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  1. Simon

    Advantages on CHAs

    Read. The. Rules.
  2. Simon

    Advantages on CHAs

    No, it wouldn’t. please do yourself a favor and read the rules.
  3. Simon

    Advantages on CHAs

    Yeah...HD is following the rules of the system. Know the rules and building something in HD is as easy as the particular construct allows. I would again suggest you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the rules. Remember: you posted another thread wondering why “Instant Change” wasn’t available.
  4. Simon

    Advantages on CHAs

    Again, I would suggest you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the rules of the system. Start with the basics: reasoning from effect. "I want the character to knock people back really far when he's running." "You mean anytime he runs, people around him go flying?" "No, only when he runs into them." "Ok...so when he does a Move Through, they get sent flying. Is that a facet of his STR?" "No, it's from his running." "Running doesn't do damage. Velocity-based damage is part of the Move Through Maneuver, however -- do you want the increased knock back to apply to all damage done from the Move Through Maneuver?" "Yes." "OK, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the rules regarding placing Advantages on Maneuvers. In particular, you're going to need to calculate the effective Active Cost of the Move Through Maneuver in order to determine the cost of the Double Knockback Advantage on it...and then pay for that cost. It won't be particularly cheap."
  5. Simon

    Buying Naked Advantages in HD5

    More or less what I said. I would still strongly recommend reading over the documentation -- the bulk of the questions you've posted are answered there or in the rulebook itself.
  6. Simon

    Advantages on CHAs

    No, it doesn’t.
  7. Simon

    Buying Naked Advantages in HD5

    You’re applying Modifiers to the Naked Advantage, but never specifying what the NA is. You may want to read the documentation.
  8. Simon

    Speed chart app or program?

    If making it “bigger on your screen” is a function of font size, look for a thread in this forum about HD on Windows high resolution screens - there’s a fix, but it’s a little cumbersome.
  9. Simon

    Levels w/ Missile Deflection

    They’re Combat Skill Levels
  10. Simon

    Standard Instant Change

    This power is not in HERO System 5th Edition.
  11. Simon

    Package Deal

    You save it as a Package Deal and then use the Apply Package Deal functionality.
  12. Still current. What version are you running and how are you launching it?
  13. Simon

    Speed chart app or program?

    First off, please note that HD only supports 5E on up. For the screenshots, you can view the user documentation for HD: The UI is what would best be described as "utilitarian" (if you're being generous) -- that was never my focus (nor my strong suit)
  14. Simon

    Speed chart app or program?

    The export formats are for use in HD...and can be found in the Downloads section of this site. As far as why HD, it's really dependent on what you're after. HD will help you create fully rules-compliant characters (this is non-trivial...and dedicated pen-and-paper folks often find little rules and exceptions that they were never aware of)...and it generally takes the time and headache out of the character creation process. It makes it easy to play with character designs, power write-ups, etc. While it will help guide you through the process of creating rules-compliant characters, it will also let you go outside of that with various "custom" options where you just enter the points and display/writeup that you want. You'll find more information in the store entry for HD.
  15. Simon

    Speed chart app or program?

    No programming knowledge/skill is required to use HD. If you want to create your own export formats (vs. using any of the myriad that are freely available or asking others on this forum to tweak one for you), you would need to know basic markup.....and that's about it. Again, what you're looking for exists, but is a VERY small part of what HD will do for you.