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  1. Vanguard

    This Week in MMOs

    You probably already know this but I just got the email saying they pull the plug on the Wildstar servers on Nov. 28th. I'm also sorry to see it go as it was a pretty decent and fun game.
  2. Vanguard

    Guns and Ammo

    @RDU Neil Our games use something pretty much exactly like you're chit system. Our system uses beads of different colors with each bead being with a certain amount of points and then each item on the "Luck Chart" requires a certain amount of points. You can also combine lower ranked beads if you need one of the higher ranked beads. We don't use is the double of the cost after the 3rd level of luck. Which we probably should do although, with the exception of a few PC/NPCs, it's never really been an issue. Most characters just have the 1 "draw", as they don't have any extra luck, while other may have 1 to 2 extra draws. For a total of 3 luck beads to use during the adventure. We developed ours because the Luck system was too ambiguous and hard to adjudicate where as something hard and fast like the chi system had concrete things you could do with the luck.
  3. Vanguard

    How do you place a fictional city?

    She probably chose that route so that there was no conflict. If Santa Barbra never existed, then no one would miss it and/or question its absence. What other problems does having the city replaced with another one create? I'd think that there would be no issue and that any references to the one city would just be replaced with the new city instead. No muss, no fuss. Or none that I can see. The timeline thing I've seen done before. So for me, that's not all too strange. Some authors just seem more comfortable writing about/in a given time period.
  4. Vanguard

    How do you place a fictional city?

    Having never read the books, could the reason she never explains what happened to Santa Barbara is because in her works, the city never existed in the first place? It was always Santa Teresa?
  5. Vanguard

    Problem With Mobile Phone Distractions

  6. Vanguard

    Guns and Ammo

    I don't think there's a 6th Ed. Dark Champions. And yes, the only difference that I can think of is the new/optional autofire skills are talents and not Advantages.
  7. Vanguard

    Guns and Ammo

    I don't know if anyone knows but there are Optional Autofire rules in both Dark Champions and the APGs. (I think the ones in the AGPs are just reprints from DC but I included them for completeness). I think the expanded Hit Locations are in there as well. . .
  8. @JmOz If that's the case, then depending on how many of the thugs there are. A decent planning session should be enough to find a way to limit the raw power of the weapons themselves. 'Cause even with those CV levels, the thugs could get lucky. And (projecting here) that tells me the PCs (probably) did what I would've done. Both in character and out. Seen the raw numbers and immediately panicked and started doomsaying. Yes, it's a personality flaw and yes I'm trying to work through it.
  9. Hmm, I see your point. Especially after the blueprints have been gone over. So forewarned is forearmed but tactics can only take you so far. And as we all know, no plan survives contact with the enemy. So the PCs could plan everything down to the smallest detail, do everything right and STILL end up in a face to face slugging match. If that happens, do they still deserve what they get? I can understand wanting to challenge your PCs and a hard fought battle is one of the best and most fun I've had in a game. But with the way those weapons are written up, there doesn't seem to be much wiggle room for the PCs when the lead starts to fly. Granted I don't know the stats of the players other than they have decent CVs (But one of the slots is AoE with Penetrating so doesn't do 'em much good) so they might be alright and just having a knee jerk reaction to the raw numbers. (I'm guilty of this and try not to let it get the better of me). Also, if these guys are truly "thugs" THEY may not have the tactical know how to deal with the PCs . . . .
  10. Vanguard


    5th (or 4th Ed) Dark Champions Edit: Another source for Resource Point information is APG 1, pg 191. But I'm pretty sure it's just reprinted info from Dark Champions.
  11. It's been a while, but I don't recall Combat Luck being useful against AoE attacks . . . could be misremembering though. And I know everything is campaign dependant and all but SIX levels of Combat Luck? Isn't that a bit . . . excessive?
  12. Vanguard

    Head Hit Locations.

    Nearly the same only for us it's: 3 Top of head/Skull, 4 Face, 5 neck/throat. FYI, APG 1, page 173 has hit locations mods as well as damage multipliers for more granular hit locations.
  13. Vanguard

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    Hmm, I'm not sure about that. While some rules can be adjusted on the fly or applied only in a given situation, some of them need to enforced at all times. Otherwise you have a consistency problem. Take your example, if a player wantonly (or heck even accidently) and you don't worry about the stray rounds, then say you have a hostage scene and the exact same thing plays out but this time you check for blow-through, they may wonder what's going on since it wasn't an issue last time. Plus it's nice to have at least some kind of guideline set down so players know that it is an option if they need it. Before we changed the blow-through rules, we wouldn't even attempt it because unless it was the sniper with his .50 there was no way our assault rifles or pistols would have a chance.
  14. Vanguard

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    Yeah, I think we went with something along the lines of if 1/2 the attack exceeded the Def then there was blowthrough. Otherwise, it either didn't occur often enough and/or, as you mentioned, was nearly impossible to do without cheese on your ammo or really powerful attacks. It most certainly requires seasoning to taste to get it just right though.