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  1. Simon

    Negative Stats

    See Equipment Tags in the documentation. You would need to use those (likely TOTAL_CARRIED is the one you'd be after) along with some MATH.
  2. Simon

    Negative Stats

    If/when Steve develops rules within the HERO System for negative Characteristics as Modifiers or Adders on abilities, then they will be added to HD. Until then, you'll want to look at using custom Adders or custom Modifiers as appropriate.
  3. One of those things, guaranteed. You're not special - there's no special code in the site that said "if dmjalund visits, show the mobile version"
  4. a) your browser is (for whatever reason) identifying itself as a mobile device (this would be part of the user-agent header in requests to the server) b) you are sharing a cache with your mobile device (tricky, but it's been done...and a horrible idea) c) you have happened across a direct link to set the theme (specifically requesting the mobile version) and are using that as a bookmark
  5. Then you don't have Java installed...at least not the full version.
  6. Also: update your Java installation -- you really don't want to be running something that out of date.
  7. Post the output of the command above.
  8. What version of Java do you have installed? HD will work with Java 6 or better, which is pretty much anything you'd actually have/want installed at this point. You can determine your Java version by opening a command prompt and entering: java -version
  9. Which icon are you double-clicking? The download is just a zip file...when unpacked, it will give you (among other files) HD6.jar -- that is the executable for the program and contains all information needed to run HD. Offhand, it sounds like you've got an old shortcut that you're clicking on rather than HD6.jar...
  10. Negative Adders have been around for a while - this was about negative level-based Adders
  11. Danke - pretty sure it's one of mine from years ago (Cryptic days)...some of the system caches finally refreshed and showed that the previous logo was in one of the monthly upload folders that we had to prune.
  12. There's nothing in the HERO System to allow for that, but it's a relatively minor adjustment in the application code to make it work. Try with the current update (just posted) -- should work as expected using LVLVAL (should always be positive) and LVLCOST (can now be negative) attributes.
  13. Apparently you are that tone-deaf. For your own safety your posts will be moderated for the next three months.
  14. Are you actually so tone-deaf as to start with that crap here and now? Does this seem like a wise idea to you?
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