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    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Peaky Blinders is fantastic. The best show on Netflix now that House of Cards lost Spacey.
  2. I'm telling Thanos you have the Time stone.
  3. James Cameron tiring of the Marvel Universe from Indiewire. I'm hoping we'll start getting 'Avenger' fatigue here pretty soon. Not that I don't love the movies. It's just, come on guys, there are other stories to tell besides hyper-gonadal males without families doing death-defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process. It's like, oy!
  4. Starlord

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    Might not be that crazy if one of them is a Wentz. If you get a decent QB you're halfway there.
  5. Starlord

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    Well, nothing else has worked so far....
  6. Starlord

    The Academics Thread

    No such thing as bad student. Only bad teacher - Mr. Miyagi
  7. The military hammered into me the inability to eat my food slowly.
  8. Hmm. Black Widow was pretty ineffectual against Bucky both times times she fought him whereas Cap ended up defeating him eventually.
  9. "Sooo dark! You must be from the DC universe!" 🤣😂
  10. Starlord

    In other news...

    Atlanteans are real
  11. My wife will only drink from glass containers. She generally carries a glass water bottle around with her. She will not drink from a plastic, paper or styrofoam bottle/cup and won't stop at fast food unless she has her glass water bottle because all they have are to-go cups.
  12. I do the same thing. I finish all of one thing then move onto another.
  13. That was odd. Anyway, re: non-supers - an interesting thing for me is the suspension of disbelief that arises concerning any comic book character that is physically a 'normal human'. The idea that (for all his supreme skills and intellect) Batman's 'normal human' tendons, bones and spinal chord could survive more than a minute during any super-powered battle is something often overlooked IMO.
  14. Why do I feel like these are some the questions Batman asked the other Justice League members right before the Tower of Babel storyline?
  15. Someone will start the thread every July-August or so. There will probably be openings. However, competition is tough since the same amazing person seems to win every other year. You certainly can't do worse than the British dude who thinks he's a Tribble, though.
  16. - The best of times, the worst of times - Cap would beat Batman - Kara Zor-el - Incomprehensible number of 'game' threads - Seenar v. Michealnenonen - A really awesome dude won the Hero Fantasy Football League, like, eleventy-seven times - Ewoks
  17. He said they would go the way of the western and that these things are cyclical. I never saw it as the 'dissing' that some seemed to think it was and took it so personally. Particularly when you consider Westerns had a pretty good run of 30-40 years at or near the top and still get made sporadically today.
  18. Starlord

    The Advice Column

    Always check your references.
  19. Starlord

    In other news...

    The Matter-eater Lad enzyme
  20. Starlord

    Funny pics

    Always read the label.