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  1. Ninja-Bear

    Help with first character?

    Not Christopher your assumptions are wrong from the get go. The OP just needs to check with GM on guidelines the GM is using. Is there a hard cap? Or soft cap? If any? How super are the Supers compared to Normals? Does the GM encourage a lot of skills or few (this wasn’t one of your suggestions but still is a bad assumption). Bricks by definition only really need high strength to be classified as a brick. How high again is based on genre and game play-everything else is secondary. If the GM/players are ok with a fast brick, there is NO rule against it. The problem with a bunch of advice on this thread is people are. giving advice for the character based on THEIR games/concepts and not based the OPs.
  2. Ninja-Bear

    Super Agents and Air support technique?

    Do these agents have a plan? Nah, they just wing it!
  3. Ninja-Bear

    Help with first character?

    Sorry but I have to point out that people on the board are claiming that chararistica Maxima is the maximum for humans. Ever since the term has been used, it’s been a misnomer. NCM is a disadvantage that a normal can take and any characteristic above that value is doubled the cost. I.e if a character has NCM and STR is set at 20 then a character can still buy 25 STR but the 5 points past 20 are now doubled the cost. (Sixth has allowed the GM to change at what value NCM starts at. The benchmarks in fifth have Primary characteristics at 31+ being Superhuman.
  4. Ninja-Bear

    Power that can be damaged

    Quick answer (and I skipped all the other posts), physical manifestation I believe is designed for that.
  5. Doing laundry I imagine myself as Sisyphus at times.
  6. Ninja-Bear

    A New Setting

    Watching too much news? Oh there are squeaky wheels out there for sure but it’s probably not a problematic as those wheels would have you believe it is.
  7. Ninja-Bear

    A New Setting

    Don’t see why it has to.
  8. Ninja-Bear

    Superhero vs Fantasy

    I just wanted to add to Spence’s post is that I’m not sure how miniatures may add but I do think that that may add to for some to chose Fantasy.
  9. Ninja-Bear

    How Many Focus Do Your Characters Use?

    My very first character was Shadow- a ninja. He had 4 major focus, his sword (hka), his throwing stars (eb), nunchucks (ha) and climbing claws (clinging). I’ve had one or two characters since then that had a focus of some sort averaging two per character.
  10. Ninja-Bear

    How Many Focus Do Your Characters Use?

    Except the proper term is Grammer Nazis.
  11. Ninja-Bear

    Champions Creation Cards

    I’m axiously waiting for extra cash to buy them.
  12. Since the OP stated 5th, I would use Negative Penalty Skills Levels and I would allow that to take the focus limitation.
  13. The skills are generally only available in the listed area specified in the Base. I.e, you can’t use Breakfall every where, just in in gym. Now as to the Underground city being a Base. I don’t see why not. You’re just having the “rooms” be connected by “open” space. Good question though ought and My answer is nowhere official nor RAW.
  14. Ninja-Bear

    Saitama (One Punch Man) vs. Thanos+

    Yes but can Thanatos survive Squirrel Girl 🧐
  15. Ninja-Bear

    Character Sheet from Champions Complete?

    I just PM you a way to print a sheet off though I think this site should have a downloadable version.