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  1. Trencher

    Representation Matters

    I know its true for me!
  2. Trencher

    Can we forgive old movies?

  3. Trencher

    "Neat" Pictures

    A dnd cartoon reboot would probably go the way of the Thundercats roar reboot. More of a Steven Universe artstyle parody than dark and edgy I think.
  4. Trencher

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    How about adding +10HKA only vs creatures who dies if they loose their head or have heads, and only when you roll a natural 3?
  5. Cool costume! You look like him.
  6. Trencher

    Creepy Pics.

    Yes that is the one. But it was called something else over here. A fantastic comic. So much imagination and raw energy.
  7. Trencher

    Funny pics

  8. Trencher

    Funny pics

    I would not be so sure..
  9. Trencher

    Creepy Pics.

    A panel form one of my favorite comics from when I was young.
  10. Trencher

    Funny pics

  11. From Nauroto to One piece. From Samurai X to Pokemon and from Fist of the North star to Berserk the characters and worlds in anime have lots and lots of original powersets and world rules. But they often also have somewhat an plausible feel, danger seems more real and threatening situations are explored more in detail, often quite extensive detail, giving anime and manga a different feel that western comics even though they have insane amounts of variety. I think that the only roleplaying game that can capture all these powers and stunts is the Hero system. Anything else will be bogged down by an increasing number of rules as in anime almost all combat ready characters have an special ability or two needing their own set of rules. I think Hero have a huge opportunity here where they can make source books for anime. Anime art commissions are also cheap as hell compared to everything else so it would be possible to put some cool anime art on the cover and in the book to draw in the kids. Make some kind of generic anime setting like One Piece or Nauruto. Filled with different factions and power sets who all come from one or two sources. Anotother option is "dark vampire hunting world" or just plain mecha. Thats just what I think though. I dont know if it would be a success but it sure seems popular. Any thoughts?
  12. Trencher

    Fighting on a flatland of rest.

    Sounds like an half combat value situation if you ask me.
  13. Trencher

    Help with 2 Character Concepts

    Character A: Give extra presence bought with cumulative and indirect advantage bought seperatly so that indrerect advantage could have oaf disadvantage and persistent? Character B: Mental transform with gestures, oaf, usable by others and persistent maybe?