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  1. sinanju

    RIP GySgt R. Lee Ermey, USMC 1944-2018

    My favorite line of his from any of his movies was when he played a detective interrogating the protagonist of the film (I don't remember the movie well, or the hero). They've been at it for hours and the hero won't confess, and wants to leave. Gunny explains why that's not gonna happen. Gunny: "I'm divorced with no charisma! I've got NO PLACE to be!"
  2. No, I think you're right. I hate the *generic* power-draining gag. Your example is exactly right: The "drain flight" power or "power suppressing ray" rubs me the wrong way. A *specific* SFX affected specific (SFX-related) powers is another matter. If you have Mighty TK (tm) and you can just reach out and grab someone in flight and hold them in place, or keep them grounded, I've got no problem with that. You're physically restraining them from moving, regardless of their means of flight. If you can point a raygun/wand/your finger at anyone with flight powers (of any kind) and turn that power off for 20 minutes...I have a serious problem with THAT. But I'm more exercised over the common trope of someone's powers not just being suppressed, but STOLEN. Not only do I not have them anymore, now YOU have them. It's absurd. It's like all the nonsense on the Flash tv show about stealing someone's speed. How do you do that, exactly? Well, apparently, it's possible because the Speed Force (tm) comes from a giant invisible cable. You just unplug it from Barry and plug it into yourself! Or something.
  3. I have always hated the trope that superpowers can be drained, transferred and the like, as if they were a brightly colored liquid you can pour from one glass to another. Whether you were born with your powers (Superman, the X-Men, etc) or acquired them in an accident (Spider-Man, the Flash, etc), as far as I'm concerned they're always inherent, as much a part of you as your ability to see or breathe. No advantage/limitation required--or allowed. Just as I can prevent you from seeing by covering your eyes, or gouging them out if I'm feeling particularly nasty, but can't "steal" your power of vision or acquire it for myself (short of very advanced surgery to physically take your eyes and graft them into myself), so too are your superpowers. So a generic "mutant powers drain" is a no-go as a power in any of my campaigns. Ditto for handy, generic power dampeners for use by the authorities. So if you've captured a superstrong villain, you're gonna need some way to restrain him that doesn't depend on simply "taking away" his superhuman strength. A strength-reducing drug cocktail that works on anyone, or keeping him sedated (chemically, psychically or electronically), or simply using bonds strong enough to hold him are your only options.
  4. sinanju

    WWYCD: Negator

    Black Knight (whose "secret identity" isn't all that secret) jumps the counter and punches Negator in the mouth hard enough to break his jaw. Silverstreak (speedster) wraps him like a mummy in duct tape--including his mouth--and calls the police to come get him. Lahar Vulcan waits until Negator has a sackful of cash, then teleports next to Negator (causing a grenade-like explosion both where he vanishes, and where he appears), grabs the sack, and teleports away. (Hey, he's a villain.)
  5. sinanju

    I'm Still Shocked

    I was surfing Facebook yesterday evening when I came across a post by an acquaintance with a photo of a couple I know and the message "RIP to both of you." And then another post by another acquaintance lamenting that they couldn't believe they were gone. At first I thought it was some kind of dark humor. Because so many mutual friends also post to Facebook and would see anything I posted, I'm putting this here to avoid any of them seeing it. It was not humor, dark or otherwise. One of the rapidly multiplying posts about this tragedy had a link to the sheriff's department website in the county where they lived. It reported that sheriff's deputies did a welfare check after the couple were reported as not showing up for work at either of their workplaces for a couple of days, which was not like them. They were found dead, and had been for some time. Even then I wasn't entirely convinced. I thought maybe someone had hacked or photoshopped a page from that website with fake news. So I independently tracked down that website--and found the same page. It was true. They were very active in the local "lifestyle" community, which is how I knew them. They hosted a monthly meet n' greet and a monthly dance, and frequently attended events put on by other groups. They traveled a lot, and were always posting to Facebook when they tried any one of an endless number of restaurants wherever they went. Everybody knew them. I last saw them about a month ago when a group of us went out to a club together. And now they're gone. Nobody had any idea why, or what happened. Was it murder? Was it murder-suicide? A double suicide? Did some kind of fight flare up and end in lethal violence, remorse, and suicide? Were they facing some kind of ruin (legal or economic or medical) that they couldn't face? I spent much of last night and today spinning out possible scenarios. I couldn't help it, it was just so unexpected that I had to try to make sense of it despite the lack of information. The police did an autopsy today. An update to the news stories I've been able to find indicates that they each died of a single gunshot wound. The police say there are no suspects. It's *possible* that they do have a suspect or suspects and are keeping it quiet, but probably not. So...again: murder-suicide? Double suicide? And if so, why? What happened? What drove him or her or them to do this? No doubt many of their friends will have trouble believing this was a suicide, if indeed that's what it was. I won't. A friend of mine (and the lifelong friend of a much closer friend of mine) committed suicide twenty years ago. It was a complete shock to all of us. Nobody had any idea anything was wrong, or that he was so unhappy. And that's often the way of it. So if they felt driven to this while presenting an outwardly happy face to the world, I won't be surprised. Saddened, yes, and I'll wonder what those final hours were like. And I'll miss them.
  6. sinanju

    The Flash

    And it could so easily have been derailed. Mrs. DeVoe: "Judge, that man is an imposter! My husband is buried in XX Cemetary. I don't know who that is, but he's lying! Test his DNA! Let me ask him questions about our life together!" So, apparently Barry is a legal formalist. Yeah, the judge released him (though of course it isn't that quick or easy), but it was based on fraudulent testimony by an imposter. But hey! Legal! Also...how dumb are those metahuman crooks? Look, it's Barry Allen, recently incarcerated former Central City CSI tech and metahuman. A speedster, no less! And NONE of them came to the conclusion that he was the Flash?
  7. sinanju

