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    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Back from a brief vacation... Starting with Java 9, Oracle broke the way the UI manager handles some of the look and feels (the appearance of the GUI components). Methods that worked without issue previously started throwing errors. In particular, the look and feel that HD uses by default was modified. I just posted an update that _should_ work in all versions of Java (using reflection to determine the proper call to set the look and feel).
  2. OK...it's unlikely that we'll be able to get away without any political discussion taking place in the forums (despite the fact that the forums are for an RPG and there are plenty of other arenas for political discourse) -- so we're going to make a dedicated spot for them to take place. With rules that will be followed. Before I get into the rules, a little bit about self-policing. You guys are a good group. I'm assuming that, political differences aside, you'd like to keep each other around. So you're going to be the first level of checks that will take place. This is the ONLY US political discussion thread that is going to be around. If you see someone start another thread for politics, or if you see another thread head that direction, it's in your best interest to shut it down quickly. Once I get wind of it, the thread originator (or poster who diverted the thread) will be moderated or banned from the forums (depending on the nature of the post). No arguments, and no discussions. No, I'm not going to sticky this thread. No I'm not going to make a general announcement on the rules. The rules are largely unchanged from the general rules of the forum -- ensuring that others are up to speed and don't unintentionally violate them is on you. Talk to them before I do. Now, onto the rules for this thread: 1. I will be monitoring this thread heavily. Email notifications, reading along as time allows, etc. I don't give warnings -- if you fail to follow the rules, you will be moderated or banned outright. If this bothers you, I would suggest NOT participating in this thread. Find any of the plethora of other areas of the interwebs for your political discussions. 2. Lies or half-truths which are determined to be intentionally communicated on your part will not be tolerated. You present the facts. If you're not sure of the facts, then you don't post. If you want to post something that you saw and agree with, you will want to make sure you do your due diligence and research it first to ensure that you are not passing along lies and/or half-truths which happen to be in line with your political view. 3. Attacking of other forum members is subject to immediate banning. Don't like what someone has to say? Great! Post a factually accurate counter point to their argument and make your case. Discuss the topic, not the poster. 4. This thread is meant to be a place where ADULTS can have a SANE, RATIONAL discussion of politics. Posts which are viewed to be in violation of this concept will not be tolerated. Yes, this is a very general rule -- use your brain and interpret it to the best of your ability. If you feel that this makes it difficult to know where the "line" is and that you may accidentally cross it, then I would strongly advise that you not come anywhere near the line. If this means that you are uncomfortable posting in this thread for fear of crossing an arbitrary line, I would refer you to rule 1.
  3. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    You don't have base GUI classes required for the application to run. Go to www.java.com
  4. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Get Java from Oracle, not Apple. www.java.com
  5. An issue in a recent software update -- fixed in a patch that was applied this morning.
  6. Simon

    Converting/Importing old Hero Creator files?

    You're going to need to key everything in the hard way -- you're talking about a program that is over 15 years out of date. While it was updated for 5th edition, it was never even close to being rules-compliant...so even if you were to work on some form of export/import process, you'd have more work in identifying and resolving conflicts/rules violations than you would just keying the character into HD from scratch.
  7. Simon

    2018.01.01 Errata compliance?

    Yes, HD fully supports HERO System 6th Edition
  8. Simon

    We lost a good one.....

    I was very saddened to see this. He will be missed.
  9. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Something's definitely not configured correctly on your system. Could be easy: make sure you have full rights to the directory that you're running HD6.jar from -- it's going to try to create some files and subdirectories there and will error out if it doesn't have access. If that doesn't work, open up a terminal and post the output from the following: java -version You can also try navigating to the directory that you've saved HD6.jar to and manually running the app via the following: java -jar HD6.jar At the very least, you should get to see whatever error your system is throwing that way -- post it here and we can work from there.
  10. Simon

