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  1. Simon

    Jan Build

    Generally minor/tiny esoteric fixes.
  2. Simon

    HDv3 hiding windows

    If you're referring to editing a power or ability within a character, then you may have positioned the edit dialog off of the screen (happens if the screen resolution changes, for example). Delete the appPrefs.xml file before starting HD and all positions will be reset.
  3. Simon

    Autofire - MidSteps

    I just pushed up an update that should fix that.
  4. Simon

    Sub-Window Stops responding (Random Issue?)

    Also pay attention to the title bar of the window/dialog -- if it's grayed out, that's a good indication that there's another modal dialog open on top of it. Some versions of Java will allow a modal dialog in the background to be raised over the active dialog. The active dialog is still there and has control, but you need to switch focus back to it in order to do anything.
  5. Simon

    Sub-Window Stops responding (Random Issue?)

    Post a copy of the trace.log file the next time the problem happens. Most likely due to an issue with Java on your system, as there's nothing in the application code to cause that. You may want to try uninstalling all copies of Java from your system and reinstalling the latest release from www.java.com
  6. Simon

    Deck creation questions ..

    See that "Support" tab at the top of every page on this site?
  7. Simon

    useless characteristics

    You don't seem to have a good grasp of the system...or the purpose of this forum.
  8. No, I said pretty much exactly what I meant to say.
  9. Simon

    skills issue

    There is nothing (at all) within the application to do anything approaching what you're talking about. The only guess I can make continues to point to user error -- editing the text of a skill/ability rather than deleting or editing it.
  10. Simon

    Fantasy Hero Encumberance and STR Mins

    I'd look through the export format area of the Downloads on this site. If you don't find something that does what you're after, you can either tweak an existing one or post a request in this forum for someone to do it for you...
  11. Simon

    Fantasy Hero Encumberance and STR Mins

    The details contained in an export are entirely dependent on the export format chosen. For STR Minimum, it will only auto-calculate if you enter the actual value -- select the appropriate range to get the right Limitation value and then change the text from a range (e.g. 10-15) to a specific value (e.g. 13).
  12. Simon

    skills issue

    Without any other details to go on, I'd have to say user error.
  13. Yes. I would suggest reading the Store entry for HERO Designer and asking any further questions in the HERO Designer forum.
  14. HERO Designer uses the file to generate HTML output for a character. You can open the HTML file in any browser.
  15. Yes and yes. Read the documentation -- specifically, the section titled "Characteristics as Powers"