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  1. The current version of Java (from Oracle) moved/removed a number of functions that HD was utilizing. The current update to HD will work with all versions of Java since Java 6 (including the current), but the versions that you list above will require Java 6 - Java 8.
  2. Saw them...has no bearing on things -- the poster is responsible for the tone and content of any links they post. Posting a link to an article that focuses on fear mongering (or just lies) is not going to end up any different than just posting that on your own.
  3. I'm not saying that it's impossible or even outside of the realm of likelihood. What I am saying is that conjecture and fear mongering is not going to be tolerated. "Oh no! RBG is in the hospital! Everything we hold dear is going to be overturned in the SCOTUS while she's incapacitated!" That shit is NOT going to fly and will get you banned from the forums. I've let things slip recently while folks vented, and that was a mistake. If you have factual news to post and discuss, feel free....otherwise, take it elsewhere if you want to continue to be welcome in the forums.
  4. STOP. THE. HISTRIONICS. If you have actual information regarding cases that are going before the SCOTUS, feel free to share and comment. If you continue to conjecture and fear monger, you will be punted.
  5. Simon

    Add on for designer

    If you're talking about the rules from the various 5th Edition supplements, they're still available in HD when you build a character based on a 5E template (just make sure you have the appropriate rules supplements enabled under the application preferences). If you're talking about the character packs (prefabs and characters from the supplements), they're available in the online store.
  6. Simon

    HD giving bizarre costing

    Because you've selected "apply Modifiers to base Characteristic" (assuming you're purchasing STR as a Power with Modifiers added to it) Or you're building it as a Naked Modifier and not constructing the ability properly (so you're creating, in effect, a Naked Limitation)
  7. Simon

    Where are the old export formats?

    Apology accepted. Please refrain from outbursts in the future -- you are a guest in these forums.
  8. Simon

    HD: Advanced Player's Guide I & II Powers

    Adding "Only with PRE Attacks" is up to you/the GM. I've seen it in the past at up to a -1 Limitation, but that's more about how prevalent PRE attacks are going to be in the campaign (as in: how often not having +30 PRE for defense against attacks is going to matter) and how limiting you see it in light of the existing Limitations on the ability. As for the cost, it sounds like you've checked off "add Modifiers to base Characteristic" -- that means that _all_ of the character's PRE has Extra Time and Costs END to use (not just the +30). Uncheck that box (so that the Modifiers apply only to the +30 PRE) and it should have a cost of 17 points.
  9. Simon

    HD: Advanced Player's Guide I & II Powers

    Let's start with the basics: under 6E, Growth is not a level-based Power (i.e. it's not purchased as +X for every Y points) -- it has discrete increments defined. Density Increase, on the other hand, remains a level-based Power. That is the reason for the difference in how they act relative to automatically adding to Characteristics. That said, what you're doing is incorrect and not in accordance with the rules of the system. Density Increase is meant for characters that can change their density. Characters that are always dense simply purchase the relevant bonuses (and take the relevant Complications). Similarly, Growth is meant for characters that can change their size -- characters that are just big (always) purchase the relevant bonuses and take the relevant Complications to reflect their size.
  10. Vehicles have DEF, not individual PD and ED -- purchase a Reinforced Cockpit just like any sectional/reduced coverage DEF. Tires are built pretty much the way they are presented in TUV -- buy the associated Powers/Talents, assign any relevant Modifiers, and you have your build.
  11. Simon

    HD: Advanced Player's Guide I & II Powers

    Abilities in APG I & II are not part of HERO System cannon. They generally fall into two categories: 1. Abilities that are specialized builds of existing Powers. These can be modeled in HD the same as any other ability -- write them up the same way they are presented in the book (purchasing the standard base Power, assigning Modifiers, etc.). Often you'll need to use a Custom Modifier, but that's kind of the nature of the APG. 2. Abilities that have no equivalent base Power in HERO System. These are rare, but they do come up. You'd need to create a custom rules template in HD to model these (the rules templates are where HD gets the definition/setup of all abilities).
  12. Simon

    Where are the old export formats?

    Dude...you really need to calm down. 1. Hero Games did not quash or discourage 5th Edition. The export formats are created by users, the site simply hosts them. 2. The difference between a 6E export and a 5E export is pretty much just the Characteristics section...and only a few of them at that. That's it. It's about 5 minutes of work for someone to convert a 6E export format over to 5E. If you were a bit nicer and FAR less antagonistic in your approach, you might have been able to take advantage of that...but I suspect that that ship has sailed at this point. You're going to want to learn the "massively complex" markup required to edit the exports on your own, should you choose to go that route. Now, I would stongly suggest (as an admin of these forums) that you change your tone. I'm being nice and not punting you from the site, but this is the only warning you're going to get.
  13. Simon

    Automatons, Defense Powers, and Entangle

    That is in accordance with the rules.
  14. Perhaps it's time to point out that some are painting with an overly wide brush and running afoul of the rules of this thread (and forum) - Greywind, looking at you (others as well, but you've been particularly egregious). I'm making this a public warning -- if there's need for additional action, it will be private...and more severe than many would want. This is not your pulpit.
  15. Simon

    Can't Log Into Old Account

    I will be closing this thread after this post. Regarding mental issues: the goal is to treat everyone equally, NOT to treat people as special or otherwise. Your story is suspect, to say the least. Multiple parts do not add up. You have a gibberish account name with a likely invalid email address (possibly a one-time use email...more or less the same thing). You failed to keep backups of your purchases, but managed to keep backups of all your "receipts". You forgot what email address you associated with the account or no longer have access to it. You forgot your login information. You offered on multiple occasions to send an email "from" the address if we gave it to you...apparently trusting that we would not know that anyone can send an email from any address they choose (that's just how email works). If I had to guess, the account in question was used as a shared distribution point (read: theft) and has been locked. I will be making recommendations to Jason accordingly.