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    What happened to markdoc?

    Oh come now, I have always been the meekest and mildest of men Anyway, nice to see all the comments - Old Man contacted me and mentioned this thread, so I thought I would post. I wasn't actually banned back in the day, but Simon did give me a warning about making rude comments in a political thread during the last US presidential elections. I didn't think the comment was terribly out of line, to be honest, but these are Simon's boards, and I appreciated the effort he goes to in maintaining them, so rather than giving offence I said I'd bow out during the elections and come back when things were quieter. That was actually the plan buuut ... you know how these things go. By the time the election was over, I had a new job in a new country, and I was busy with all kinds of stuff (work, and being a tourist, mostly). Then there came another international move, and then we bought an old house that we are doing up, and I was active on other sites .... basically, I kept meaning to drop in, but never got around to it. I'm still gaming regularly and carrying on much as before: hope everything is cool with you guys. cheers, Mark
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    Up until a few years ago, the Hero Games website hosted a wide variety of book excerpts, supplements, and game aids for free download. However, with the most recent website upgrade, most of those items were considered not resource cost-effective to maintain, and were discarded. As a result most new Hero gamers are unaware they ever existed; and even some of the veterans may have missed the treasures they contained, or have since lost something from the collection they once had. However, thanks to the magnificent Internet Archive Wayback Machine, virtually all those items are still obtainable if one knows where to look and what to look for. But since many people don't know, I thought it would be helpful to provide links to representative archived pages. These downloads cover many areas: maps (from published books or supplementary), book excerpts and introductions (including supplementary info about the published official settings), wallpapers, color covers to PDF books, character sheets and hex maps, items cut from books for space (including supplementary forms mentioned in various books), adventure modules, character outlines for illustrations (under "Character Sheets and Hex Maps" for some reason), illos for cardboard mini figures, apps and utilities, graphics and sounds, and more. Many of these were generously created by Hero fans. Because the website has gone through several revisions over the years since DOJ bought the Champions IP, and each version has made changes to the downloads it hosted, I'm including links to Free Stuff pages from different years to cover as many of the varied offerings as possible. https://web.archive.org/web/20061201152750/http://www.herogames.com:80/FreeStuff/freestuffherogames.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20071013030046/http://herogames.com:80/freeStuff.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20110516165152/http://www.herogames.com/freeStuff.htm NOTE: Sometimes a file linked to on one of those pages would not actually have been saved on the particular day that page was crawled by Internet Archive. At the top of each page you'll see a graphic representing how many times the page was crawled on various dates. Clicking on that to get to another date will bring up another page, on which the item you want may have been saved. I recommend exploring. There's much there to enjoy.
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    Christopher R Taylor

    Module Conversions

    I have done a few module conversions on my website from AD&D (and Warhammer Quest) into Fantasy Hero. They are kind of rough but playable quick converts. I have done the following: N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God N2: The Forest Oracle N4: Treasure Hunt U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh U2: Danger at Dunwater U3: The Final Enemy G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief G2: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl B2: Keep on the Borderland I3: Pharaoh A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity I have work started on A2, I4, and G3, to continue and finish those series, but are there any other modules people would really like to see? Hint: I don't care to rebuild any of the S series.
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    HERO System Mobile

