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  1. I believe the code is still owned by the original author (as I've seen nothing donating it to open source), with the IP owned by DOJ.
  2. The MATH container is going to use the HERO System rounding rules (don't get me started...) and output whole numbers only. You'll need to look to use scripting internal to your export (e.g. JavaScript in an HTML export) to sum and display values with 2 decimal places.
  3. Three containers/tags that should help: <!--TOTAL_CARRIED--> - gives the total weight of carried items <!--IF_CARRIED--> ... <!--/IF_CARRIED--> - container that will only have contents included if the item is carried <!--IF_NOT_CARRIED--> ... <!--/IF_NOT_CARRIED--> - container that will only have contents included if the item is not carried
  4. 1. Ensure you have admin access on your system before performing administrative tasks like changing file associations. 2. As mentioned earlier, Google "jarfix" - the first result will point to a download that you can run to correct the file associations on your system.
  5. Simon

    HKA calculates incorrectly?

    Either do the "math" for doubling the purchased amount in your head during gameplay or edit the Power writeup in HD.
  6. Simon

    Alternate Desolid

    You shouldn't need to modify the jar file itself (that would make applying updates...difficult). You're just looking at an extension template. If you want to get really tricky and modify the rules followed by the builtin templates, there's some fun you can have with HD's class path -- put the template to override in the same directory as HD6.jar (with the same name as it has in the jar file itself) and it should be found first in the class path search. Just make sure you do that for something like Superheroic6E.hdt, and not Main6E.hdt - you want any updates to the base templates to take effect when you update HD6.jar.
  7. Simon

    Alternate Desolid

    You'd need to create a custom template to do it "officially". Model the template definition off of Density Increase and you should have most of the tags/attributes that you need for the ability, though it'll still be slightly kludgy when approaching the 40 point limit.
  8. Also, you may want to read you END example a bit more carefully. If you only want +2 END you still pay 1 point, not 2/5 of a point. If you want +6 END, you pay 2 ponts.
  9. HD is following the rules of the system, as you have been told multiple times. If you would like to have a discussion about changing those rules, you're talking to the wrong guy - you want Steve Long. It would have been MUCH easier to code HD to round everything (even non-calculations like base points) the same way...even with the utterly nonsensical rounding rules that the system uses (1.49999 "rounds" to 1.4 which rounds to 1). But that's not how the system works and not how Steve has defined it.
  10. Simon

    Range on clairsentience

    yeah, the warnings on startup have been there for a year or so -- they're just in the trace.log file and don't cause any issues. Part of the print to PDF functionality -- since I'm not likely to be updating jruby, it's not going to be an issue.
  11. Vondy - you know better. STOP making it personal - discuss the issues, not the poster. You, in particular, need to tone back your rhetoric and, perhaps, pay attention to how you're coming across.
  12. Simon

    Range on clairsentience

    The problem was in the displayed value, rather than the more generic range value calculation (meaning: it was limited solely to Clairsentience). There's a new update posted which should address the issue.
  13. Simon

    Multiple Foci / reduced effectiveness

    HD is following the rules of the system. For someone who knows the rules as well as you claim, you should be able to find a reference that is directly out of 5ER and Sidekick.
  14. Simon

    Multiple Foci / reduced effectiveness

    Not my job and not the purpose of this forum. HD is following the rules of the system.
  15. Simon

    Multiple Foci / reduced effectiveness

    Read the rules.