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    Should anime hero be its own thing?

    For tge first, everythimg you said about anime and universal this and that alsp makes fantasy in 2018 not a genre. Heck we have elves on motorcycles woth shot guns. Aa for the " have no real argument so race card" Oh come on. What utter tripe. You need to be warned by the moderators, you kind of hate mongering is over the line.
  2. Spence

    Should anime hero be its own thing?

    @Trencher I personally think Anime could do with its own supplement because every argument given against is just as valid a reason against a superhero supplement. Especially these days when the Hero part of Superhero has essentially died in comics. But few here will see past the blinders so you'll not gain any traction on a source book. But IMO one thing that would work is a "payable" setting book. A sourcebook that could be actually played "out of the box". Hero completely lacks this and only puts out material that is designed to assist in you building a game from the ground up. A Naruto sourcebook that would allow you to go from purchase to "at the table running" in two days is what the system needs. The same for pretty much anything from fantasy to superhero. Even Kazai 5 (spelling?) which is a fantastic book gives you the high level overview rather than the "I can play today" information. While the conventional Hero wisdom is that prebuilt adventures do not work, the top selling rpgs have embraced prebuilt adventures and shot to the top of the rpg tables. I'd love to see a Hero line to fill the vacume left when BESM went away. And it is dead, the agreement with WW was just to make copies of 3rd ed core available, but nothing else. A line of anime supplements allowing "out of the box" play would be great.
  3. Spence

    Basic Rulebook

    Essentially yes.
  4. So I read them. Surprisingly they were good reads and managed to not be about misunderstood villains.
  5. oh come on really? Green Lantern doesn't have metapowers because the special effect is a ring. Are you trolling? Or bored? SUPERheros all have meta-abilities even if a few basement dwellers try to be relevant by inventing more categories. Splitting hairs at that ridiculas level does not suit you or the well thought out posts of the past. Disappointing. This is why I spend months away from the boards. It is slowly sliding away from awesome reasonable debate to micro-hairsplitting and titanium tap-shoes.... Blackhawks in the comic and the pulps were well within normal, no The Shadow mysticism or "supergadgets" at all. Except the short flirtation where they tried to make them supers and failed. But in the end they did not act in the supers world, instead the were firmly in the "normal human max" threshold. Time for another hiatus..
  6. Last part of the article. "No member of the Blackhawks has ever exhibited metahuman powers. " Not SUPERheroes.... 😜
  7. Well, he was trash talking supers comics. Blackhawk is one of the old Ace Pilot adventure series same as old pulps like The Phantom Ace of G2, The Griffon and Richard Knight. But SS will blow it after he decides to "fix" the story. He hasn't made anything good since Young Indiana Jones......
  8. I grabbed a kindle copy. It is #3 in the queue...
  9. That's sad. I've read the first three and really liked them. Books about actual superHeroes. H.E.R.O. was another series that started great, but has fallen off. Most of the rest are unfunny and feable attempts at humour. Or another crappy villain (or son/daughter of villain) on a sappy "shoot me in the head please" reform story. Lots of books/ebooks claiming to be superhero stories. Very very very very few actual superhero stories. And please no more blah villian books.
  10. Yes, that is my base for Joker too (I was never a big fan of Adam West Batman). Which is why HL's interpretation was was so weird, it was nothing like the comics at all. Even the recent Suicide Squad was a wash. I just don't like the weird grungy look of the "new" stuff 😉
  11. Spence

    Doubt about the magic system

    I know that some (many) may disagree with what I am about to say. But Fantasy Hero does not have a magic system that can be "played out of the box". Fantasy Hero does not work that way. It gives you the tools to build a tailored magic system to your world. You decide how magic will work and then build it and tell the players what the rules are. Hero System as a whole is not like most of the RPG's out there. The way I usually explain it is this way. D&D, Pathfinder are like a Play Station or X-Box game. A complete programmed game with everything designed on a disc. Hero System is like the programming language used to make the Play Station or X-Box game. It gives you RPG "Code" that you use to make your game. Fantasy Hero has examples of magic spells and advice on creating a magic system. But it does not have a complete ready to use comprehensive spell system.
  12. ðŸĪ” Puzzling. I know that it has been a long time since I read comics. I started loosing interest in the early 90's when they seemed (to me) to change their emphasis away from superhero adventure. Since then I have only occasionally picked up a trade that caught my eye. Since there weren't any Superhero books of interest, I mostly picked up Batman who is a reliable non-superhero vigilante. But I found the HL Joker to be a complete departure from any Joker I had ever seen. I had never seen any print with that Joker until they started putting out books after the movie. At least I never noticed them till after. But HL did a fantastic job with the part. But to me it wasn't Joker ðŸĪŠ
  13. Now this will the torches and pitchforks.... I thought Heath Ledger played the part he was given well. But I didn't like that version of Joker.
  14. Odd, it was in response to your statement of self proclaimed expertise, I guess it didn't meet the narrative so it will be dismissed. Anyway, it is fiction, so have fun and enjoy.
  15. Spence

    Introducing players to Champions at a mini-con

    Absolutely. Each of us have different concepts of "Superhero". Even on the definition of Golden, Silver etc. I know people that classify Deadpool, Wolverine and Batman as Heroes and Superheroes rather than people with powers 😜
  16. Spence

