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  1. Arpeggio of Blue Steel was a great anime and I wish they had made another season. Anyway, I believe that Netzilla and Duke Bushido have the best suggestion. IIRC correctly the ships were sentient and the avatars were more there to interact with humans (and allow viewers to have something to listen to) than anything more. And I don't remember the avatars ever being very far from their ship-bodies. I would use one of the warships in Ultimate Vehicle as a starting point and then add intelligence and other characteristics. For the avatars, IIRC they would disappear under high stress (damage to the ship/high tempo combat), though I may be mixing up anime. If that is true, then the avatar could be a projection rather than a drone/robot.
  2. I have two versions of Kazei 5, c1998 and c2009. I haven't read them in a while and I wasn't able to locate what you referred to. The 2009 version (I assume 6th Ed) only has a general template on Replicants in chargen, but does give several examples of Replicants starting of p205.
  3. Spence

    Clue Aversion

    After reading through, and based on very limited information, I don't think you are even close to being on the same page as far as the game is concerned. It sounds like the players really don't want a Superhero game, they want Super-fights leaving you with few options. 1) Continue as you are and hope. 2) Give up and just feed them plot-less Super-battles. 3) Establish a "boss/contact" they work for/with. It could be a Detective that routinely asks for their assistance or they could be associated with "the Foundation for Law and Justice" and get missions. In other words, someone (an NPC) that fills in the blanks and points them at the bad guys. I'll admit these are not the best options, but if the players won't step up and you really want to continue running, then a little duct tape and glue might be called for
  4. Thanks, If you are interested I can PM you my thoughts and changes, I don't really want to derail your thread.
  5. I just noticed this thread and plan on co-opting the items above. I'll admit I did not read the entire thread, but you have managed to articulate many of my own thoughts. I plan on "adjusting" a few and adding a few. But hats off on a great set up.
  6. Original RPGs also boxed their PCs into roles. That is where classes came from and still serve the purpose, except there has been a heavy overlap and the introduction of multiclassing. With a game like Hero, the GM has to define roles and restrictions before chargen.
  7. Spence

    Clue Aversion

    Mysteries and Investigative games are hard to get right if approached from a standard action RPG angle. I am a big GUMSHOE player and GM them more than anything else. In am currently tinkering with an "Investigative Skill" plug in for Hero. But to topic. I'd suggest the GM pick up a GUMSHOE game (under $20 for some) and read their guidelines for mysteries and building investigative scenarios. Not immediately helpful, but worth it longterm.
  8. I have to ask. By conversion, do you mean setting or actually trying to somehow convert the game mechanic. Most "conversions" I have dealt with. Make that "successful conversions", do not try to actually translate specific game stat to specific game stat. Instead they translate the intent of one game system and stat it in the new systems rules. The fluff can remain the same with the PC/NPC/Threats being built under the new system. If that is what you are looking for than an analysis game mechanics is straying from the point. Taking a step back you'd need to develop setting rulings defining each type of Exalt would be built and what restrictions their powers are. Exalted always made me think that they wanted to make the Anime X (Manga X/1999) into an RPG but didn't want to pay for a license or "alienate" US gamers by reveling it was an Anime RPG. All in all, with the flexibility and capability of Hero, I'd not worry as much about a mathematically accurate direct conversion. Instead I'd think on how to impose the necessary build restrictions needed to model the Exalts and the limitations imposed by the need of the five magical materials are used to forge artifacts and weapons. All in all, don't get lost in trying to directly translate the nine stats into Hero's seventeen'ish stats. Instead build things based on intended outcome. Direct translations never work as hoped and manage to suck hours from your life you'll never get back. Good luck and great gaming
  9. For me it is "use the XP in a way that makes sense for your character". I generally only question it if they are breaking a "setting rule" such as "psionics do not exist" and they want to buy a psi power or if the completely deviate from character concept such as a computer nerd wants to buy brain surgery (unless they have a solid reason to explain it, of course). All in all if they stay in the caps and are building a good concept, I'm good with it.
  10. Yep, the Conan books jumped around all over the place age wise. IIRC of Howards Conan only one ( or is it two) of his books were actually full length novels. Most of them were short stories.
  11. Genre, or as I think of it, setting conventions, on one hand should not be a straight jacket. But in the other hand if a players agrees to play in a game they should play in the game they agreed to. Too many players agree to one thing and then try to shoehorn in something completely different. Of course then the shitbird cry and moan...."I'm being railroaded.....whaaaaaaaa" 😳. These days my reaction to someone claiming they have been railroaded is to immediately lose all respect and makes me check to see if I still have my wallet 😜
  12. Two series I really enjoyed were IRIS a espionage/spy thriller and Air City about day to day operations of an airport. They tried to make a US version and it failed miserably. Mostly due to the aforementioned reason US shows are swirling the drain these days.
  13. I find myself watching more Korean films and series than I ever thought I would. Their shows are more about the plot and story than we see in our theaters or on the TV. They are still there to entertain. Our people seem to think they are there to preach their opinions.
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