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  1. Hugh when I started in 4e I took 60 act pt because like you stated, everyone had 60 act pt powers. I’m not sure if I have the right mix yet but on mummy mind though if you want people to take less powerful options, then there should be a good game reason why. Iow if 12DC is max and 10DC is average I think villains should be able to be hurt at say 8DC. Not a lot mind you but not to be totally useless. In my games now I strive for more versatile characters to not have the max DC output.
  2. Well I also seen the idea that STR should cost 2pt per 1 VAL since STR is so useful and cost effective.
  3. Sean about the two MP working together, I believe back in 3rde there was a villain written up like that. Also have you checked out Champions 5th genre book? I like how Aaron Allston used MPs to enhance the archetypes Basic Powers. He is another key though. He only allowed powers within their respective power sets. As with anything else in Hero, it can be abused! But should it stop you from using it altogether? I say no.
  4. Let’s not forget though that (at least some of my martial art characters do spend point on abilities. For example my Hwrang warrior can do extra damage hitting nerve points with his War Fans. So I had to buy HA with NND advantage and limitations to represent this as a skill.
  5. One way I think you can balance things with MPs is that they can be used for utility -iow cover bases but they shouldn’t be as powerful as a dedicated power.
  6. MP to cover a wide range of bases yeah that has become very popular in the later editions. If you look at the sample characters in CC, you would think that it’s almost mandatory! However, I don’t think that that was always the case. So how did we get here? And more importantly, does it have to be that way?
  7. Oh I agree with this! I also would say that in case of say swords for example if my ninja bought a Katana but no WF and he uses an Enemies katana- no problem but if he picks up a Claymore then perhaps there is a minor one.
  8. If you got a chance to look at trained warhorses in a Bestiary, perhaps that Horse or Horses could pick up a skill for free? At the very least, they are really friendly towards you so in game when you call for one, they come-no making a characteristic check to see if they listen.
  9. While we’re on the topic of weapons, I feel that certain weapons (mostly martial art weapons) shouldn’t grant all “powers” just because it’s OAF. You still need the appropriate WF. For example a Sai grants besides its damage, CSL to Block, Disarm & Takeaway. Joe Average shouldn’t have access to those CSLs unless he has the proper WF. I can see that with other equipment too case by case.
  10. Another potential advantage of spells versus mundane items is monsters. If a GM keeps with prebuilt, there are monsters which magic hurts them more or even at all compared to a mundane weapon. Iirc Were Rats have 75% Dmg Red not vs Silver and Magic and I think in the same book Ghosts with Desolid can be harmed by magic as default.
  11. The bigger problem I had with different source books was like you said “understanding that that is the author’s perspective” then meshing multiple books together. I remember having angst because I tried to mix “back in the day” Ninja Hero with Dark Champions and even at the Heroic level each author had different campaign expectatio. How can that be I lamented to myself. Even though I read where you as the GM could change as needed, Aaron Allston was more vivid on that account iirc, I still was at the stage of I must use published cause how dare I change anything thinking. Now? I know better. My brother wondered why (I think it’s a Pick Ax) in one source book has a -1 OCV but other Fantast book doesn’t. My answer was that’s what the author thought and you are free to change it.
  12. Sean you beat me to the punch. It think it’s an art with this game of establishing when points do matter and of how much.
  13. I also thought (but haven’t used) Alternate Defense. So the spell is versus Power Defense!
  14. As to better spells, why do you think I buy 1m AoE accurate? 😁 And maybe no range modifiers advantage?
  15. Hugh I agree with you on the Superman point! That’s what I think too.
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