    I am pleased to announce the launch of the HERO System Mobile app on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. You can install the app by searching for it in your app store or by using the links provided. The app is free to use, ad free, and respects your privacy. Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herogmtools App Store - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hero-system-mobile/id1352750917?ls=1&mt=8 Amazon App Store - http://a.co/byom955 This project is an extension of an export template I wrote a few months ago. I had so much fun writing that template that I decided to develop a full app. Features Import characters from Hero Designer using this export template Characteristics and Skills may be long pressed and a check will be made Dice rolling tools (3d6, Hit, Damage, and Free Form) The H.E.R.O. tool generates random 250 point 5e supers (shout out to Cassandra for allowing me to use her original idea) Track statistics about your die rolls, including average values, distribution, total stun etc. This is still very much a work in progress and I have plans to add more features as time goes on. For now though I feel that it’s mature enough to release to the general public. Feedback is always welcome either here or at phil.guinchard@gmail.com Happy Hero-ing
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    In honor of the man's passing...
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    This is a campaign idea I've been thinking about recently to use with my current gaming group someday. Second Chances is a boarding house set up to assist supervillains in their efforts at reintegrating back into society after they've served out their sentences in Stronghold, maybe for those who've gotten released early for good behavior or after serving on the Champions Universe's version of the Suicide Squad. It's a government-sponsored halfway house dealing in supervillains. It might even make for a decent convention game background. My thought was to use it as the basis for a PC team, putting together former supervillains into a ragtag group of anti-heroes that actually can do some good together. Think Guardians of the Galaxy, only made up of parolees. It could also work for a Dark Champions: The Animated Series sort of setting. One of the things that the government would do is provide new secret IDs for each parolee in their efforts at rehabilitation, so they would all have the Social Complications: Criminal Record and Secret ID, maybe at a reduced level for the Secret ID, since it is one known to the government. Watched by PRIMUS (or another group that deal with supercriminals) would also seem to make sense. What sort of supervillains might work from the current CU as parolees? Shrinker and Foxbat might make for a couple of interesting fellow parolees, but who else?
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    In other news...

    Oompa Loompa doompadee doo I've got another puzzle for you Oompa Loompa doompadah dee If you are wise you'll listen to me What do you do when your truck, more or less, Crashes and makes a chocolatey mess? It's such a waste, losing cargo so sweet. Leaving people to clean the street. (It's like a giant candy bar.) Oompa Loompa, doompadee dar If you drive well, then you will go far. You will live in happiness too Like the Oompa Loompa doompadee do
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    Black Panther with spoilers

    So.... Who thought M'baku's vegetarian joke was awesomely awesome?
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    RIP: Stan Lee

