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    I'm married to a wonderfully understanding wife (29 years as of March 2018). Can't seem to get her into role-playing, though. I have a 21 yr-old child named Rayne (named after X-Man Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane).
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    A/P Specialist for Boise Police and Fire Depts

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  1. aylwin13

    A Game Of Questions

  2. aylwin13

    Most playable archetype

    For the archetype I go for energy-projectors, bricks, and martial artists. They are almost always well-rounded in powers and skills. And in D&D terms are almost always Lawful/Neutral Good. One of my old GMs described my chars as "Swiss Army knife Boy/Girl Scouts".
  3. aylwin13

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Well, the run in Seattle was fun... but the 'Squawks are back.
  4. aylwin13

    The cranky thread

    Here in Boise they call them "magical protection lights". They do use them, but it's when turning into the actual space that another vehicle occupies. They fully expect all vehicles to be magically moved into safe positions, thus avoiding any collision.
  5. aylwin13

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    But, it was supposed to stay in Vegas! 🤤
  6. aylwin13

    A Game Of Questions

    Aren't we supposed to be mediocre, since no one is special?
  7. aylwin13

    Funny pics

    Anyone reading this thread now is sure to pan it.
  8. aylwin13

    A Game Of Questions

    The best what?
  9. aylwin13

    A Game Of Questions

    Since I haven't read this thread for a couple of months, will someone please catch me up?
  10. aylwin13

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Best wishes and positive energy being sent your way, H-Man.
  11. aylwin13

    Favorite legacy/sidekick character

    Dick Grayson, especially as Nightwing.
  12. aylwin13

    Is someone in Seattle in need of a Doctor?

    As a member of Doc's Boise group (actually, I was the organizer of said group) I would like to vouch for the quality of the game, no make that campaign, that he will provide for his players. The time I had playing in his games was the best gaming I've ever done. So good that I can even forgive him for the whole space/sci-fi/Dr. Who thing that he pulled on us. The Doctor does more than write a story and shoe-horn your PCs into it. He'll build the world setting around your PCs. They'll actually belong in the game. He also studies you, the player. He's a student of the Allston Method, and will figure out what type of player(s) your are and work to make sure that you get out of the game what you're looking for. The Doctor is such a great GM that I still haven't gotten over his relocating. If it wasn't so bleepin' far between here and Seattle, I'd drive there once a week to be in his games again. So if you want a quality HERO game (especially supers) grab a seat at Doc's table. You absolutely will never regret it. (@TD: I miss you, man. Good luck with the new group. Oh, and save SIl or Forrester a guest spot for when I get up there to visit.)
  13. Good to see you old friend.

  14. I haven't stopped by in quite a while, but I just finished the last couple of installments. Thoroughly enjoyable, as usual. All of the characters are individuals, and have their own vibe, if you will. Keep up the great work. The hopefully forthcoming books are still on my wishlist.
  15. YAY!! Moray... er, the Eel... I mean Fish-Guy is back!!