte... there would be back and forth just like a martial arts fight in Hero, punching and blocking and dodging, but in a verbal/social way... and there would be just as many variants and complex mechanics for resolving these political and social conflicts as there are in Hero for resolving physical and mental combat. (It might be possible to bastardize the mental powers and combat maneuvers to reflect this, but again, it is bending Hero out of shape to do something it wasn't intended to do.) Think of it this way... in Hero you often have hundreds of points in combat skills, abilities and powers, and a few skills that are social. A truly Political or Social game would be the opposite... the majority of a character focused on many and varied nuances of political skills, abilities and powers... and a few skills like "Fight 13-" to resolve the background moments of combat.
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