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  1. CpSpalding

    Goodbye Balabanto

    Goodbye Mike, you're going to be missed. What times we had around a table rolling dice.
  2. CpSpalding

    Writing up Lego Batman

    This is what I came up with. This game has 18 versions of Batman and 3 Robins so it's necessary to emphasize certain things over others to avoid having everybody playing the same character. Thanks, I think I came up with a decent one
  3. CpSpalding

    Writing up Lego Batman

    Anybody? Anybody? McFly? Bueller? Kiddo?
  4. CpSpalding

    Writing up Lego Batman

    If I do a third one, I will probably use Bruce Wayne from Batman beyond, but I did decide to limit Batmen to Bruce Wayne. Robin is kind of a running gag. In the first game, I used Dick Grayson 1970s college student and he tended to be the one sane person in the group. In the sequel, I had to go with the least stable of the Robins.
  5. CpSpalding

    Writing up Lego Batman

    About a decade ago I ran a game at Gen Con called Too Many Batman. It was basically 6 different versions of Batman and 1 Robin. I ran it a half dozen times and it has always gone pretty well. The roleplaying between the Adam West Batman and the Dark Knight Returns Batman alone made it a lot of fun for me to run. I'm doing a sequel at Gen Con this year and I am playtesting it tomorrow. In the game I'm going to use Lego Batman, but I won't see the movie until June. I'd really love to have him for the playtest even if in approximation form that I can then revise before the actual con game. Any help on writing him up would be great. I currently have the following Batmen ready for the game: Batman from 1992 between Killing Joke and his broken back New Look Batman from 1966* Bruce from the Gotham tv show Challenge of the Super Friends Batman from 1980 1943 Serial Batman 2016 Dawn of Justice Batman The Robin is Damian Wayne *In the game I'm reserving this character in case we have 8 show up.
  6. CpSpalding

    Gen Con 2009 - My Report

    Re: Gen Con 2009 - My Report Believe me I understand. If I have a complaint about Gen Con, it's that it is so scattered. You don't always get to see your friends and you can't possibly do everything you want to. I know prize support meant running all over the con to various buildings to drop things off. The only reason I mentioned it, is because I also forgot to give out my own prize.
  7. CpSpalding

