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  1. Ninja-Bear

    Animated Skeleton (Heroic Fantasy)

    I like it! Not sure you can sell back Everyman skills. I really like the Common Knowledge success chart!
  2. Ninja-Bear

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    Nothing against the Royal couple and God bless their marriage but yes I had enough. My wife watches Giod Morning America and as “news” kept showing little stories about wedding. Ackkk!
  3. Ninja-Bear

    Greetings, Programs!

    Ric Conway if you have UMA then may I suggest shurikenjitsu? Then may I also suggest Power skill-Tron items (or something better worded).
  4. Ninja-Bear

    Greetings, Programs!

    First question is (and there is no wrong answer) what edition are you using and which rulebook? I try to give advice based on what resources you already have. Also by Heroic, you mean that that characters can get equipment for free? Or do you see characters buying powers? Off the cuff I could Tron being bought and worked as super Heroic rules but very low powered. The choice of course is yours.
  5. Ninja-Bear

    Only for Dying...

    Dsatow brings up a good point. I’ve bought Body only against Disable/Impairment before for martial artists.
  6. Ninja-Bear

    RIP: Margot Kidder

    Yes RIP
  7. Ninja-Bear

    Lost genre's?

    I’d play in Ghostbusters. It sounds fun.
  8. Ninja-Bear

    Stats for a wooden stake?

    I was going to suggest something like this too.
  9. No problem knuckles.
  10. Ninja-Bear

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    May I add Hugh that if you roll 3 ones, then you automatically decapitate?
  11. Ninja-Bear

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    There is. Make an absolute. In this case it should be expensive. But doable. Before anyone argues that there are no absolutes in Hero, i’ll note that in CC under No Absolutes there is a line that you can still make one under GM discretion naturally.
  12. Btw what edition are you using? If using 6th, I would also suggest deadly blow versus demonic.
  13. If you are the GM, then one thing I would recommend is that Devils and demons and such should take the x2 Body and x2 Stun against Holy creatures/items. i pretty much view conditional and limited as being the same. But as a catch all, I’d go with limited.
  14. Ninja-Bear

    Lost genre's?

    I remeber running across some weird WW II miniatures years ago. Nazis had werewolves, Frankenstein, and undead zombies. Always thought that would fun to play.
  15. Ninja-Bear

    Lost genre's?

    Dust Tactics minis always looked cool to me.