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    Killer Shrike

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    D&D as the first rpg set the trend, and had first mover advantage plus hit on the zeitgeist of its times. In the 60's, early 70's Tolkein's books entered the public domain in the US on accident due to a bizarre clause in the US copyright laws regarding import of books from other countries. Ace published a bunch of royalty free copies at a reduced cost compared to other books of the time. The themes of the books in regards to "back to nature" / anti-technology and an overall anti-war sentiment meshed well with the counterculture movement of the day (what we think of as hippies these days), and the idea that the "pipeweed" hobbits made and smoked was marijuana found favor with the same group as well (Tolkein himself stated it was just a kind of tobacco). Consequently, Tolkein-isms and similar derivatives became a cultural phenomenon of the era, and you end up with wizards painted on the sides of panel vans and rock ballads such as The Battle of Evermore and so on. It resonated with a lot of people who did not conform to the mainstream norms of their day, particularly creatives. In the downstream ripple of that, we get D&D and other vaguely Tolkein-esque content including some early video games made mostly at colleges by young techies who were hip to the youth culture of their day. Superheroes on the other hand had their original heyday in the 1940's and then again later in the 80's. For a very long time, they were seen as being strictly for kids. This began to change in the 80's and 90's, and of course the last decade has been insanely big for superheroes. Unfortunately, most people only know DC and Marvel characters from the movies and TV shows, and for whatever reason both Marvel and DC have never really been able to get their act together when it comes to RPG's and videogames. There's been a lot of good rpgs published. I myself enjoyed Marvel FASERIP from TSR in the 80's, Marvel SAGA (the card one, which was actually pretty fun if you gave it a chance), and Marvel Cortex+ (which was a GREAT game). But either they don't catch on, or they are not supported and die off, or the license lapses. I think that perhaps part of the problem with getting more people hooked on superhero rpgs is that fantasy stories are mostly literary; you read them and imagine them in your minds eye. They attract readers who are good at imagining things in their minds eye. This is the very same skill one needs to get into and enjoy roleplaying games. Superhero stories are mostly comic books / graphic novels or now movies and tv shows; you experience these stories mostly by looking at pictures or cinematic representations. You don't have to imagine anything in your mind's eye...what is happening has been drawn or acted out for you to look at. It is a visual medium, and it draws people who appreciate a visual medium and want to be SHOWN what it is vs imagine it for themselves. There is some overlap; some people enjoy both traditional textbased books and graphical books, but a lot of comic book fans are not big readers in the general sense.
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    I refuse to believe that could be real. Tony Stark would have arranged something far grander than a simple headstone. I'm thinking the Tony Stark Memorial Cemetery, with a giant mausoleum in the center. Around the periphery of the mausoleum are several dozen statues of various Iron Man armors, each with eternal flames burning. Daily fireworks shows. Maybe even dancing girls.
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    Tom Hiddleston: The choices we make have a lasting impact. Not just on ourselves, but on those around us. On our communities. Even on the world. When considering the question before us, we must take into account-- Clerk, interrupting: Sir, I just need to know whether you want paper or plastic.
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    Personally, I object to Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, not (just) because he appears to have problems controlling his urges (lust, drinking, anger) and not (just) because his decisions show support for an agenda farther to the Right that I'm really comfortable with. I object to Justice Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court because when given a chance to state unequivocally that all Americans are equal under the law, up to and including the President, he couldn't do it. This, and this alone, tells me that he has no place on the highest court in the land. Your mileage may vary, of course.
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    Warning, long opinionated rant, feel free to skip: Well, that article about the ACLU saddens me terribly for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes sacred cows aren't just for show, they are pillars of the liberty we cherish. The fact those pillars didn't spring whole cloth all at once like Athena from the skull of Zeus doesn't make them less needful, quite the opposite. America was founded on some very high minded ideals. And let's get this straight, for most of our history, we failed to reach those goals. That's why they were so crucial. Each time "all men were created equal" was said, someone looked around and said 'what about those men without land?' 'what about the black men?' 'hey, we do mean PEOPLE when we use that universal men comment right? The women are pissed now' and someone struggled to make it so. One rung up the latter to the heights at a time. And sometimes we fall hard. But that doesn't mean it isn't worth reaching for. And instead some folks want give up one freedom because it complicates the pursuit of other freedoms? Well, GOSH, who the heck knew high ideals might lead to complications and difficulties instead of being easy? And once you make it possible to deny freedom of speech for one group, do you really want that precedent ready for expansion and re-use on another group? Understand, I am not saying that the local news needs to show up to every white power rally and treat them with any respect. I'd be satisfied with "I'm Tom Tucker, This just in: Neo-Nazis still bigoted idiots incapable of learning from decency or history, and now the weather"... Has it occurred to anyone that the White Supremacist movement has been making the most of others attempts to control speech? That it is fuel for their recruiting efforts? How many folks that voted for Trump said they admired that he didn't put up with Political Correctness? and was able to "tell it like it is"? And yet thirty percent (Roughly) of all folks who voted for Trump once voted for Obama? Maybe we shouldn't just disregard it with convenient labels and tell them to shut up, which they clearly feel is happening when any disagreement is labeled as racist or hateful. Honestly, I cringe every time I hear the phrase "White privilege" Not because I disagree with some parts of the theory. Just looking at the news of the last decade has me thinking that some police will feel a lot more free to abuse minorities than they would a pasty pale type like me. I cringe because 8 times out of ten, I see it used to say 'shut up' or 'you don't get to talk' to someone. It's an attempt by some to rob folks of their voice, and that's just one example of speech control attempts used in many circles. We can't even agree on the definition of some terms anymore, so yeah, kind of need to talk about that. When some racist scumbag white supremacist group sees that? They lick their chops, walk over to the guy who just got shut up, and say "We care. We'll listen to you. We'll give you a voice". Like I said, fuel to the fire. Some folks think the solution is to shut down more speech. I think the fix for Free Speech woes is, weirdly, more Free Speech not less and a respect for the RIGHT to speak even, or perhaps especially, by those who speak things we find uncomfortable or down right hateful. Words and speeches people LIKE aren't the ones that NEED protection. Because what's offensive to me may not be offensive to you and vice versa, and when a tide shifts, we need to have those out of favor still have a voice. Because believe you me, those in power are always eager to shut down opposition and precedent against them last decade becomes precedent for them the next. They will redefine what this or that means if that's what it takes to shut folks down. Now understand, I think Rosanne got her self fired REAL good and is not being censored just because she no longer has a show. I think boycots are a perfectly fine way to protest a company/ business you find in the wrong. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence, but you let folks talk in the public square because you respect their rights, even if you don't think they're worth spit.
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    Hyperman in the hospital

