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  1. Vanguard

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    Hmm, I'm not sure about that. While some rules can be adjusted on the fly or applied only in a given situation, some of them need to enforced at all times. Otherwise you have a consistency problem. Take your example, if a player wantonly (or heck even accidently) and you don't worry about the stray rounds, then say you have a hostage scene and the exact same thing plays out but this time you check for blow-through, they may wonder what's going on since it wasn't an issue last time. Plus it's nice to have at least some kind of guideline set down so players know that it is an option if they need it. Before we changed the blow-through rules, we wouldn't even attempt it because unless it was the sniper with his .50 there was no way our assault rifles or pistols would have a chance.
  2. Vanguard

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    Yeah, I think we went with something along the lines of if 1/2 the attack exceeded the Def then there was blowthrough. Otherwise, it either didn't occur often enough and/or, as you mentioned, was nearly impossible to do without cheese on your ammo or really powerful attacks. It most certainly requires seasoning to taste to get it just right though.
  3. Vanguard

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    We switched to x3 before 6th because of the Stun Lotto. Then were tickled when we saw that 6th pretty much did the same. If I recall correctly, I think the flat x3 is one of the optional rules. @RDU Neil Never thought of dropping it two x2 for Supers. But then I haven't played in a super heroes game in a long time. In replying to Surrealone, I'm wondering if sticking with the 1/2D6 for Stun in the heroic games might be a better way to simulate glancing blows and/or blows that might do much body but slammed into the chest plate at around the solar plexus as 1200 m/ps. Food for thought . . . Welcome. If/when you do unpack your 4th Ed DC, I don't think much has changed. But it's a been a long, long time since I've played 4th. Also, in looking over the PDF, I can't find an Edition label so it could well be a 4th Ed book that I'm assuming is a 5th. I know that, since some of the rules between 4th and 5th never really changed, some of the books never saw reprints as they were perfectly compatible. Well, that's technically what it is. . .
  4. Vanguard

    How to Build: Vorpal weapons?

    The APGs also have some rules concerning Absolutes . . So it can be a thing in Hero. Just needs the GM to be willing is all.
  5. Vanguard

    Sectional Body Armor: Reality vs. Game Play

    Blow Through is in Dark Champions pg 192 But it sounds a bit confusing as well as time consumng to adjudicate. But i do find it's a good baseline to go off of. I think we did something like if 1/2 the damage of the weapon was equal to or greater than the Def of the barrier. You got blow though . . . Either that or just reduce the value of the Stun X multiplier for the hit locations. That way you don't have to alter the guns (unless you want to). You can also use other types of defenses. In one of our older games, we had access to "kinetic dispersion gel" that was 50% Damage Reduction, stun only" but it would only protect the stomach/chest/vitals. And it was only issued during/when the team were gearing up for assault type missions and knew the poop was about to hit the fan.
  6. Can't really help but awesome concept.
  7. Vanguard

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Yep that would be why you did that. Again, not really sure how I managed to read your post and miss that, very important, part of it.
  8. Vanguard

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Depends on what you consider evidence. We've got all the Extended Universe (Legends) stuff. And while I haven't read all of it, the stuff I have read never suggested that Luke would out-and-out murder someone just because of what they *might* become. Nevermind . . . not sure how I missed "in movie form". Sorry about that.
  9. Vanguard

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Never liked the ewoks either.
  10. Vanguard

    Too hot to touch

    Maybe convert the ED into equivalent DCs of STR for determining the STR vs STR roll?
  11. Vanguard

    Site Upgrade

    Welcome. The first couple of times I visited the notification settings, I thought the initial view was it. Then when Simon was talking about all the different settings in there. I *almost* asked him "where" but decided to go and look more thoroughly. That's when I saw the scroll bar and had my "ah-ha!" moment. Figured I'd share . . .
  12. Vanguard

    Site Upgrade

    Just remember to scroll all the way down when you go into the "notifications settings". Otherwise you'll miss stuff.
  13. Ah, that's probably what I'm remembering . . . .
  14. Vanguard

    Dropping an item mid move

    Been awhile since I read Snapshot but doesn't that only work if your going to do something like pop around a corner, take a shot, then pop back? I would think Strafe would, in this case, be the more suitable maneuver as it allows for the moving (from cover), the dropping and then the moving (to cover again).