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    Nowhere in the movie does it state how long their trip took. That it only seems like it took one night has more to do with editing than story.
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    Funny pics

    They just put it on their bill.
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    While Steve was sleeping, Diana got out and pushed.
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    Agents Of SHIELD!

    The Flash takes a whole season to have the unstoppable villain to be defeated because they get tricked into running into a tunnel painted on the side of a mountain. Arrow has the villain run circles around the team because Oliver keeps alienating his own team leading to their near demise (watch them get trapped by explosives again). Gotham is a little grim for my taste. I have to put on Watchmen after seeing an episode to cheer myself up.
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    The Academics Thread

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    Lord Liaden

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    I had no problem with Thanos's motivation in this movie. He's the Mad Titan. Not "the Misguided Titan," not "the Disputable Titan." He expects gratitude for genocide. He confuses torture for parental love. He claims compassion but revels in brutality and destruction. He's a psychopath, and clearly delusional. That's why he has to be stopped. If his plan made sense there'd be some debate as to whether or not he should be stopped. But his delusion is no more profound than what many real people live with. Now, planning to wipe out the entire universe as a gift to win the love of the personification of Death... that's a whole other order of magnitude of mad.
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    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    A casino with a space theme, you say? Check the bottom of this page. I had run a Champions game set in Las Vegas off and on in the late 80s and early 90s, but the vibe would be totally different now. Then, you still had the remnants of the old guard, like the Dunes, the Sands, The Desert Inn, Sahara, and The New Frontier on the Strip. Downtown didn't have a canopy over Fremont Street, and The Mint and Lady Luck were still around. The mega-resorts were just starting to be planned and built. I had run a multi-part adventure for my players, which had them chasing various clues from villains originally unknown. Very often, they would end up crossing paths with Viper agents from the local Nest running strange errands. As things progressed, various motifs revolving around carnivals, circuses, and eventually clowns were involved, eventually culminating in a strange ultimatum involving a threat to send a Las Vegas Landmark into orbit. The PCs failed to stop the plan.
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    I think I'd just go with one or the other between hit location and activation rolls. They both have benefits and drawbacks. I'd personally lean toward hit location, since it allows the GM to describe the results of edge case rolls easier. If someone gets a hit location shot to the arm that knocks them out, that's weird. If they get shot in the soft armor over the liver, below the hard plates, then that's a description that makes it easier to maintain suspension of disbelief. I'd say this is a good case for using activation rolls.
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    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    The Golden Gate Alliance is a loose knit collection of independent heroes from the greater Bay Area. Not a formalized team in the mold of the JL or the FF, they are instead a more informal gathering of heroes who will come together when the need arises to share resources and power. (More akin to the original Defenders than the Avengers.) The alliance is the brainchild of Booster Gold, San Francisco’s most visible and best loved hero. If truth be told, Gold wanted a more structured team, but he couldn’t get the others to buy in fully. He did successfully create a network for the heroes to contact each other, though, a feat some still don’t understand how or why it was accomplished. For one thing, Booster is the only one that can understand Groot directly. (Cliff is learning, though.) Each hero is affiliated with an area or district in San Francisco. Booster Gold is known for his frequency in The Mission District as well as the Castro area. Naturally, there are a lot of rumors about Booster. Namorita makes her home in the San Francisco bay and is often seen in and around the Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf & Pier 39, and the Golden Gate Bridge. She is second in local popularity only to Booster Gold. Cloak & Dagger are legends in the rough Bayview-Hunters Point District, often cited as the most dangerous district in the bay area. Robotman (aka Cliff Steele) makes his home in nearby Oakland but frequently comes to the city to help out when things get weird (which happens a lot more than he is comfortable with) and to visit Groot, his favorite member of the alliance. Cliff is the only one that didn’t freak out upon meeting Groot; he’s seen a lot weirder. He is getting surprisingly good at understanding the walking tree. Groot lives in the middle of Golden Gate Park and is a home favorite keeping the peace in local areas such as the infamous Haight-Ashbury region. In fact, Groot has developed an almost cult-like popularity with the neo-hippies of the area. (More on that later.) Our villains, and the insidious plot, to come in… “With Six you get Egg Fu!”
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    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    I have a group called the Majestick Twelve that is composed of parahumans and aliens working for the U.S. Air Force in protecting the world (when the Global Defense Initiative is asleep at the wheel) from alien threats. They are based at (where else ?) Area 51. I also have a hero named Card Sharp who runs a casino with a space theme to let the group blow off some steam from time to time. With all that atomic testing back in the day you should have no trouble coming up with mutated humans and animals that would keep your team busy. Perhaps a whole community near one of those sites. There is an annual electronics convention there. You could do an "Oceans 11" -style heist for valuable technology on display there.
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    Agents Of SHIELD!

    Well, that answers the question of "who watches the watchmen."
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    RIP: Margot Kidder

    I need to give the nod to Dana Delaney in the animated series.
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    Lord Liaden

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    Wendy Pini, co-creator of the Elfquest graphic series, was (in)famous for rocking her homemade Red Sonja chainmail bikini at comic conventions.
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    Agents Of SHIELD!

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    RIP: Margot Kidder

    I still like Teri Hatcher the best, but yeah.
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    In other news...

    And now the saying, "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana" takes on a whole new meaning. 🤓
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    How would you price this Limitation?