    I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see this. It is from a thread in the Hero System Discussion board but I know not everyone here frequents that spot regularly. I know how it hit me, and sad as it is I would still want to know. HM was a long time resident of these boards. He was a mainstay for many of us, always there, always supportive and friendly. I used to live in his part of the state but I never was able to meet him in person. I never knew quite what to say even earlier in this thread. But I wanted to get a chance to somehow say farewell to a guy I considered a friend even though I never got to shake his hand. When I heard about further brain surgery I pictured what he must be going through, I've seen my dad get such a procedure, but Didn't understand how truly bad it must have been for him. Goodbye, Hyper-Man. Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with this esoteric message board. We were better for it. Goodbye, David. I wish I could have met you. Good bye, Hero.
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    Still Alive

    Hey all, still here... Thought I would share what I have been doing...check out my web site, and the blog on it.... Website blog Website Youtube
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    WARNER BROTHERS: Everything you know about the Flash and the DC Universe is WRONG! COMIC BOOK FANS: So Flash isn't a socially-retarded motormouth anymore? And the DCEU isn't depressing destructo-porn with lame CGI villains set against videogame backgrounds? WARNER BROTHERS: Er... GENERAL AUDIENCES: Wakanda forever!
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    Those praising this in the name of their religion are being incredibly short sighted. While I think Christianity is not going anywhere soon, there are more 'nones' in American demographics when it comes to religion every year: People who are atheists, agnostics, 'spiritual but not religious', or of a less populated religion but don't wish to come out just yet. Add to that those who are openly of a non Christian faith, and it's entirely possible that in a 100 years, while Christianity won't be gone, it will be a 'large minority' or LESS. Now that we've set the precedent of religions being somewhat interchangeable, well, the shoe might end up on the other foot. If we still have the death penalty in a hundred years, some Christian fellow being put to death might have to accept the state handing him over to whatever Hare Krishna ,Wiccan Priestess, or yes, Imam is handy and convenient for said State. The Right to Freedom of Religion just took a hard blow here, and sadly, some very short sighted morons are cheering it on. Speaking as a person who tries to honor Christ (Terrible at it but hey), I just want to wipe the dirt from my sandals and walk away from this at this point, but this is my country and I'm stuck with them. 🙄 So for me, I offer up Thoughts, Prayers... oh, and VOTING as much as I can as ineffective as that feels
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    Wow'zers.... I had never thought I'd see someone else on these forums have this epiphany. 😉 That hits dead center on why Hero has become a dead game. My definition of a dead game is one that is not generally available for purchase via standard distribution. And Hero is a game that can only be purchased in electronic form if you know it exists. But back to your post. I'll complete your main theme: "In order to get customers, you have to get them playing the game." "To get them playing the game you have to have people running games." "To get people running the game you have to provide adventures to start them off." The problem with Champions Complete (CC) and Fantasy Hero Complete (FHC) is they are complete kits to build games. They are not a Complete Games. Now I know the "let Hero die away quietly" crowd will immediately chime in with "Real gamers don't use pregenerated adventuress and campaigns!" and then point to the existing products like The Turakian Age as proof. But they refuse to realize that TA's layout was enough to send potential players running. A new player (or GM) has to wade through 175 pages of in depth world descriptions before they hit the section of building a PC. To build a Wizard TA tells you that it has a 100 extra spells in TA, but you need the Grimoire (another product). FHC on the other hand just tells them a Mage gets 50 CP's of magic and spells, but doesn't contain any or give any usable advice on which ones to start with. D&D 5th may have the entire spell list in the PHB, but a new player only has to read and understand 1 or 2 out of a list of 10 or so in the beginning. What FHC should have had was detailed templates for Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfling Warriors, Wizards, Rogues and Priests. These would be rounded out with prebuilt and short spell lists, abilities/powers, weapons and gear appropriate to beginning adventures in a very very reduced slice of TA. A village on the frontier where the PC's stop goblin raiders. My point is that CC or FHC is not ready to play. And unless there is a ready to play version, people will not play it. Sure, like everyone in this forum, I refer my own homebrew campaigns and worlds. But CC and FHC is exactly like all the other RPG's in that people need to play it and learn how it works in play before they can really begin creating their own stuff. I am pretty sure that everyone that has played 1st thru 4th editions has played Vipers Nest. We played it because it was a great way to try out Champs and see how things actually worked. In hindsight I believe it would have been even better if they had included 5 or 6 pregenerated Heroes. Not The Champions, but a few initial build PC's. But that is just my opinion. Take CC and FHC as written, reformat into a modern book. The text can be reformatted to fit a modern layout with art. But the actual rules do not, that is DO NOT need yet another rewrite. But they do need a third section at the end. Six pregenerated Heroes and a short three connected scenarios adventure. A mini-campaign with all the villains, monsters etc. ready to go. They do not need to be elaborate and world shaking. They can be just tough enough for initial builds. They need to provide opportunities for combat and non-combat skill use. This would allow new to Hero players to actually experience the game in play and give them something to look at and say "I get it, that is what they meant". With Hero, once the system clicks you will never look back. But it will never really have an opportunity to click if no one ever plays it.
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    GHWB knew how to make a campaign promise to get elected, and then how to break it in order to govern responsibly. "Read my lips: No new taxes!" But when it became fiscally desirable... he signed a bill into law that raised taxes. I am sure he paid for it politically, but I prefer it to the sort of Republican who thinks deficits are just dandy once they are the ones running them up. He also did good as an ex-president. High point may have been his fundraising with Bill Clinton after the Dec. 26, 2005 earthquake and tsunami. As one pundit put it, in much of the world leaders cling to power no matter what. But here the world saw a leader who had the power to, no kidding, destroy the world if he didn't get his way, who gave up that power without a word of protest. And standing next to the man who beat him to take that world-ending power. Who then left office as gracefully, after seeing his anointed successor lose an election to the son of the man he defeated. Both of them saying, "Help these people, because it's the right thing to do." That, the pundit concluded, is moral authority with teeth. Dean Shomshak
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    Christopher R Taylor