    Gen Con 2009 - My Report

    I went to Gen Con again this year with Bill and Dave C. of Evil Fleet. We roomed together last year and for some reason they decided to room with me again. We left bright and early at 9AM Wednesday stopping for groceries and breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I love the Conrad Hotel. There aren't a lot of gamers staying there, though it's close by and the pool and amenities are first rate. Within an hour of arriving I was in the pool before Evil Fleet's traditional Wednesday night dinner at Buca courtesy of our fearless leader and his lovely wife. After dinner, I headed back to the hotel room. I had a couple of good offers, but I was too stuffed and knew I had to be up for an 8AM so I was fine staying in for the evening. Thursday 8AM - JSA vs Predator - The game went pretty well, but it was odd in that it proved a movie axiom. One Predator gave the team a very hard fight. Another Predator almost killed Flash and Doctor Midnight. Four Predators weren't nearly as much of a threat. 6PM - All-Thrills Comics - This game is a dark superhero game with golden age overtones. This year's event had the feel down perfectly and the end fight was one that had the heroes very close to defeat. This game is one of my personal favorites every year. We ended a few minutes late and unfortunately, didn't get Hero prize support which was complicated by the fact that I forgot to give out the t-shirt I usually give out for winners of All-Thrills. I had a roll off for the shirt between the two people still there when I realized that I forgot. Friday 12PM - 4PM - The Auditioners - This game was a lot of fun, but I admit I wasn't on my A game. I had a great table and if I had been on it may have been the best game of the con. It did have my favorite moment - There were three characters left and a male player and a female player. Two of the characters were woman and the other one was Glamour Guy - A male character whose gadgets included a lipstick gun and high heels with superleap. The woman took Glamour Guy and then said to the guy, "Oh only the two women are left. I can take one of them if you don't want to play cross gender." I pointed out the irony of playing the crossdresser to avoid playing cross gender. Saturday 8AM - 12PM - The Fox and the Eagle - This game went pretty well, but it was indeed a challenge to run Champions combat with guns that fire 3 shots a minute tops. Somehow, Zorro kept hitting people in the vitals and our motley crew managed to help Wellington capture Salamanca from the French. 6PM - 1AM - Can O' Whupass was down a little due to pregnancies. However, it was a good run. I was a bit nervous because in the role of Dr. Phil Octopus I had more schtick this year. Bill is a laugh a minute as Triumph the Insult Comic, but Dr. Phil is neither a rapid fire insult machine like Triumph or a purely straight man like Tesch. I scripted 2 short bits and Bill and I wrote out another one together. All 3 went pretty well. As always, the humor we provide is nothing compared to what the players do. We're kind of the rodeo clowns of the event--we're there to fill in the lulls. Sunday 9AM - 1PM - Cereal Killers - Sunday morning's are tough to get attendance for at Gen Con. I may have to rearrange my schedule. Saturday as I finally got to bed I told Bill and Dave C. that I hoped I didn't have 3 players show. I either wanted a full table or to be able to just cancel the game. I did only have 3 players, but they were great. Allen and Patty who own Rockheads Games and Comics in Kenosha were there. They've been playing in my Cereal Killers games for a long time. They were joined by a player new to Hero System this convention. After the game he immediately went down to the Hero Booth to preorder 6th Edition. He really did great. The flew through the event and in the final fight they ended a tough battle in one round by rolling a 3, and two 4s on their two hit rolls. After the game I headed over to Hooters for the Evil Fleet send off lunch. Dave C. picked up the tab for our meal which held me over until I got a call at 8PM from Dale Barnes asking me if I was going to Buca. I was grateful for the call because I was just about to go eat. I really didn't spend much time in the exhibit hall. I was there for a couple hours on Saturday and I purchased Hero 6th Edition, The Day After Ragnarok, War of Worldcraft, and $6 worth of plastic holders from cardboard miniatures from Chessex. I hope this doesn't get me banned from the Hero Board, but I think I was most excited about the plastic holders because I've been looking for them for 3 years and I've gotten really tired of digging around to find enough for my games. My only regret about Gen Con is it is simply impossible to do everything you want. This year I cut down on the games I was running and focused on relaxation and fun, but I didn't really get to see people. Friends of mine like Leah Watts, Dave Mattingly, Rick Lacey, Barton Stano, and far too many to name got something between a handshake and a 5 minute conversation. It was a good con. I'm already looking forward to Gen Con 2010.
  8. CpSpalding

    Help Me with My Campaign Finale

    Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale
  9. CpSpalding

    Help Me with My Campaign Finale

    Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale Thanks, I actually have a Jager and a Steppenwolf, but I think I can definitely use some of these names.
  10. CpSpalding

    Help Me with My Campaign Finale

    Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale Well the battle is a sneak attack on the campaign's home city coordinated with Pearl Harbor. For regular military the US obviously has a huge advantage, but by the time the heroes get there they'll be extremely outnumbered. I like the prepared encounters and I'm going to try and have them do 2 player prepped missions I think. Freyja is granting them a blessing that enables them to get to the battle, but I also like the possible radiation accident coming there.
  11. CpSpalding

    Help Me with My Campaign Finale

    Re: Help Me with My Campaign Finale I definitely think something along this order may play out better than the massive battle I had originally envisioned. I have given up on the German names for supervillains I used early in the campaign. They just tied my tongue in too many knots.
  12. I started the thread http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71037 for help with this and in this week's session everything was falling into place to lead to the direction I wanted and then one of the players decided to let her pregnancy related stomach issues take precedence over the game and we left 45 minutes early. My perfectly organized 5 hour wrap up that would have been the next session probably stretches to about 9 hours. Plot: Heroes are in Germany when Nazi supervillains, possibly troops, and possibly elements of Norse mythology attack their campaign city. The day is December 7, 1941 and it is timed to coincide with Pearl Harbor as a first strike against American supers. Ingredients: 1. Heroes return in the middle of the action 2. The major villain is an avatar of Loki, but all Norse gods other than Freyja have taken the Axis side. 3. The heroes are returned to America from a rescue mission in Poland by Freyja's divine intervention. 4. There is a weaker superhero team getting their clock cleaned. The weaker hero team is the actual gaming group's WOW characters written up as golden age superheroes. Requirements: Should feel epic, 7 player group, group is very talented both in roleplaying and strategically, but extremely silly and easily sidetracked. Should be about 8 hours of playing time over two sessions. I have a nice city map of several blocks I can use if needed. Disclaimer: Not that I'm asking you to do my job for me, but when I asked for simple suggestions for speeding up combat I got a treasure trove of ideas that were better than what I had, so I thought I'd let you help me turn lemons into lemonade.
  13. CpSpalding

