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  1. No worries if things do change let me know, I could probably make room for a F2F game even if I am in one or two online games.
  2. Been a while since I have played so figured I would see if any games out there are looking for another player. I am looking for a 6th edition game (I have the core book for 5th but I have only ever played 6th) and I am leaning a bit more towards champions though I would be ok with a Fantasy game as well. An online game would also probably be better, though if there is one around the Portland area in Oregon I would be up for that. Weekends for either would work better for me since it is less likely that I will get overtime at work though a 6pm-10pm game on a week night could also work most of the time.
  3. Just got my new Moto Droid Maxx and so far I am moving it. My have gone to the extreme with the case though.

  4. The more I see of guardians of the galaxy the more I want to go see it.

  5. If you haven't read it, and are looking for a good Fantasy book, The Last Wish is good. It is a collection of short stories about Geralt of Rivia and is set before the Blood of Elves. Just finished it and will be started Blood of Elves tonight...at this rate I might finish the books before the game, but that is ok since the game is 5 years after book five.

  6. Some days you wish you just had stayed in bed.

  7. Can't wait for the end of February now so I can play the Witcher 3.

  8. Got to love a game where you can capture rival units, and then they fight for you and unlock everything as if you had leveled them yourself.

  9. Re: How do you build a vampire template in 6E? If there is no real in game effect you could just say they have the ability to shift faces. If you are just looking for a fear effect you could do a couple of levels of Striking appearance with the limitation only to cause fear, or a shape shift Sight (maybe touch as well) with Make over adder, possibly instant change, then only cost endurance to activate, limited effect, possibly if it is allowed only effects body. it is a low cost power but then again it has next to no effect. For the stake you could build them as a complex power. HtHKA then a entangle that only triggers when a vampire is stabbed in the heart and can "heal itself". you would use only works on vampires, trigger (when stake goes through the heart), constant (only while stake is through the heart), probably reduced endurance 0, Can't be escaped with Teleportation, Takes no Damage for attacks, Affects Deslofication (probably the same cost as can't escape with teleportation).
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