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  1. Thanks for the help! That all seems to work - not quite as streamlined/intuitive as I'd hoped from the description in the Kickstarter, but still faster than building a character by hand. Now to pitch a new game to some new players!
  2. So I got my CCCC decks in the mail today, and I was able to track down what I believe are the required files in the dropbox from the Kickstarter, but I honestly have no idea how to import the card numbers into HD to generate a character. Are there any instructions available on how to do this? I tried starting a new character and loading the files as prefabs, but it doesn't actually add anything to the character, and it also doesn't feel as straightforward as the description with the cards of just uploading numbers into HD. Plus the Characteristic cards don't actually have files in the Prefab format, just the .hdc files. I feel like I'm missing a lot in terms of this integration.
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