    RIP Roy Clark

    Country music legend, picker, and TV host Roy Clark has died at age 85. Now, some of you probably only know him as that corny guy that co hosted Hee Haw (more on that in a moment) but Roy Clark was one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He had faster hands than anyone on earth and could flat out play. Here's an episode of The Odd Couple (cut to just the musical bits and setup) to help you catch up to speed. Watch it all the way to end, for the most amazing display of musical talent ever. Now, about Hee Haw. Roy Clark wasn't the only legend there. His co-host Buck Owens was also one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever to grace the country stage. It was the equivalent of a show hosted by, I dunno, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. Liszt and Mozart. Except it wasn't about them at all, they were just there to have fun and entertain people rather than show off (although once in a while they did). If you didn't know he could play... you're in for a treat.
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    I vote for Arthur Curry to travel back in time. They can call it "Splashpoint".
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    A Little Good News

    Farmers Stand In Silence At Auction So A Young Man Can Buy Back His Family Farmhouse
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    AIUI he recorded way more than that. Meanwhile,
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    LIGHT, I need some fricken LIGHT so I can see people Robin in the shadows, okay. Trained by the bat got it Raven? she was Goth before Goth was cool.. (was Goth ever cool?) But son of a gun, why can't we get a good look at Starfire, Beast Boy and others... could one of you step into the sun or even a cloudy day for five flipping seconds *Rant* Also, someone needs to edit the film so what when Robin says "F**k Batman" Captain America's shield flies from off screen to hit him in the back of the head
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    Superhero Cosplayers

