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  1. Hasn't it been out for blu-ray and digitally like a month or so now?
  2. Starlord

    HFFL '18: Son of Gronk

    You might wanna pick up some players, DT.
  3. Starlord

    In other news...

    Student driver ends up in pool Cue 'carpool' jokes
  4. Starlord

    Funny pics

    Officer Fred Jenkins, Savior of the Universe.
  5. Starlord

    HFFL '18: Son of Gronk

    Ah, you're talking about possible negative pts for getting the punt blocked.
  6. Starlord

    HFFL '18: Son of Gronk

    Hmm, well it shows Vikings D/ST allowed 29 pts. That should be accurate.
  7. Starlord

    HFFL '18: Son of Gronk

    ...and Patrick Mahomes.
  8. Starlord

    Funny pics

    It says at the top 'no stupid questions'. That's false advertising.
  9. Starlord

    HFFL '18: Son of Gronk

    Possibly because the defense didn't give up the points.
  10. Starlord

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Obscure 80s movies mini-marathon yesterday with the well done B horror Deep Star Six and the clever Sci-fi thriller Runaway with a solid performance by Tom Selleck and a cheesy, over-the-top but decent attempt by Gene Simmons as the psychotic villain Luther.
  11. Starlord

    Rule 63 Fairy Tales

    The Little Merman The Lion Queen Sleeping Hunky Jack White and the 7 Little People Alex in Wonderland
  12. Starlord

    College Football 2018-19

    Big 10 is really down this year.
  13. Starlord

    A Game Of Questions

    Don't they look better that way?