    Introducing players to Champions at a mini-con

    eh... Just regular cons and and eye for the munchkins out there. But give them the opportunity to knock a villain through a couple walls and they get into it. Waking up captured and then breaking out is a great way to set the stage and introduce the players to the concept they are not some piddling sword-swingers, but are SUPERHEROES!!! It is hard to kill a super in Champions (cinematic supers version) unless they are really mismatched. If you make the pre-gens and the villains, then super to super killing is not likely. Henchmen or bystanders are in danger, but that is when you pull out the "but you're a SUPERHERO! and supers don't kill". Besides a supers game isn't tracked by treasure, so if that is what they want, then you've already lost them before you started. The opening pitch sets the tone. But you are correct in that sometimes the players just suck. However if you hang in there, you'd be surprised at the players you do find. Once again a strong lead in and GM setup is key. I've actually had munchkins get up and leave before the start when I set the genre ground rules of the session. The rest of the players and I had a blast. Three good players are far superior to a table of munchkins.
  17. Spence

    Introducing players to Champions at a mini-con

    In cons, I always use pre-gens. Always. But I would suggest that you make multiple versions of each slot with adjusted write-ups. At a minimum one female and one male sheet of each. Very little work is needed to change names and pronouns in the backstory, and it gives the players the another handle to identify with the PC.
  18. Spence

    Introducing players to Champions at a mini-con

    mmmmm.... I wouldn't agree there. I've had very successful con one-shots that started with the PC as prisoners and routinely use the captured hero's trope. Especially in on going games. Heck I've even used being a hostage in D&D games. In a con one-shot for supers I establish right up from that the game is not a D&D hack and slash and that as superheroes saving lives and avoiding killing is a high priority of the genre and game. Also it is superheroes and things like secret identities, recurring villains and deathtraps are a part of the genre. Gamers are pretty sharp and if you are up front with the game concept, there isn't an issue. Most players, once they realize the game, will get into it. The ones that will whine are also the ones that always build the teifling or dragon-born in D&D and stab the other players in the back and take their stuff. To be blunt, if you are running for that kind of player, no setting or trope will improve the game and it will be a disappointing ride. I had to jump in because the captured hero is one of the most enjoyable tropes out there and a fantastic one if used to pass on "secret information". After all, the Villain, his lieutenant or henchman will just have to gloat before ending the heroes. Just my 2 cents.
  19. erp... My last cruise ( Nimitz class carrier)we had 6000+ embarked between ship company, the air wing and other assorteds. A Wasp class LHD has a compliment of 1200 with 1850+ Marines. The Galaxy class crew is only few over 1000, though they can double it for and emergency. Trek ships are small compared to surface warships. Of course one is fiction and the real ones don't need to make air and gravity 😉
  20. I think the biggest issue is the versions of the Heroes they are portraying. All of them, well most of them, are greater than life HEROES. They never were intended to be "relatable to the average person" or "a reflection of real life". And yes there are many half-assed attempts to destroy the character concepts in the 90s/00s. But overall the core concept was always "greater than life" both physically and ethically/morally. Cavill was a great choice for Superman. Unfortunately the script and visuals of Man of Steel were not about Superman. Wonder Woman was awesome because even though they changed time period and tweeked characters, they kept the substance, personality and concept of the Heroine intact. Suicide Squad flopped because they turned Harley Quinn from the extremely popular and recognizable quasi-villainess into a grunge reject. They may have kept a portion of the video game croed, but they drove away the far larger older crowd that know HQ from the original show. For me statements by various people from the studio as well as directors about how dumb and outdated superheroes are, indicates they have no idea of what they are in the first place or why they are popular. I don't watch a super movie or TV series for a lesson in ethics or a directors' opinion on current affairs. I watch it for fun. Superman was always a beacon of light that always acted "right" with a priority to protect. Not a brooding whiner that gets pissed, brawls and can casually kill enemies.
  21. Spence

    Military questions

    Too vague to answer. What are the PC's and where are they? You might get a better answer if we had a better idea of the circumstances. An Army general will be in charge of an large army unit. Division, Corp, Army etc. An Admiral would be in charge of a Task Group, Task Force, Fleet etc. But unless the PC's are pretty powerful in some manner themselves or serving as couriers, I doubt that they would gain access to someone that high in the chain of command just wandering off the street. Odds are you are referring to an encounter in a average town during an emergency. That would mean you are meeting National Guard not the regular military. And regular military is prohibited from operating within the US (contrary to the bizarre Hollywood BS) without special dispensation and permission from the State in question. And even then exactly what they can do is severely limited. Again nothing like Follywood portrays. Again a lot depends on the setting. The answer for "something happened last week and the President will be addressing the nation" would be different from "the cataclysm was two years ago and the government has collapsed".
  22. Spence

    HERO System Mobile

    The ability to directly enter numbers instead of using the slide rocks! 👍
  23. Version v1


    HTML Hero 3 Column Derek Hiemforth HERO System Sixth Edition Type: Single Character File Extensions: HTML, HTM This is the classic 3-column style used in 4th Edition. It has the Hero System logo, includes the Hit Location chart, and does not have a space for a character picture. The "hero6.jpg" file should be placed in the same location as the character is being exported to. This export template creates output in HTML format. This format -- although easy-to-use -- does not allow strict control over margins, fonts, etc. When you view the exported file, a great deal of how it looks will be controlled by how your browser's preferences are set. So for example, if you find that the entire sheet doesn't fit on a printed page, try changing the margins in your browser's print setup. If the text size appears too small or too large for you -- on screen or when printed -- try adjusting your font sizes in your browser preferences, and so on. The options set within this template itself are designed to try and provide good output on most systems, but -- since every configuration is a little different from every other -- you may need to tweak the settings on your end to get a result you're happy with. Modified by GeekySpaz for use with 6th Edition. -Added OCV and DCV to the Characteristics. -Added OMCV and DMCV to the Characteristics. -Deleted COM from the Characteristics. -Replaced Disadvantages headings with Complications. Written by Derek Hiemforth Other Files:hero6.jpg Downloads: 302 Last Updated: Friday, October 9, 2009
  24. Spence

    Soccer Thread 2017-18

    Brutal end. 1:5 LAFC. At least they got one...