    Gen Con Report

    Somehow, I neglected to do an Origins report this past year. That's a shame because Origins is an amazing convention in its own right. This Gen Con I think I grew up a bit. I've been running 7 games the last three years to get the 1/4 hotel reimbursement. This year, I decided that doing 32 hours of GMing was insane. Next year I will knock myself down to 22-24 hours of GMing. That said, my games went great this year for the most part and I had a blast. Wednesday - We got into Gen Con Wednesday afternoon around 4:30 local time and that gave me just enough time to work out and then hit the pool and the hot tub. Man, I know Embassy Suites has a free breakfast, but I really love the Conrad Hilton. After the swim we had the Evil Fleet dinner at Buca. Afterwards, Dave Wulatin and I headed over to the Board party in Dave Mattingly's Embassy Suites room. I had a good time chatting with everybody then we went back to our hotel. I stayed up way too late with Evil Fleeters Bill and Dave C. watching the Olympics. Thursday - At 8AM I GMed my first game. It was full and that's a good thing because the Justice Society had to taken on the Spectre and Psycho Pirate. The Justice Society won thanks to the Spear of Destiny, but Hawkman was down to his last point of stun and he was the only member of the team proficient with spears, 3 JSA members were knocked out, and Superman had been hit for 27" of knockback. For the afternoon, I had planned to go to the dealer's room. Nope, didn't happen. I went back for more swimming and hottub and a decent meal at Alcatraz which was a bit disappointing this year. Thursday 6PM - I sandwich my two six hour games on Thursday and I was overjoyed to see All-Thrills was sold out. I was actually a bit disappointed because I had to turn away two exceptional players. I like to keep extra room, but I had 8 heroes and couldn't run a game like All-Thrills with 10. The heroes defeated The Claw in an epic final battle. It is kind of cool to see some of the obscure Golden Agers I've been using resurfacing in Alex Ross's new book Project Superpowers. Friday 8AM - Noon - Too Many Batmen was a lot of fun to GM. The players seemed to really enjoy the interaction of such different heroes on one team. Adam West's version of Batman is quite a jump from Frank Miller's for example. I was a bit tired and my pacing was off. I had to rush the last battle more than I would have liked, but the game still went OK. Noon to 5PM - I had a good meal at The Ram with my friend JP and I finally got to the Exhibit Hall. I really didn't like the setup this year. I like neat aisles that let me make sure I see everything. I bet I only made it to have the exhibitors this year and I find that sad. I picked up Day of the Destroyer and Monster Island as well as .45 Adventures and some markers for fire that I thought looked neat for future games. Friday 5PM-9PM - I knew that the audience for Tonight's Episode: Gateway to Murder would be small. I had 5 players show up, but the cool thing was though most weren't too familiar with Hero System the group of players I had for that game was exceptional. This was truely Dark Champions, but the roleplaying made it quite funny too. In the end the heroes saved the day. I gave out a bunch of gift cards to players in that game for cracking me up. Friday 9PM - 11PM - I went over to play in Dave Mattingly's Haymaker Jam which I have always enjoyed. I only got to play the last half, but it went really well and of course chatting with the assembled players was great. Saturday 8AM - Noon - Cereal Killers - I was a little nervous because Cereal Killers is an oddly dark game and I had a young girl at the table, but I soon reallized that her mom and dad were there and had played in the game several times before. Her mom made a great Tony the Tiger while her dad was enjoyable as Count Chocula. I just love Justin Dunnuck's Toucan Sam. He plays him as Rorschach and it works nicely. This year was a send up of several events in Marvel the past few years and I think it was well received despite my having left the adventure at home and not noticing it until I sat down to GM. Having playtested it and having character sheets and villains I was able to reconstruct the game successfully. Saturday Noon - 4PM - Audtioners: Back to the Fuhrer - This game was fun. Alan And Patty who have been longtime players in my games just bought Rockhead's Comics and Games in Kenosha. They were in Cereal Killers and helped navigate me over to the Omni for Auditioners. Although there was a comical incident with the tables where the marshalls kept visiting us to let us know we were at the wrong table, but wouldn't get rid of the people who were playing at the table we were