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  1. Starlord

    Ant-Man and the Wasp with spoilers

    Throwaway 5 second scene with the giant ant playing drums
  2. Starlord

    Funny pics

    He still looks pretty good for a 90-year old though.
  3. Starlord

    A Game Of Questions

    I am? Wait, what is my other half then?
  4. Starlord

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Runaway is definitely one of those surprisingly good, yet unknown 80s movies.
  5. I think part of that is Mike Colter is just not good at the choreography and he is very stiff.
  6. Kawhi and Green for DeRozan, Poetl and a protected 2019 pick. Spurs definitely won this cuz IMO Leonard will not stay and you don't even know what you're getting from him this year.
  7. Kawhi for DeRozan and others? While they seem to feel they need a big shakeup, IMO this would be a HORRIBLE move for the Raptors. As I previously pointed out, Kawhi has decided he wants LA and is willing lose $100 mil to get it. He is not Paul George, he will not re-sign with a city on the other side of the continent in a different country.
  8. This is very close to what my list would be. Probably slide First Avenger and Black Panther into the middle range and swap Ant-man/Wasp with Thor. I really thought it was well-done and is surprisingly underrated by Marvel fans IMO.
  9. Starlord

    A Game Of Questions

    Wasn't it around the same time we decided to stop deciding things behind my back?
  10. Yes, it was interesting to see. Unfortunately, there was something in his post that got me feeling a little 'down'.
  11. Fair enough. You're wrong, but fair enough.
  12. Starlord

    A Game Of Questions

    Didn't we promise there'd be no Latin here?
  13. Starlord

    The Academics Thread

    ....who conveniently has perfect grades in your class?
  14. Close...I actually enjoyed the Drax and Mantis interactions.