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  1. Simon

    5th Edition Revised Psychokinesis

    Actual description of psychokinesis in 5E: i.e. you're looking at a heavily modified form of BOECV which reflects the PK being targeted by the character's mind (independently of their physical Dexterity) but otherwise no different from TK. It's a construction which relies on you using your brain, common sense, and dramatic sense...not unlike many things in the system.
  2. You'd need to go through the Javadoc for that. Any empty method call that the object in question supports is accessible via the ATTRIBUTE_VALUE construct -- it's really just doing reflection on the object to find a method matching the name specified and then calling it without arguments/parameters.
  3. Simon

    Downloading the PDF

    Go to the Purchases section of the Client Area on the site. Store -> Manage Purchases or Store -> Client Area -> Purchases
  4. Simon

    trying to download purchase

    Go to the Purchases section in the Client Area (after logging in).
  5. Simon

    Cut and Paste Query

    Copy/paste between characters works just fine. Note that you cannot copy, say, a Power and expect to paste it into the Complications tab on the second character....but any legitimate location will be allowed.
  6. Best bet is likely to go the reflection route: <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->realCostPreList<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->
  7. No, it is not. Unfollow the thread and/or turn off notifications. Also note that you can subscribe to a forum in general (so any posts made to that forum will be sent to you). Same directions apply there.
  8. Simon

    Martial Arts Killing Damage

    Maneuvers carry all information in the save file, so if you load one in from a prefab (or other character), they'll come over and save into the new character with all information from the original file. Meaning: if the maneuver was defined with 4 DCs in the prefab that you're using, then it'll have 4 DCs when you add it to a character (regardless of template), when you save it, and when you restore it from save. The only way to change that is going to be to remove the Maneuver entirely and add it again from the character's template (i.e. using the base Maneuvers defined on the Martial Arts tab and setting the name/display appropriately).
  9. Simon

    Martial Arts Killing Damage

    Note that if you have templates with the same name as the built in templates in the directory that you're running HD from (e.g. if you've unpacked the .jar file into that directory in the past), then those templates will be used first, superseding the ones included in the .jar file for HD.
  10. Simon

    Martial Arts Killing Damage

    Offhand, looks like you're using a custom template - the DCs (and all other attributes) of Martial Maneuvers can be changed in the template...and whatever template you're using defines the DCs of the Maneuvers as having a base of 4.
  11. Simon

    Martial Arts Killing Damage

    Really not sure what you're asking here. Killing Strike and Killing Throw both have 2 DCs of killing damage, totaling out to 2D6+1 (7 DCs) for 25 STR. Joint Break has 4 DCs of killing damage, totaling out to 3D6 (9 DCs) for 25 STR.
  12. Again, the ONLY filter HD uses is on the file extension. You likely have them saved as fileName.hde.xml
  13. Have you read the documentation? Specifically the section on printing and exporting characters? When you go to select an export format, are you navigating to the directory that you've saved the files to? If the answers to (1) and (2) are both yes and you're not seeing anything, then you haven't saved the files with a .hde extension (that's the only thing that HD looks for). Most likely your browser is trying to "help" by saving the files with a .xml extension -- you'll need to stop it from doing that or rename the file (changing the extension to the proper .hde)
  14. You'll find all of this covered in the documentation, btw
  15. You don't. At least, not directly from HD. You can use any of the available vehicle export formats to export the sheet. From there, printing a hard copy (or saving as PDF) is up to the application you're using to view it (e.g. your browser of choice).