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  1. Its about how they make Luke look like a loser. Chewie too but he only get a boot to the ass rather than being shown as an incompetent imbecile like Luke.
  2. We talking the new stuff and the rewrites here Old Man not the originals.
  3. They go out of their way to make Luke look like a loser.
  4. Even though he has been well and truly character assassinated they still keep kicking his corpse.
  5. You can have immigration even if you are not in the EU..
  6. Wanna fight? Today I show some street fighters, maybe the charactes have to fight someone to pay off someones dept or maybe they gotta prove themselves to some group and/or they are infiltrating an illegal fighting ring. Off course you can also throw a captured PC into some fights to give yourself an exuse to not kill them and give them a chance to escape. This guy might be a bit to overdone and mma like. Here we got a Russian enforcer maybe? An evil promoter or other buisniss type.. A guy who are not afraid of cheating a bit. Many uses for this guy. An inept guard. A necessary position for any "forced to fight" adventure. Here is a prime example of the problem I discussed earlier with Bubba Smith. Hmm his expression makes him look a bit like a madman otherwise he would have looked like a holy man. He is the Lex Luthor of the fighting pits! Get ready. Final boss and/serial killer? Thats all for today.
  7. Because I wanted to find characters that looks like they are fun to fight and kill. Not to characters that players would want to be friends with. But as you can see that its almost impossible! And I slip up myself all the time. Good thing I called the threat Cool characters for your games and not enemies for your games.
  8. Yeah thats a problem but they can work as villians as well. Cool villians but still.
  9. Time to post some more pictures I found on the net. Some freelance agents today. Mercs and such.. Cool helmet that does not look too futuristic. Could work as an elite assassin or mercenary type of guy. This one could be used in many scenarios. Really fun costume here, apparently its for paintball but the name and look makes it perfect for a Dark Champions enemy! Or character.. From one style to another, here is a crazy soldier. Could be an viglante gone over the edge maybe? Heavy gunner in grey. Cool hood look. Another cool guy in hood. Thats all for today. Thanks again to Storn for sharing his awesome self made art with us.
  10. I never felt that good old dnd was more dangerous to the pc's than the newer editions. The monsters hit more often having the best to hit chance in the game but on the other hand they most often do less damage, they dont have rules for critting and they dont add strength or other bonuses to the damage roll. Making it way easier to estimate how much damage the monster will do. Combat in the old editions might be more predictable and boring though depending on your taste. In any case Hero is much easier to figure out chances especially if you dont use hit locations.
  11. Thats true but I just have not bothered. Maybe I should make some packages with unique stuff that can only be taken as a deal.
  12. Its an old edition true but stat bonuses still count against normal characteristic maxima correct? So if you play an orc you will be better at fighting?
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