supposed to be at, things went well. I had 4 experienced Auditioners players and one new girl who was new to Hero too. She had the best line of the day when she said, "Its a good thing that time travel uses the Gregorian Calendar." The heroes saved the day and much laughter was shared by all. Saturday 4PM - I packed up all my dirty clothes and used game stuff for my brother in law to take home since I was planning to take the train on Sunday morning. I then began to look for something to eat, but the Colt fans had descended on the area and everything was at least an hour wait. I decided to use the time to drop stuff off at my brother in laws. I was just leaving when in walks my brother in law. We decided to get a bite to eat, but there were long lines and restaurants out of food all along the way. I went hungry. Saturday 6PM - I was keeping the waiting list for people trying to generic into Can O'Whupass which is a Herculean task. I asked Michael Satran to pick me up food and soda which he obliged. Having gone hungry since two muffins at 6:15 in the morning I was glad to get some solid food in me. This year I replaced Dave W. doing the play by play with Bill's Triumph the Insult Comic. Bill was definitely on his game, but the esoteric Dr. Philisms which won me many a taunt as a player were harder to throw into the play by play naturally. I definitely think we can get things to work better for next year. One thing that did go over big was the public service announcement that Triumph and Dr. Phil did. I just scripted it in 5 minutes during the game and Bill fixed the ending and gave me a beginning. We'll do more stuff like that next year. The game was one by Pinky and the Braniac. If you've never seen Can O'Whupass I definitely reccomend it. I really believe it is the best game at Gen Con. Saturday 2AM - Get back to hotel room and reallize I don't have the right game. I'm supposed to run Too Many Batmen tomorrow and I accidentally packed that and gave it to my brother in law. Sunday 7:30 AM - I call my brother in law and tell him what happenned. I then take a cab over and pick up the game. I take a cab from his hotel to the game which is a mile away and the cab driver tries to charge me $15. A fight ensues. I held my ground though and gave him $8. It should have cost $6. I would have tipped him $2 for the ride, but did it anyway to end the fight. Got inside at 8:30. Sunday 9:00 AM - I hate running Sunday morning games. People buy tickets for them right away and then decide to sleep in. Meanwhile people who would show up get blocked out by those players who don't show up. Anyway, we had a table of 5. I would have liked the full table, but these guys were really good. They had a lot of fun and it was the perfect light kind of game I like for Sunday morning. The final battle was tough, but with the 1939 Batman tossing poison gas, the Adam West Batman doing surprisingly well in the combat and the giant penny crushing Bane, the heroes saved the day. Sunday 1:00 PM - Evil Fleet lunch at Hooters. I really do enjoy our get togethers. Hooters was a good time and Mark, Gina, and Tim who are part of my Golden Age campaign joined us. It was a great sendoff. I turned in my reimbursement information at headquarters and proceded to nap from 4:30 - 6:30. Sunday 7:30 PM - Hero Dinner at Buca. We had a group of 24 and they could only fit 20 in the Pope Room so we had to split off at our own seperate table. This was a bit sad, but I got to have dinner with Jason Walters, Scott Bennie, and Zornwill. I think our conversation was deeper. Monday 5:00 AM - Woke up to take the train back to Chicago. I thought the time was much too early, but now that I've done it I can honestly say it wasn't bad because I got some good sleep on the train which made the train ride considerably shorter. I arrived home to find out that when my cleaning lady had been in on Wednesday she had acidentally nudged the timer on my oven. The alarm is pretty quiet, but if you're in the hall outside my door you can definitely hear it. A neighbor hearing the alarm go off and seeing my car out in front became worried. She called the landlord and the police and they came to do a wellness check on me. Even with the presence of the police it was still a great Gen Con.
  14. CpSpalding

    The Return of the Golden Age

    Re: The Return of the Golden Age I have been awaiting these projects since hearing about them. For the past 3 years at Gen Con I have been running a game I call All-Thrills Comics. It started in 1948 and goes forward a year at a time. The heroes are The Face, Target, Captain Battle, Lightning Girl, Kitten, Doctor Frost, Man of War, and Marvo the Magician. I know a few of them will be popping up in Superpowers for sure.