    Greatest American Hero Reboot

    I watched the show when it was on, and liked parts of it. But I always hate, *hated*, HATED that Ralph was so endlessly incompetent. I've always suspected that they felt they needed that comedic element because otherwise nobody could possibly take a superhero tv show seriously. I was willing to forgive a learning curve, if it were steep enough, but when bumbling around was all there was I lost interest. I've had the same response to some novel series; the Stephanie Plum novels, for instance. She's a New Jersey woman who takes up bounty hunting for lack any better option, and she's really bad at it. If she had learned, and made NEW mistakes as time went on, I'd have read more than the first two or three. But she didn't. She kept making the SAME stupid mistakes over and over again. I know they're supposed to be comedic novels (and with a Romance coating as well), but how many times can your heroine forget to bring a gun, or handcuffs, when trying to arrest people before you write her off as an IDIOT? When/if this reboot/sequel happens, I'll try it out. But if the new heroine is as much of a boob as Ralph was, I won't stick around.
  8. sinanju

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Yeah, I very much hope they get a third season of Travellers. I liked Wild, Wild West as a kid. Yeah, parts hold up and parts don't. My favorite villain was always Dr. Miguelito Loveless. But my favorite line from the whole series came from Victor Buono. He has captured West and has him strapped to a table. On a table next to him is, like, every gadget he's *ever* used on the show. All of which, presumably, they took off him while he was unconscious. Buono says, "Mr. West, I'm surprised you don't clank when you walk."
  9. sinanju


    I know better than to expect plausible technobabble from this show (or Flash, or well, any show really) but last night's episode took scientific stupidity to new heights. Blue stars emit radiation of a very weird, specific kind that only affects Y chromosomes! Amazing! The DEO can bounce FTL signals off the Voyager probe in order to communicate with the Legion ship countless lightyears away. Stars do not have EVENT HORIZONS. They have a surface, which is what I assume they meant. Black holes have event horizons, where the speed of light is insufficient to escape the pull of its gravity. Supergirl really IS stronger than Superman. She was able throw a ginormous orbital fortress at FTL speeds into ANOTHER SOLAR SYSTEM lightyears from earth. Without killing everyone aboard from the titanic G forces. Speaking of titanic G forces. That blue star solar flare also knocked the fortress out of it's stable orbit...by .003 AU. An AU (Astronomical Unit) is the distance from earth to the sun, or 93,000,000 miles. Which means the fortress was *instantly* shoved 279,000 miles from its initial position. How is it still intact? How is every aboard it not turned into jelly on the walls? All that said, I enjoyed a lot of the episode. I've always been a fan of Livewire. I like the actress, I like the character. I thought she was exactly the sort of antagonist Kara needs more of--with superpowers different from hers, which make her hard to deal with, so she has to be clever, instead of having just another punch-out. I'm seriously bummed that they killed her.
  10. My high school physics and chemistry teacher, who was a combat engineer in Vietnam, told us a few stories about his time there, including about guys he knew there who'd joined the Coast Guard to avoid the war. As he put it, "But they never told them *whose* coast they'd be guarding." I remember stories of CG cutters traveling rivers so narrow and overgrown that the foliage practically brushed the boat as it passed, and it was impossible to see past it. Fun times for the coast guard guys.
  11. sinanju

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    I'm mainlining TRAVELERS on Netflix right now. I'm halfway through the second season. I really hope it gets picked up for a third season. Time travelers from a horrible, apocalyptic future are downloaded into the minds of people in the (our) present--hundreds of years before their time--who were about to die. They take over their bodies and lives and work as teams to perform various missions that they hope will allow them to prevent the awful future, or at least improve it. It's a one-time, one-way trip. The nature of time travel generally prevents "do-overs" so if a mission fails, it fails. There's lots I could say about this series, but SPOILERS. I really like this show.
  12. That's the thing. Nobody is "militarizing" Star Trek. It was always that way. On the other hand, I agree that Kirk (and Picard even more so) often bent over backward to try to avoid the use of force if it was at all possible. They much preferred peaceful solutions when possible, and preferred exploration and diplomacy--and not having any sort of conflict at all--even more. My argument is simply that while, yes, Starfleet was engaged in exploration and scientific discovery, they were *also* the Federation's military arm.
  13. I never said Starfleet was a *coherent* military organization, or well run. Putting civilian family members aboard a warship is the height of stupdity, in my opinion. But claims that Starfleet isn't military are just willful blindness.
  14. And that statement in TNG is a load of crap. It's propaganda, nothing more. I'll believe what they actually showed us through their behavior rather than what they claimed. They can lie to themselves all they like, but the Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, Cardassians, the Borg and every other neighboring power all knew that if war came, it was Starfleet that would be fighting for the Federation. Starfleet is the Federation's military. Heck, the Borg snatched Picard to assimilate *because* as Captain of the Enterprise, the Federation's military flagship, he was privy to all the military plans for defending the Federation.
  15. The Enterprise sure as **** is a military vessel. They have a military system of ranks and chain of command. They operate under military discipline. They are tried, when necessary, in a court *martial*, not a civilian court. The ship is heavily armed, and provides military defense for the area of space in which it operates. The Captain is vested with the power, on his own authority, to wage WAR on other powers. That is a military vessel, no matter how much they may pretend otherwise. And none of this a "rewriting" of Starfleet--this is all straight out TOS.