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    As part of its coverage of the Trump detention policy, All Things Considered consulted immigration law experts who confirmed that the regime's claim to be just following the law as written is, well, a lie. But we all knew that. One of them, in pointing out that illegal border crossing is only a misdemeanor, specifically compared it to a parking infraction. So the regime is locking people up for the equivalent of double parking. Why such fear and hatred? Jeff Sessions gave it away in one of his speeches. He explained that Zero Tolerance was necessary because the USA "Is not an idea... It is a nation-state." As I argued months ago, no it isn't. The American population does not meet the definition of a "nation." Not unless you reject a large fraction of the citizenry as not really American. So it seems pretty clear that Sessions' objection to border-crossers is not that they break the law, it's that they are brown and speak Spanish. But we all knew that, too. This regime has gone from deplorable to disgusting, and is well on its way to depraved. Dean Shomshak
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    Christopher R Taylor

    Superhero Cosplayers

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    The more the tariffs' thing comes into play, the more I'm embarrassed. Not that I think all tariff's are bad, but these tarrifs are born of rationale regarding war and national defense? SERIOUSLY, what the.... We're doing this to Canada because of National Security? 1) The Term "National Security" has pretty much officially lost any meaning or credibility with this stunt if it hadn't already. 2) It's BLEEPING Canada! We take shots at each other, we joke, we sometimes grumble a bit about the other, but they're pretty much the best neighbors a country could ever be hoped to be blessed with on its northern border! They've had our backs more times than I care to count. Many Americans have family up there, and vice versa. And Coworkers and friends and so on. They're so much like us in so many ways that Europeans often confuse them for Americans (Not nice, Euro guys, don't do that, it shakes them up terribly). They're peaceful (Barring , I am told, certain strong convictions on Hockey?) and unless there's a fight over some dead pig on an island again they are particularly peaceful with us. 3) They're a successful democracy. Aren't we supposed to ... you know, give points for that ? Lord knows we may fall out of that category ourselves. But seriously, shafting dictatorships, punishing autocracies, and boycotting goods from Putintania, I could understand. But while we pride ourselves on carrying the torch of liberty blazing for all the world to see, Canada has it's own more eco-friendly (and less likely to draw mosquitoes) lantern of freedoms. God will punish America for its treatment of it's good neighbor, in fact, Justin Bieber is probably going to cut three more albums and move to Texas. Good work, Trump. You ####weed
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    Today's BBC World Service had an interesting story about a small town in eastern Tennessee where ICE just rounded up 97 of the undocumented, mostly workers at the town's meat-packing plant. This is Trump country. (He got something like 75% of the vote.) Nevertheless, many townsfolk are shocked and angry. The local minister is preaching sermons about loving all people regardless of native language or place of birth. See, the people arrested were their neighbors and an important part of their economy. And what about all those children who now lack parents? Townsfolk have taken them in, but are fuming that you *just don't do that to kids.* "Zero Tolerance" stopped being a narrative when it affected real people they actually knew. Dean Shomshak
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    "Neat" Pictures

