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  1. Pretty sure he signed with tv and movie company in January.
  2. Yeah, you lost me there. I'll give you Thanos v Hulk (perhaps they've built up some serious knockback resistance?) being disappointing to some, but the other fights in IW are the best I've ever seen, and the Titan battle is at the top of that. All of my buddies and most folk on the Interwebz rave about the Titan fight. IMO it was amazing, particularly when Strange cuts loose. The Russo's know their comic book fighting. I think the directing is the key and combat for Civil War, Ragnarok and Spider-Man was also pretty good.
  3. So, no collusion, prrrrrobably obstruction. Wonder how much money all this cost.
  4. Guile, subterfuge and emotional manipulation sounds very Black Widowish.
  5. Wait, NOW we're not allowed to be tedious!?! There goes my other 10%. So much for me. Peace out, y'all.
  6. We can't waste people's time? Great, there goes about 75% of my posts. Ok, ok...90%.
  7. Kitty Pryde - tiny space dragon. Oh wait.... 1. Lex Luthor - hairless cat 2. Cyclops- pet Wolverine
  8. Yon-Rogg does sound more like a Lovecraftian entity than a Marvel villain.
  9. Great. Now I wanna look up old HEE HAW videos on YouTube.
  10. Eh, at this point MCU Marvel has a much longer association with a woman than it does a man anyway. I thought Fury losing his eye was intentionally played for stupid, i.e., look at the way this badass character actually loses an eye. HAHA, aren't we funny? No? Ok. I actually thought his reaction to it was far worse. He completely no-sold a serious injury for the rest of the movie. It's one thing in an action movie to take a serious blow and keep fighting, but then to be calmly sitting around the dinner table like nothing happened. I found that a bit jarring.
  11. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I have used this many times after someone says something amazing or unbelievable.
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