    So the correct way would be just build a compound power, but you sound like you don't like that idea. Here it is for demonstration purposes: Healing 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Full Phase (-1/2), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Extra Phase (-3/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 1 Turn (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus a phase (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus 2 phases (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 2 Turns (-1 1/4), Real: 4 At no point would you be getting into the 1 minute time frame where the next break comes (unless you got to something like 18 dice). Personally, I would probably call it a -1 and not worry about it, with a minimum of 3 dice to start. - E
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    How does decapitation work?

    An impairing wound is when you take ½ or greater of your body before or after the multiplier. Disabling is if you took full body before or after the multiplier. This rule is the same in 6th edition as it was in earlier editions. It is also suggested that unimportant thugs and NPCs should be considered dead if they receive a disabling wound for faster game play. I would consider a disabling wound to the head to have decapitated an unimportant NPC. For a PC or important NPC they are only decapitated if they roll a 6 on the disabling chart and fail the CON roll. If any character is outright killed by a head shot they could be considered decapitated.
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    Level II Kevlar should defeat .357 magnum, according to spec. If you're looking for real life comparison, I doubt that three hits from a .357 to soft armor will KO someone. Kevlar is good at dispersing energy. Let's look at the hits: First one to the ceramic plate: Should do no stun. There was a demo video going around in the 80's of a guy in a Second Chance vest with a trauma plate taking shots from a .308 while standing on one foot. He was unfazed by the hits. (The intent was to show that the bullet impact wouldn't have enough energy to knock someone over.) IMO, if the armor value from a hard plate isn't enough to nullify the vast majority of the stun from up to a medium rifle round, then some additional non-resistant defense should be built into the armor to account for this. Let's say you have a relatively tough normal agent at 4 PD. Adding in 10 rPD, that's 14. I'm not sure what a medium rifle round is. Let's say 2d6 for the sake of argument. That's going to do an average of 7 Body and max of 12. So, given the rarity of the 11 or 12 roll, 10 rPD seems good for a hard plate. You could rule hits that get Body through as hitting on an edge or between plates, etc. Now, as to Stun: If an attack doesn't do Body on a plate, it shouldn't be doing much Stun, either. But that's not the way Killing Damage works in Hero. Going off of 4th/5th edition, the Stun Multiplier will roll a 3.5 average given the +1 Stun X on most rifles. So, the 10 Body attack that should be mostly resisted by the plate would do about 35 Stun on an average Stun (but high Body) roll. Take the 14ish PD away from that leaves 21 Stun getting through on a very solid hit. That seems high, going by my feeling that a round stopped by a plate should still do minimal Stun. But this is a game, and in a game, that's a very good roll, so the Stun should be good. Looking at 5th Edition (Not revised), page 276, the fixed Stun Multiplier by chest hit location is x3, so that'd be 30 Stun on a 10 Body hit, or 40 Stun if you factor in the +1 Stun multiplier. Those numbers also seem a bit high. On an average hit of about 7 Body, we're looking at 28 Stun going by the hit location chart and the +1 multiplier. That still lets 14 past our guy's defenses, which still seems high for a trauma plate. The average hit essentially dazes the victim, which doesn't match reality (or, you know, an armor manufacturer's demo tape from thirty odd years ago). It seems to me that perhaps adding a bit of non-resistant PD would be a better way to buy "realistic" body armor. The hits to the shoulder and thigh? Two locations seriously unlikely to knock someone unconscious regardless of armor IMO. People get shot in the extremities all the time and continue to function. Were you using stun multiplier by hit location rules? IIRC, the rules for stun multipliers by hit location give greater stun multiples to vital areas, but smaller stun multipliers to extremities, which seems appropriate. (They'd only get x1 by the book, or x2 if you're also supposed to apply the bonus stun multiplier, which is likely.) TLDR: The Stun numbers seem a bit too high, even if you're using the multipliers from the hit location chart. This is probably OK, since it's a game and a cinematic reality is the default setting for the rules. Bigger rolls should produce more dramatic results, and all that. If you wanted to add more realism, then adding a little extra non-resistant PD to the armor write ups might be a good way to go. Kevlar is good at dispersing energy, and that's not reflected in the Armor power itself. Edit: Here's a link I found to an interesting article on body armor, with more up to date details than my limited and dated knowledge: http://www.policemag.com/channel/patrol/articles/2013/01/understanding-armor-plates.aspx
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    Grilling bacon
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    Great fan theory over on Reddit.
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    Not only Justice League. Suicide Squad also suffered from onerous meddling and course-correcting by the studio. Then there's all the subsequent chaos of trying to get The Batman off the ground, the overall strategic decision to try and match Marvel at their game, etc. WB showed a consistent inability to get out of their own way, with their intransigent commitment to Snyder being only one example of that. Feige would never have continued with a director who was responsible for a movie that received the kind of scathing public scorn that BvS received. Yet WB doubled down with Snyder and put him in charge of Justice League. I'm sure some would call that loyalty, but others would call that poor judgment (me being among them).
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    Hi, this was a fail. Don't look at this

    Well, I would have preferred to depict the integral mathematically and derive the slope of the differential fail accumulation function, but I succeeded at that fail, which is something of a meta-fail, because the point of the thread is meta-fail and I succeeded, and that means I generated an essential singularity in the fail field here.