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    There is a case to be made for using extra-dimensional movement, usableon others....
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    False. It suffers from a distinct lack of George Perez cover art.
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    Did someone say artist?
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    I know what you're thinking. "Is this Phase four or only three?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself.
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    To be fair, pretty much all the successful and popular games do the same. D&D5th, Modiphius has 5 or 6 RPG's, Savage World and Chaosium is on the way back though without the miniatures. And there are many others. But you actually left out one of the key factors on why their games are exploding in popularity. The ability for anyone to create an adventure or supplement without need of a specific contract. All the currently successful games have some version of an OGL or a "here are the guidelines and you can sell your creation as long as you meet them". D&D 5th has their "DM Guild" for example. They also realize that the concept of "GM's only like to run their own settings adventures and will not buy pre-built settings and adventures" is utterly false. The true statement is "GM's really prefer to run their own settings adventures but usually wind up using pre-built settings and adventures, except a lucky few." D&D 5th and Pathfinder adventure books are constantly selling. And not just those from WotC or Paizo, but the 3rd party adventures are also in demand. The D&D 5th adventure books sell out every week, and I don't mean just the new one, but my FLGS finds it hard to any of them in stock. I personally like home-brews far more than bought adventures, but due to little pesky things like real life I have run and played far more bought material in the last ten years than anything created by me or a friend. While I fully acknowledge I am not privy to company details, in a general sense this is what I would do. 1) Release a Quickstart. Basic rules, pregenerated PC's and a small adventure. Notice there is no mention of character generation. This is the biggest mental block/blindspot of Hero and Hero fandom. Character creation rules are not playing the game. Yes they are a great part of the Hero system. But they are NOT playing the game. A Champions Quickstart, a Fantasy Quickstart and so on. Something that will showcase the game for people that have never played and walk a "I have never GM'd before" GM through the scenario for the "I have never played an RPG before" players. The D&D 5th and the PF both have starter boxes that show polished versions. 2) Release a setting book around a city. Hero already has them, but they need to be paired down from the "super information overload" versions that Hero became famous for. The existing books are WAY over detailed. Also, you must have a map. An actual usable city map that you can see and read the names of the streets. For modern settings like Champions the Hudson City color map is perfect and always gets compliments. I would love to use Vibora Bay, but never had time to build the map that does not exist. For Fantasy just look at WotC/Paizo and their cities for inspiration. 3) Start with one well written multi-scenario adventure per supported line a year (similar to Adventure Paths, Plot Points, etc.) with a minimum of 6 parts. More and bigger as time goes on. 4) Unleash the fandom with a version of OGL or similar that allows them to create and sell PDF adventures. Looking at WotC D&D 5th OGL and DM Guild differences are a perfect set up. Reserve larger and hard-copy products for traditional licenses. But an RPG gets popular when people PLAY it and have fun. Get the game out there. 5) Reformat the product to appear like it was published after the 1800's. The rules are good. There is no need for yet another tweak. But there is absolutely nothing that will make it leap off the shelf. The cover was OK, but the old school black and white textbook look prompts 99% of current gamers to put it back on the shelf. In the end the target audience is not the people on this forum, it is the gamer that is not a Hero player. The Herophile that is on the "I only play my original material and all the current fantasy settings are lame" program is not going to do anything for Hero, once they buy the one rulebook and they are done. It is time to attract the mainstream tabletop gamer that routinely plays pre-generated adventures because they have pesky things like jobs or families and such with the associated lack of spare time. Simple adventures such as a series of robberies by a small group of super-thieves. Simple, teaches the system and can be literally dropped into any kind of campaign or game. Ensure the villains are also "generic" enough to fit into any game. Leave the "cool" and "unique" weirdness to the GM's out there that are inspired. A simple fantasy adventure where the PC track down goblins that have been raiding local villages. In the end the target audience is not the majority of the people on this forum. That majority have already bought the rulebook and have pontificated for years about how they will never buy anything again. After all they do not buy pre-built "insert product of choice" because real GM's don't buy pre-built products. So once they have the rulebook, what is left? So they are a wash. Time to get the players and GM's that are constantly buying those same evil pre-built adventures week in and week out. It is time to realize that it is 2019 and that the conclusions reached in the late 90's early 2000's are 20 years out of date. For proof? WotC, Paizo, Pelgrane, Chaosium, Modiphius, Troll Lord and Evil Hat just to scratch the surface. Settings and Adventures. Settings and Adventures.
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    As the heroes fight, someone climbs up the ladder from the building roof to the tower roof. GM: This is what my daughter was apologizing for suggesting to me. He looks like a bad Elvis impersonator, complete with the white sequined jumpsuit. And fangs. Maker: Vampire Elvis?! Vampire Elvis: Fang you. Fang you very much. (turns to Circe) Well, curse-a my soul, what's a-wrong with me, I'm itching like a bat on a fuzzy tree. My friends say I'm acting wild as a wolf. I'm in love, huh, I vant your blood... Maker: Someone take him down. Now! (OOC) Your daughter should apologize. She should know better than to give you ideas like that. The duchess' white mage (invisible to sight and hearing groups and radar) tries to dispel the extra magical defenses Malarky gave his teammates, but falls just shy. Malarky (not knowing the details of the mage's veil spell) switches his magic pool to give him Active Sonar. While he still doesn't locate the white mage, he does notice something large hovering about 30m over the tower. It's a cloaked VIPER Cockatrice flying personnel carrier. Shadow Boxer: That's how the duchess and her friends got so close! Crap! Someone needs to take that thing out before it opens fire, or I'm toast! GM: Why? The Cockatrice doesn't have any weapons. Shadow Boxer: Oh, I thought it was that thing with the 5d6 RKA laser. GM: Nope. The flying APC is totally unarmed. (pause) Though the five Air-Cav agents flying out of it are carrying laser rifles... Despite the big-bad Duchess, the nasty Banshee, and the invisible White Mage all being nastier threats, three of the seven heroes (Maker, Circe, and Nexus) concentrate their attacks on Vampire Elvis. Each attack provokes a new song from him. Vampire Elvis: You ain't nothing but a blood hound, dyin' all the time. You ain't nothing but a blood hound, dyin' all the time. Well, you ain't never been bitten And you ain't no friend of mine. Since the duchess bit me, I've found a new place to dwell, Down at the end of Lifeless Street at Undead Hotel, oh baby. You make me so hungry, baby. I feel so hungry. No matter how hungry, I can't die. Well it's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go bat go, But don't you step on my blood red shoes. You can do anything but lay off my blood red shoes! You can stake my heart, stick a cross in my face, spray holy water all over the place. Do anything that you wanna do, but uh, huh, honey lay off of them shoes... Maker: Aaargh! Make him stop! The heroes finally put Vampire Elvis down. Vampire Elvis: Elvis has... left the building... (thud)
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    So the correct way would be just build a compound power, but you sound like you don't like that idea. Here it is for demonstration purposes: Healing 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Full Phase (-1/2), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Extra Phase (-3/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 1 Turn (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus a phase (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus 2 phases (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 2 Turns (-1 1/4), Real: 4 At no point would you be getting into the 1 minute time frame where the next break comes (unless you got to something like 18 dice). Personally, I would probably call it a -1 and not worry about it, with a minimum of 3 dice to start. - E
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    Balanced Starships

