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  1. I looked back at the original post and I liked Wonder Woman. Even being set in WWI. Btw I thought WWI was a neat change of pace.
  2. To clairify your last question. Yes Batman should be able to do what a cinematic hero is able to do. And how everything else in this game, Cinematic expectations should be expressed before building a character.
  3. Hugh thanks for the illumination on STR chart. Back to Batman. I remember Steve Long noted in Dark Champions that some characters seem to work on two different character sheets. One for classic Champions and one for Dark Champions (which is closer to Heroic level)- my words. So to Answer your question, I think it really does come down to game expectations. In a JL cartoon, how often does he even have to push his strength to throw goons ? Or pick up big rubble? Or even never gets crushed but is trapped under rubble? So strength 25 isn’t out of question. Now those same stunts in Batman:TAS ? Harder pressed iirc. So maybe 20 STR - just so I don’t have to deal with 1/2 die, is more in order.
  4. Ninja-Bear

    Kung Fu 2100

    Not sure. That’s why I’m spewing out ideas. Thanks. My next question is how to determine what advantage/disadvantage each has.
  5. Ninja-Bear

    Kung Fu 2100

    Now comes the fun part, I know I want to write up each ability as a separate power. I would like the possibility of a Terminator/Jelly to lose an ability. What I’m thinking is a phy lim: lose one ability if takes body.
  6. Ninja-Bear

    Kung Fu 2100

    Here are the list of abilities: Iron Fist- Punching used to destroy doors and equipment. Lightning Foot-Kicking used to destroy doors and equipment. Body of Mist-Provides total protection against Punches and Untrained Attacks. Monkey Soul-Useful for scaling walls and Dodging bullets, total protection from Lightning Kicks Mountain Heart- It’s an ability which you can lose a level but on recovery phase, may recover. Jellies have access to 4 weapons which Terminators won’t use. Throwing Spikes (which go first), Yawara, Bo staff, & Nunchucks
  7. Ninja-Bear

    School is out: RIP Bob Dorough

    Rest In Peace. I too sing those songs!
  8. Ninja-Bear

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    That’s good!
  9. Ninja-Bear

    Kung Fu 2100

    In the pocket box game, if you take a hit, you lose an ability. If you lose all of them, you are considered unconscious. It’s a odd but ingenious way of tracking health and managing resources. Do I lose Monkey Soul which allows me to climb and avoid gunfire? Or do I lose Iron Fist and an ability to take out foes easier. If you lost all combat abilities, you fought under untrained column - which is horrible. In Hero terms I could see it as possibly tied to a custom form of Impairment. (Note this wasn’t translated into the GURPS version).
  10. Ninja-Bear

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Conversely, a large enough normal attack should trip a CvK, yet I haven’t seen it done. Anyone else?
  11. Or another thought I had was for a disadvantage, “normal”, phy lim: -5 STR for lifting
  12. RDU Neil are you suggesting then that the max weight listed for STR should be considered Pish STR? Cause I like it.
  13. Hugh I think though it’s the STR lift chart which threw a monkey wrench into things. Consider before the STR chart, normal 10 meant what? Nothing definitively. I myself as a couch potatoe would easily fit in as a 10. Once the chart started and people started to question what average was then we shifted to Average really should be 8. Also once people did the math and look up world records being were saying that no way a normal can deadlift at 25 STR. Notice how in 5th, Max weight to be lifted became defined as Max barely off the ground and perhaps a step or two. (I’m also thinking that this was also in 4e too). I wondered years ago, what if the STR chart shifted to the right? 10 STR max was the old 5 STR max? Last point, as NCM shows us (and many other rule discussions) players seem to mispply rules even when spelled out.
  14. Btw I don’t care one way or another what Rotten Tomatoes has any movie ranked at. I don’t trust critics.
  15. I predict that no matter what, someone is going to complain about Avengers: IW. And claim it’s the worst movie ever and everyone should boycott it. I also predict that that more than likely I won’t see it in the theaters. That is due to time, money and family, not because of the movie itself. FWIW, I finally saw Wonder Woman about a week ago.