    Can't launch HD6.jar

    Ok...a few things: 1. The JDK is the Java development kit - it includes the runtime environment (what you need) plus a bunch of developer tools (which you most likely don’t). You could install just the JRE (Java runtime environment) by going to www.java.com 2. A statement of “check the console” sounds like you’re trying to run the application from your browser...which you’ve likely realized by now you don’t want to do. Double click on HD6.jar to launch the app. If that doesn’t do it (some windows systems don’t like to let Java configure itself for .jar files), google “jarfix” - the first result will contain a small program you can run to correct the file associations on your system.
  11. The last update posted was 20171119. Martial Grab adds 10 STR to the character's grab, you're seeing the total in the display field (you apparently have the character's STR at the default of 10). If you want to change the way Martial Grab works, you'd need to create a custom template and redefine Martial Grab...though STR bonuses are always going to be added in to the character's STR (there's not much of a way around that other than to hardcode in the DISPLAY value for the ability rather than having the program swap in the total STR).
  12. And read the documentation. Help -> View Documentation...
  13. OK...we're running into some issues with observation skills here. Let's make it clear: Store -> Manage Purchases Store -> Client Area -> Purchases They both go to the same page. They both allow you to download purchases.
  14. It's a download (link included in the confirmation email -- check your spam folder or your provider's spam filters if you haven't received it). All downloadable purchases can be accessed from the Purchases section of your Client Area on the site.
  15. Click on the link for the Store (top of the page) -- you'll find HD under featured products on the main store page or under the HERO System Software category (linked off of the main store page).
  16. Simon

    Powers displayed in different colors

    Blue text means that the ability's display has been edited to a user-defined value (and will no longer be updated by the application). To revert to the default display text, click on the ability's display text (to enter edit mode), and delete/clear all text -- the program will insert the default display when you hit enter.
  17. Simon

    Linkage error?

    It's because there is no "fixed" value to add to the character's defenses for Absorption -- it's a game-time determination, not a character creation determination.
  18. Simon

    So how do I change my title?

    Make roughly 471 more posts. Important addendum: without spamming or flooding the forums (while that will change your title, it won't be what you want)
  19. Simon

    HTML Export

    You may want to do some digging there and see if that applies to any/all CSS (which would severely limit your ability to post styled or structured text), or just <style> containers. If the latter, you'll likely find some options in the Downloads section. If the former, you'll want to stick to plaintext export formats for the most part.
  20. Simon

    HTML Export

    An indication as to why no CSS may help people find options...
  21. Simon

    Not online?!

    1. You'd be very, very wrong about the "relatively trivial" part. Even a strictly RAW approach (without ability to customize) would require a LOT of custom logic worked in. 2. You would need to talk to HERO Games (DOJ) about licensing before approaching an idea like that - you're talking about a large portion of their IP.
  22. Simon

    Possible .APK Conversion?

    Unfortunately, it's not that simple -- mobile systems like Android use a very different version of Java from what you get on a full install (JRE). A large portion of the application would need to be completely re-written (the entirety of the UI, a decent portion of the file handling, much of the internal logic, etc.), with conversion handling only those APIs that are shared between the full JRE and the mini version that runs on mobile devices. For the effort involved in both the initial re-coding of the application as well as the ongoing maintenance of multiple different codebases, it's completely non-workable from a financial aspect --- NO ONE would pay the amount it would cost to cover those expenses/efforts. Most are hard to convince to drop more than $5 on a mobile application, a proposition which only works out if you have massive sales and low cost of entry (we'd have neither).
  23. Simon

    Equipment Tab not showing

    Well, for one, you extended builtin.Main.hdt...so HD has no idea that you're looking to use heroic rules. I'd recommend extending builtin.Heroic.hdt to remedy that. The equipment tab will be enabled by default for heroic rulesets. You can enable/disable the equipment tab under the Campaign Rules (settings tab).
  24. You can specify other Characteristics to base a Skill off of, but all Characteristic-based Skills/rolls will use the same formula (which you can also set in the campaign rules). By default, it's 9+CHAR/5 (regardless of which Characteristic is chosen). If you change that, it will affect all Skill rolls, not just those based off of OCV.
  25. You can create a custom Characteristic that bases its value off of other Characteristics, but not one that bases it off of itself (obviously)....which is what it sounds like you're looking to do. Combat Skills are best handled via Combat Skill Levels (on the Skills tab).