    I wouldn't mess with point costs. Instead I would pre-design a lot of the ships and just limit what the players can take. Just because the game system would let someone buy something, that doesn't mean it's appropriate in the campaign setting. For example, you can't normally be a starship commander in a D&D game. Point costs aren't about how "realistic" something is. It's about how useful it is in the game. FTL speeds get very high for a tiny increase in points. That's not realistic at all. But remember, in the game, there's not much difference between 20 points of FTL travel and 50 points of it. In both cases, you're traveling to a fictional location that is as far away as the gamemaster wants it to be, and it takes as long to get there as the gamemaster says. It's a "scene change" power. The GM says "Okay, you're traveling to the Andaarian Nebula. You've been going there for the last 4 days. You still have 2 more days to get there. On the way, your trip is interrupted by this thing happening." It doesn't matter if it's the Andaarian Nebula, or some other place he made up. It doesn't matter if you've been traveling for 4 days, or 4 weeks, or 4 hours. You've entered into the realm of GM narration. It's perfectly fine to say that your big battleships can only go at X speed, while smaller interceptors can go faster. If you want your game universe to work that way, that's fine. But don't bother with changing the point costs. It will give a false illusion that you've balanced it somehow, when in fact you haven't.
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    But still have to buy things for. "I don't understand why we had to come here." "It's date night." "But why are we at a restaurant?" "We're a couple. Couples go out to dinner together." "But you don't eat!" "I don't see what that has to do with anything." "Why did you order a dinner if you can't eat?" "Now you're just being mean." "You ordered STEAK and LOBSTER!"
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