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    The flaw in the heroes plan was the failure to have a guy with a bow and arrow.
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    Lord Liaden

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    I had no problem with Thanos's motivation in this movie. He's the Mad Titan. Not "the Misguided Titan," not "the Disputable Titan." He expects gratitude for genocide. He confuses torture for parental love. He claims compassion but revels in brutality and destruction. He's a psychopath, and clearly delusional. That's why he has to be stopped. If his plan made sense there'd be some debate as to whether or not he should be stopped. But his delusion is no more profound than what many real people live with. Now, planning to wipe out the entire universe as a gift to win the love of the personification of Death... that's a whole other order of magnitude of mad.
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    Funny pics

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    How would you price this Limitation?

    So the correct way would be just build a compound power, but you sound like you don't like that idea. Here it is for demonstration purposes: Healing 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Full Phase (-1/2), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Extra Phase (-3/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 1 Turn (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus a phase (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus 2 phases (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 2 Turns (-1 1/4), Real: 4 At no point would you be getting into the 1 minute time frame where the next break comes (unless you got to something like 18 dice). Personally, I would probably call it a -1 and not worry about it, with a minimum of 3 dice to start. - E
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    In other news...

    I dunno. Some dogs I'd avoid just looking at them.
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    “This is my hammer, Bork Bork Bork.”
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    Funny pics

    All that's missing is U...
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    Lord Liaden

    Funny pics

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    Old Man

    Funny pics

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    Old Man

    Funny pics

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    RDU Neil

    In other news...

    I'm always bummed that the scientists get the blame for all the bad stuff. Scientists are just trying to prove or disprove a theory. It is the engineers who actually put the science into practice and make bad stuff.
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    Just me....my girlfriend does my clea:P I have a pic of myself with her..but its got lotsa people in the background and ads and such..wasn't sure if I could post it here.
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    Superhero, as a genre, does have it's own rules. Anime is does not have a universal set of themes/rules it plays with. The genre conventions of Mecha Anime are not the same as Cyberpunk Anime, Fighting Anime, Slice-Of-Life Anime, Haram Anime, Magical-Girl Anime, Historical Anime; And some Anime is essentially Superhero Anime (Dragonball, One Punch Man, any magical-girl could fit this); What works in Dragonball Hero will absolutely not work in Kazei 5. Every generic anime gaming source book I've seen (a good half dozen) have been, to be blunt, utter trash. Which is what made things like Kazei 5, the old BGC RPG, and yeah, even the old Robottech RPG, work much better: they focused their rules within the genre they were. And frankly, to call "Anime" a genre is just culturally insensitive, bordering on racist generalizations. It's a whole medium where a lot of genres have their stories told.
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    On This Day in History

    The PEPCON disaster in Henderson, NV was 30 years ago today. After the Challenger disaster in 1986, there was a government direcive to store excess ammonium perchlorate onsite, an oxidizer used in the solid rocket boosters. An estimated 4500 metric tons was onsite, and part of the explosions. The more powerful explosion was rated at 1 kiloton of TNT, and caused damage as far away as the Las Vegas Strip. Next door to PEPCON was the Kidd Marshmallow Factory, which was destroyed by the blasts. In the aftermath, videos taken of the desert around the plants were littered with bits of burnt marshmallow fluff, and some reporters commented on the smell of pallets of marshmallows still burning after the initial blasts. I was on the third floor of the old library building on campus several miles away when the blast hit, and several of us were right up against a south-east facing glass curtain wall when the first blast hit. We rode out undulations in the floor for several seconds. Upon watching the second plume rise, a chemistry major friend started calculating under his breath, and announced that we should move away from the windows now. The second blast caused the flooring to undulate again, and this time we could watch the glass curtain wall twist from the force.
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    Funny pics

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    Well, I disagree. Break down most comic book villains' motivations with a deep dive in logic and you basically wouldn't have supervillains. Why would anyone 'take over the world' when you can use influence and finances to gain all the power and dominance you want? Why would low level villains rob banks when they could easily use their abilities or inventions legally to get seriously PAID. Insanity. Thanos is clearly damaged and insane. He's obsessed with a universal fix to the problem that destroyed his planet and only by using a similar solution to the one he previously suggested (which was proven viable in his damaged mind when he 'saved' Gamorra's world). The obsessed/insane Thanos can not possibly conceive of another solution, anymore than the Riddler can stop himself from giving away his plans with riddles. Also, being loved by an obsessed psychopath usually results in psychological torture IMO. The journey of Thanos in this movie resulted in the best and most complete Marvel villain to date. Was it a perfect journey with no plot holes? No, but it was pretty good IMO. I don't know what to tell you if this movie didn't gut punch you a few times (Peter's disintegration at the end was painful for me and I wasn't sure I was even liking the new Spidey up to that point).
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    I would have ranked Loki well above Killmonger without hesitation. Just sayin'.
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    Old Man

    In other news...

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    Call me crazy but I think there is going to a sequel.
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    The Sutherland Presidency

    I use him a lot, as you might expect. These days he's pretty much Thundrax's arch-nemesis and the thorn that keeps on poking. He's taken a position as the president's special advisor on superhuman affairs, and is running some horrible black box stuff away from the administration's eye (I don't like Trump IRL, and I'm trying to be careful not to use him as a bully pulpit.) But there is a tradition of politics and RL issues in comics, from the X-Men to Captain America to the animated Justice League to early issues of Action Comics, and I'm quite comfortable using that tradition to tell stories -- if my players aren't uncomfortable with those themes. If they are, then try something else. Besides, these days, punching Nazis is political. So be political.
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    Dr Strange may be the smartest and most strategic thinker of Earth's mightest heroes.