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  1. Again, the ONLY filter HD uses is on the file extension. You likely have them saved as fileName.hde.xml
  2. Have you read the documentation? Specifically the section on printing and exporting characters? When you go to select an export format, are you navigating to the directory that you've saved the files to? If the answers to (1) and (2) are both yes and you're not seeing anything, then you haven't saved the files with a .hde extension (that's the only thing that HD looks for). Most likely your browser is trying to "help" by saving the files with a .xml extension -- you'll need to stop it from doing that or rename the file (changing the extension to the proper .hde)
  3. You'll find all of this covered in the documentation, btw
  4. You don't. At least, not directly from HD. You can use any of the available vehicle export formats to export the sheet. From there, printing a hard copy (or saving as PDF) is up to the application you're using to view it (e.g. your browser of choice).
  5. Simon

    Is it still a 2 year sub when ordering HD software?

    The 2 year subscription model was stopped in 2013 -- it's been a one-time purchase since then. Updates for the current major version (HD6) are available from the client area. At such time as a major version upgrade is done (no plans at this time), it would need to be purchased, but at a discounted price for those who currently own HD.
  6. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Back from a brief vacation... Starting with Java 9, Oracle broke the way the UI manager handles some of the look and feels (the appearance of the GUI components). Methods that worked without issue previously started throwing errors. In particular, the look and feel that HD uses by default was modified. I just posted an update that _should_ work in all versions of Java (using reflection to determine the proper call to set the look and feel).
  7. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    You don't have base GUI classes required for the application to run. Go to www.java.com
  8. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Get Java from Oracle, not Apple. www.java.com
  9. An issue in a recent software update -- fixed in a patch that was applied this morning.
  10. Simon

    Converting/Importing old Hero Creator files?

    You're going to need to key everything in the hard way -- you're talking about a program that is over 15 years out of date. While it was updated for 5th edition, it was never even close to being rules-compliant...so even if you were to work on some form of export/import process, you'd have more work in identifying and resolving conflicts/rules violations than you would just keying the character into HD from scratch.
  11. Simon

    2018.01.01 Errata compliance?

    Yes, HD fully supports HERO System 6th Edition
  12. Simon

    We lost a good one.....

    I was very saddened to see this. He will be missed.
  13. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Something's definitely not configured correctly on your system. Could be easy: make sure you have full rights to the directory that you're running HD6.jar from -- it's going to try to create some files and subdirectories there and will error out if it doesn't have access. If that doesn't work, open up a terminal and post the output from the following: java -version You can also try navigating to the directory that you've saved HD6.jar to and manually running the app via the following: java -jar HD6.jar At the very least, you should get to see whatever error your system is throwing that way -- post it here and we can work from there.
  14. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Ok...a few things: 1. The JDK is the Java development kit - it includes the runtime environment (what you need) plus a bunch of developer tools (which you most likely don’t). You could install just the JRE (Java runtime environment) by going to www.java.com 2. A statement of “check the console” sounds like you’re trying to run the application from your browser...which you’ve likely realized by now you don’t want to do. Double click on HD6.jar to launch the app. If that doesn’t do it (some windows systems don’t like to let Java configure itself for .jar files), google “jarfix” - the first result will contain a small program you can run to correct the file associations on your system.