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  1. That’s why I suggested that he start with some basics to get the feel of the game mechanics before he tries to build his world. And especially cause he is so new I wouldn’t try to assume what type of campaign he is planning based on point totals.
  2. Ninja-Bear

    Lost genre's?

    Archer there is the Weird War series of games from Savage Worlds. They are WWI, WWII and Vietnam Nam. Called weird because like Deadlands, there is magic and monsters in them.
  3. Ninja-Bear

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    My two cents-more zombie like if iirc his background.
  4. Ninja-Bear

    Mixed Martial Arts

    Deadman what was is the suggested way to buy off ground fighting penalties?
  5. Ninja-Bear

    Treating A Centaur Heart Attack

    Well they weren’t just horsing around. 😬
  6. Like Brian said , that’s a lot of resources! I would start with very learning the basic rules of the game because you will use, discard and if needed modify the rules to fit your vision of the game. But that’s hard to do when you come in cold into the system. Since your thinking Heroic level, grab stats from Competent Normal and throw in perhaps another 25-50 pts and then go on a hunt. You have the Bestiary. Use different game mechanics and see how they work. If feeling adventurous, grab any sample magic in vol 1&2 and just you it as is again just to see how the different modifiers work in play. Now as a side note, you can write down what you think works for your game and what doesn’t. Don’t be beholden to thinking that the game Must be Heroic if a majority of rules make it easier to use Superheroic rules instead. Btw you can do these sample runs by yourself. The thing is that, at least for me, you can read the rules all day and read some of the best written examples but it doesn’t click as like seeing it in action. Also don’t try to learn every rule right off the bat. If you aren’t using mental powers for awhile, leave them in the back burner. Also you don’t need to use every option in the book especially starting out. I’m helping my brother with a fantasy game and we started with the bare bones like I told him, down the road when he gets more comfortable and an option is more appealing, then we’ll add it in. I promise you it does get easier.
  7. I think Star Hero would be more likely but considering that Fantasy Hero Complete I think didn’t do so well, I think it’s highly unlikely.
  8. Ninja-Bear

    Kung Fu 2100

    Since you reminded me about this though, I floated around the idea that each Power in Hero terms might be a multipower. So Iron Fist might be say a HA in one slot and Tunneling in another instead of trying to build One power to cover both descriptions.
  9. Ninja-Bear

    Grenade Pool

    Pompeii (not sure about the spelling)
  10. Ninja-Bear

    Gen Con 2018

    My bucket list is to make one sometime.
  11. Sorry but Daredevil in episode three having a nasty knife wound and can barely walk, fights thugs by jumping off the walls like Capt. Kirk? And that’s called good fight choreography? No it isn’t. But I like the show otherwise.
  12. Ninja-Bear

    Easiest system game

    For $5 you can pick up Basic Fantasy which is clone of D&D Basic.
  13. Ninja-Bear

    Questions regarding running HERO Fantasy

    I used the spell colleges that are in Fantasy for 4th ed with a few minor tweaks and they work fairly well.
  14. Ninja-Bear

    Questions regarding running HERO Fantasy

    Doesn’t Fantasy Hero have a sample spell system you can adapt?
  15. Ninja-Bear

    Questions regarding running HERO Fantasy

    Sorry La Rose. What I meant was do you have any Hero books that even have a sample of magic spells which you can steal from?