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  1. Opale

    Gotham Inspired game

    that would be nice to see the group grow
  2. Opale

    Gotham Inspired game

    so any news from the rpol admins ?
  3. Opale

    Gotham Inspired game

    I read that the problem is known by the admins, and they are trying to solve it.
  4. Opale

    Equipment Tab not showing

    Thanks Simon Issues solved.
  5. Opale

    Equipment Tab not showing

    Heya I created my own HDT (named Fantasy Hero hdt) for a Shadow WOrld game, that includes specific stats. Which works fine; But I can't manage to make the Equipment tab appear when I load it, and I can't find why. Please can you tell me what I may be missing ? Attached is the said file Warm Regards Opale FANTASY HERO.hdt
  6. Opale

    Gotham Inspired game

    crossing my fingers your issues will be solved soon, guys
  7. Opale

    Gotham Inspired game

    well, link to the rpol ?
  8. Opale

    Gotham Inspired game

    Hey Quo ! I had fun during the San Angelo campaign you had to stop last time If you have still a room for me, please do tell me Warm Regards Opal
  9. Opale

    Complicate the Person Above

    And no one will ever outcast the Pariah ...will they ?
  10. Opale

    Complicate the Person Above

    Not that Kaeto minds to borrow me my stiletto heels sometimes ;p
  11. Opale

    Goofy characters

    god, I like to read this silly topic ^^ Makes me smile to start the day. And I wondered how I could build up a character sheet for a certain palindromedary; not doubt he's a goofy one ! Opale, hard to wake up this morning
  12. Opale

    Supers Image game

    Gz Christopher ! VIM was my favorite too
  13. Opale

    Red Alert!

    I use to think having two teams called "hammer" And "Scythe" would be better, as related to Russian flag Soviet Opale
  14. Opale

    Champions of the North

    Personally I envision my native France as a dark and gloomy place for superheroes. It's all cultural I guess, as most of francophone people doesn't have the cultural biais to believe in a superheroic savior. They would more likely enjoy watching such a person fail or die... Anyway, I think the Micros comics book, in the eighties , is a good sample of what could be done with french superheroes. I.E, a government that control supers on his lands by using blackmail, threat, corruption, etc... that would be the Champions of France book I could write. Not the kind of stuff most people would enjoy to play with, imho. Opale, now expatriated
  15. Opale

    Champions of the North

    i always loved to imagine picture in Canada. But I was never able to get the book... so, how can we help ?